What to do when you've been ghosted

Being ditched without a word hurts, but don't let it stop you from forming new relationships.

Relationships, Mental Health

29/1/2022 10:35:00 AM

Dating anew can be enormously important in the healing process of someone who’s been wordlessly ditched.

Being ditched without a word hurts, but don't let it stop you from forming new relationships.

But these abandoners probably also have little idea – or don’t want to think about – the kind of heartache “ghosting” causes.And it’s a phenomenon that’s facilitated by social media and online dating apps.“And never before have people been strung along for so long and dumped without a word.”

“No, it’s never the medium that ghosts someone – people do,” Hegmann says.“Just picture someone saying they’re going to step out for a minute to get cigarettes and then never returning.”Another possible reason, she says, is that the ghoster simply forgot to respond or get back in touch.

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