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#NSTletters The #trend of increased dependency on advanced #educational technology sees many educators opting for #digital platforms, #online tools and apps as #learning aid.

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2/12/2021 9:21:00 PM

NSTletters The trend of increased dependency on advanced educational technology sees many educators opting for digital platforms, online tools and apps as learning aid.

Committed educators all over the world are struggling to prepare attractive lesson plans, encompassing varied learning materials (video, podcast, physical materials, quizzes, poll, etc). Some of them invest money, time and energy to curate resources for their classes.

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Covid-19: Transition to endemic phase to be announced within two to three weeks, says Hisham

KUALA LUMPUR: The transition from the pandemic to endemic phase of Covid-19 in Malaysia might be announced within the next two to three weeks, says Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein.

Muhammad Qasim saw in a dream in Jan 2021 that Imran Khan addresses to large audiences and talks about the success of his Government, but he admits to his Government’s failures to his close colleagues. So why is Imran Khan pushed to mislead the people of Pakistan? Jalan yang lurus menuju Allah SWT adalah jalan yang dilalui oleh Nabi Muhammad SAW. Muhammad Qasim melihat ini dalam mimpinya dan dia telah melihat banyak peristiwa yg lain mengenai masa depan umat Islam. Pelajari mesej mimpi Muhammad Qasim lebih lanjut di

Muhammad Qasim telah melihat mimpi selama lebih dari 30 tahun sekarang, dan pada tahun 2014 dia mula berkongsi untuk pertama kalinya setelah diminta oleh Nabi Muhammad SAW. Mimpi Muhammad Qasim penting untuk Islam & masa depan umat yang akan datang. Lawati

Poor handling of drug abuse issue will worsen pandemic impact | New Straits TimesThese reasons shed some light on drug addiction in our country. According to the National Anti-Drugs Agency, the majority of those suffering from substance abuse are low-educated teenagers and unemployed young adults. The main reasons they got involved in drug abuse were peer influence, curiosity and enjoyment.

Some improvements needed | New Straits TimesNSTopinon The Act is an effective preventive control which will result in wrongdoers thinking twice before perpetrating an improper conduct — a deterrence to potential wrongdoers.

Staying vigilant against Omicron | New Straits TimesAs an immediate response, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin announced a ban on travel to seven countries where the virus, known as the Omicron variant, has reared its ugly head. These countries are South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe. It has also been said most pple who had these symptoms were UNVACCINATED. And MOST vaccinated have had mild symptoms.

Easy draw for shuttlers | New Straits TimesNSTsports LEE Zii Jia and Aaron Chia-Soh Wooi Yik have been handed favourable draws for the World Championships later this month.

Ainaa stars as Malaysia reach semi-finals | New Straits TimesNSTsports In a 2-3-1 order of play, 19-year-old Aifa Azman, fresh from winning the Malaysian Open last week, gave the team the perfect start by defeating Sunayna Kuruvilla 11-9, 11-4, 11-7. AsianTeamChampionships

France hammer Tigers in JWC | New Straits TimesNSTsports CHRISTMAS came early in Bhubaneswar as Malaysia gifted France 11 penalty corners and were bundled out 4-0 in the quarter-finals of the Junior World Cup (JWC). JuniorWorldCup