What different treatment? Najib refutes Dr M's 'VIP criminal' claim

'I applied through the court,' says ex-PM in a Facebook post.

26/10/2021 11:06:00 AM

What different treatment? Najib refutes Dr M's 'VIP criminal' claim

'I applied through the court,' says ex-PM in a Facebook post.

6Pekan MP Najib Razak has refuted former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad's claims that he was given special treatment which led to a Court of Appeal's decision to temporarily return his passport."What different treatment? I applied through the court. I did not ask it from the government," Najib said in a Facebook post.

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Takpe lah NajibRazak the court trust you enough to release your passport on humanitarian grounds. So be it. Be safe snd return safely. Tell Najib Razak-Rosmah Mansor to migrate to Singapore. They believe in the Singapore system. They don't believe in the Malaysian system. Migrate Najib Razak-Rosmah Mansor.

Tell Najib Razak-Rosmah Mansor to migrate to Singapore. They believe in the Singapore system more than in the Malaysian system. Migrate Najib Razak-Rosmah Mansor. Both are at loggerheads in the political arena.🙂 Awwww! Shuddup already. Not vip la tun… he suppose to be in the most wanted list of pdrm Bidan duties don't question it

He’s really having it vip .. question is why n how .. ans is obvious the difference is 2.6bil ringgit obviously vip treatment.

Dr M labels Najib 'Msia's first VIP criminal'There is no justice, says the Langkawi MP. .freemsian will blame Tun M for this and then sing Tun M's tune that Najib is Malaysia's first VIP criminal. All are criminals. Some caught some haven’t. Some in jail. Some not yet How come Anwar Ibrahim has not asked why Najib Razak-Rosmah Mansor are getting VIP treatment?

Both abang adik

Why is Najib still a free man, asks Dr Mahathir | The Malaysian InsightEx-prime minister enjoying special treatment despite being found guilty of corruption, says Pejuang chairman. KELUARGA UMNO IsmailSabri60 Yeh man shouldn't this fella be in jail? Makes me wonder too sometimes

Najib gets court greenlight for extended passport releaseIt's been extended until Dec 6. Our court had just become the biggest joke now and glaringly siding the ones in power. There is no logic to him having the need to go to Singapore, none. Just as there isn'a need for his daughter to give birth to her child which I assume won't be Malaysian by law, in Singapore. Just give it back to him for good since he seems to have more privileges than 99.99% of the people who are law abiding, honest & hardworking anyway. No need to have more such sandiwara, no need to pretend the law is unbiased, no need, just no need .... Get rid of this corrupt system!

Court allows Najib his preferred passport release dates | The Malaysian InsightFormer PM will stay for Malacca elections, leave for Singapore on November 21.

Najib dapat kebenaran pulangkan pasport lewat - Utusan DigitalSelain Ahmad Zahid dan Najib, turut diberikan kebenaran untuk mendapatkan semula pasport antarabangsa masing-masing ialah Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor yang juga akan ke Singapura untuk melawat anak dan terbaharu, Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah yang akan ke… Oops!!!... my foreigner-friends often comment.. Malaysia is 'MAS'.. 'Mana Ada Sistem' Sekarang is 'MAU' 'Mana Ada Undang' News says is all, crooks& double-standard governance reflecting -ve image on Malaysia. IsmailSabri60 anwaribrahim guanenglim HishammuddinH2O

Najib allowed to leave for Singapore after Melaka elections | New Straits TimesNSTnation Datuk Seri NajibRazak has been given the green light to travel to Singapore after the Melaka state elections next month. PRNMelaka