Walk-in vaccinations can contain pandemic faster - Health deputy DG

Walk-in vaccinations can contain pandemic faster - Health deputy DG

30/7/2021 4:06:00 PM

Walk-in vaccinations can contain pandemic faster - Health deputy DG

With measures we have in place, we will be able to control the congestion, says Dr Hishamshah.

Health Ministry deputy director-general (research and technical support) Dr Hishamshah Mohd Ibrahim said with the programme, those who had not received an appointment could finally get their first dose of vaccine. Read more: malaysiakini.com »

Plan to allow football fans back in stadiums submitted to NSC, says Ahmad Faizal

KUALA LUMPUR: Football fans could be making a return to stadiums to watch matches again, says Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu.

Walk-in tu boleh tp treatment dia buatlah mcm nk masuk kedai runcit dgn pasar tu. Ada ke org buat appointment utk g pasar? Tp tertib je kan? I dunno sepatah haram. So why the fuck use mySejahtera!! Oh ya ke? Baru tahu lepas 8 k dah mati. We have been telling to about this and how other countries have been doing it. But baru je nak buat.

DGHisham what is the procedure to ensure those walk in are virus free? I have friends contracted C19 at the WTC after taken their second dose... this is very concerning... Dah dua bulan dah tutup kedai kat selangor. Kami nak byr sewa macam mana? Lagi 1 hari kena byr sewa kalau tidak disuruh keluar kedai.memang senang hidup taukeh kilang dan pembinaan kami nak makan pasir ker? Bila boleh kami buka balik kedai kami di selangor

Yes please. Could save many lives He makes more sense than his boss Takda pandemic macam mana nak teruskan darurat...macam mana teruskan pemegangan kuasa But your walk in create more chaos in the PPv we heard. DGHisham Only now you realized that?

Health DG: No Covid-19 outbreak during current Parliament sitting, 56 cases were detected earlierPUTRAJAYA: No Covid-19 outbreak has been detected during the current special Parliament sitting, says the Health Ministry. Wait la, got incubation period right Tau pun.. Mana mungkin outbreak?

Good Just implement it , esp at red zones , why the delay ?

Warga emas di Pulau Pinang boleh 'walk in' ke PPV | Harian Metrogeorgetown Warga emas di Pulau Pinang yang belum menerima temujanji suntikan vaksin Covid-19 boleh hadir secara 'walk in' di pusat pemberian vaksin (PPV) yang ditetapkan pada 2 dan 3 Ogos ini.

Walk-in Covid-19 vaccination for senior citizens in Penang from Aug 24 PPVs have been selected including Millenium Hall, SP Arena, Jawi Multipurpose Hall and Spice Convention Centre.

Vaksinasi 'walk in' percepat usaha bendung Covid-19 di Lembah Klang | Harian MetroKuala Lumpur: Vaksinasi secara jumpa terus atau ‘walk in’ bermula 1 Ogos ini membantu mempercepat usaha membendung wabak Covid-19 dan meningkatkan kadar imunisasi di Lembah Klang yang secara konsistennya menyumbang kepada kebanyakan kes harian.

Volunteers needed for Klang Valley Covid-19 crisis - Health MinistryThose interested must be able to work for a minimum of seven days. Why ask for civilian help? Get all the fat lazy good nothing MINDEFMalaysia mafia gangsters to do the work. Let them do some work for all the money they are getting a change. Minister resignation needed for Klang Valley COVID-19 crisis Sack the medicos. Now looking for volunteers. Do you pay them or put them under national service?

Covid-19 restrictions still in force after emergency - Health Ministry'Cancellation of emergency ordinances won't affect Act 342 to prevent infectious disease.' 😂😂😂😂 This means there was never a need for the Emergency to impose COVID-19 restrictions, right? JustAsking