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Covid-19 Watch, Walk-In Vaccination

Walk-ins at selected PPV in Klang Valley starts tomorrow

Walk-ins at selected PPV in Klang Valley starts tomorrow

1/8/2021 2:31:00 AM

Walk-ins at selected PPV in Klang Valley starts tomorrow

PETALING JAYA: Walk-in vaccinations for residents in the Klang Valley will open from tomorrow at selected vaccination centres ( PPV ).

From Aug 5-22, walk-ins will be allowed for all residents above 18 years old.National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme coordinating minister Khairy Jamaluddin (pic) said not all vaccination centres (PPV) will receive walk-ins.“The list of PPV that will be open for walk-ins will be issued by the CITF,” he told a press conference broadcast by Bernama TV yesterday.

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Khairy added that walk-in vaccinations will be on a “first-come, first-served” basis and will depend on the PPV’s capacity.“We will inform (people) on the capacity of the PPV on any given day. Those who could not receive the vaccine on that day will be given priority the next day,” he said.

Khairy also said walk-in vaccinations will cater to those who have not received an appointment yet, those who cancelled their previous vaccination appointment, those who have not registered and more.“We are confident that by tomorrow (today), 99% of adults in the Klang Valley will receive their appointments,” he said, adding that walk-in vaccinations will be to “mop up” the outliers.

According to the CITF, the walk-in PPV for Malaysians would be at KL Convention Centre HCO F, KL Convention Centre HCO G, KL Convention Centre HCO H, Bangi Avenue Convention Centre, Hotel Wyndham Klang, Dewan Tun Razak Sabak Bernam, Dewan Komuniti Serendah, Movenpick Hotel & Convention Centre KLIA, and the Ideal Convention Centre Shah Alam.

It said that walk-ins will begin at 2pm every day, subject to the operations of each PPV.The CITF also noted that walk-in individuals with valid identification documents will be registered first in the MySejahtera system at the registration counter.It also said pregnant women need not go to walk-in centres as their appointments will be given through MySejahtera.

“The CITF would also like to remind everyone that the walk-ins are only for Klang Valley residents. Individuals who have already received their appointments are not allowed to walk in.“They are also not allowed to cancel their appointments to opt for the walk-in if they have already been given an appointment.

“These are all based on the need to protect Klang Valley residents in the red zone where there are rising Covid-19 cases,” it added.The CITF noted that those who come for walk-in vaccinations must show proof that they live in the Klang Valley. Proof can be given through documents such as their identification card, driving licence, utility bill, credit card bill, employee card, student card or agreement letters.

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“Those with co-morbidities are required to bring proof to show that they have co-morbidities such as treatment cards or appointment cards,” it said in a statement.For foreigners, the CITF said walk-ins will be from Aug 9-11 for those 40 years old and above and those with co-morbidities, adding that walk-in for foreigners aged 18 and above will be from Aug 12-22.

It added that the PPV for foreigners will be at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium, and walk-in times will begin at 2pm every day subject to the PPV’s operating hours.For foreigners, the proof required for the walk-ins as well as the co-morbidities are the same as Malaysians.

But for foreigners who do not have valid identification or travel documents, the CITF said they will go through a process that has been set out under the Management of Vaccination to Non-Citizen Individuals Guidelines.It added that said walk-in vaccinations through the outreach programme in the fringe areas of the Klang Valley will begin in stages from Aug 9.

The schedule, such as the date and location, will depend on the planning of the parties involved, including NGOs and government agencies that organise the mobile community vaccination programme, as well as other agencies such as district offices and health offices at the targeted areas.

“The announcement of the date, time and location will be done through social media, traditional media and through the relevant district offices and the Selangor Information Department,” it said. Read more: The Star »

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I thought Operation Surge Capacity will see all KV adults vaccinated with at least dose?

Vaksinasi 'walk-in' dibenarkan di PPV tertentu Lembah Klang awal Ogos, kata Khairy | The Malaysian InsightIanya akan dibenarkan sebaik sahaja operasi lonjakan kapasiti vaksin selesai pada 1 Ogos. Khairykj Sabah punya vaccine mana? 1,855,640 kamu bagi registrr vaccine 1,194,090..... ini register 7/3/21 bulum kana panggil...... klu ada 1,855,640 doses patut suda panggil...mcm bikin bunga bunga saja ni bussku tapi vaccine indada ba DailyExpress_MY RoseNaniMudin MasidiM

9 PPV walk-in di Lembah Klang bermula Isnin - Utusan DigitalDikehendaki membawa bukti menunjukkan lokasi bermastautin di Lembah Klang seperti alamat di kad pengenalan, lesen memandu, sebarang bil utiliti atau kad kredit, kad pekerja, kad pelajar, surat perjanjian atau lain-lain.

Walk-in vaccinations in the Klang Valley to start on Aug 2PETALING JAYA: Walk-in vaccinations in the Klang Valley will begin on Aug 2 and will cater to those above 40 and people with co-morbidities first, says Khairy Jamaluddin . This is the result after months of rebottling delays ? Billions in taxpayer money gone and missing Nevermind that, can you return to life, the parents and children that are dead ? You will answer to God and the rakyat soon. Klang Valley walk in vaccinations. Other states registered since February registered no appointments. Brilliant! Other states….registered in feb…but noting yet. People just registered got it. What a screw up system….70million software.

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Walk-in to be allowed at certain Klang Valley PPVs in early August | The Malaysian InsightWe will open according to category, says coordinating minister for National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme Khairy Jamaluddin .

Adults in Klang Valley can walk in for Covid-19 shots from Aug 5: KJThe initiative is limited to those who haven't received appointments and only at selected PPV s. At least KJ is still working. Unlike the rest of the politicians. Also foreign workers can walk in from 5 August? Khairykj