Utusan shutdown partly due to PH govt freezing accounts, says Umno

Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says they are unable to offer financial assistance to the company or 800 workers as a result, unlike in the past.


Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says they are unable to offer financial assistance to the company or 800 workers as a result, unlike in the past. FMTNews

Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says they are unable to offer financial assistance to the company or 800 workers as a result, unlike in the past.

While sympathising with Utusan staff who lost their jobs, Zahid said Putrajaya’s “cruelty” in freezing Umno’s accounts made them unable to offer financial assistance to the media company.

“So it’s partly because of the current government’s cruelty as they have frozen the accounts,” he told reporters outside the Dewan Rakyat today.

However, it was announced earlier today that they would be ceasing all operations from today onwards, leaving around 800 staff jobless.

“Personally, of course, it would be unfortunate if the printing of Utusan were to end.

“Its history is long but we cannot be nostalgic in business. It had to make a business decision and we have to respect that,” he said when met by reporters outside the Dewan Rakyat today.

Human Resources Minister M Kula Segaran said earlier that Utusan staff who lost their jobs can apply for the Employment Insurance System (EIS) under Perkeso.

Utusan was the country’s oldest Malay language daily, starting as a Jawi daily in Singapore in 1939.

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Utusan itu bukan perniagaan je? PH shouldn’t be heartless. Ahli umno pun tak beli akhbar utusan. Can’t be profitable business if always sued for lying & slander & lose by millions n millions ... WHAT OFFER FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE? DID HE REALIZE WHAT HIS TALKING ABOUT 😂😂😂😂😜 If three million umno members buy utusan for at least once a week, sudah cukupla boleh tolong utusan. But as we all know umno members are lazy and dont like to read newspapers. They only like fake news on the internet.

Statement by a bull wth full of shit..🤣 Because your financial assistance came from stolen money. If it was run like a real company without dumno being involved they’d have jobs today. Happy to hear that there is no more “Senyum Kambing” Total bullshit yup,too bad cannot help poor malaysians as they can't curi duit rakyat to help rakyat!. curi rm1B help u rm1. too bad.

Umno pemegang saham kecil, tidak tahu keputusan Utusan, kata Annuar Musa | The Malaysian InsightSetiausaha Agung Umno berkata Umno tidak tahu kerana tiada wakil dalam lembaga pengarah Utusan. Tp menjilat kerajaan lps like pemegang saham besar....buto belit...

Utusan is a listed company and derived their revenue from their activities. But because they mixed with Umno and involved in dirty politics they keep being sued for slanders. Then they keep borrowing from bank to to finance their business. So who's fault? This is what happens when UMNO was corrupt. In the end the common man suffers.

Ahli2 UMNO PAS takan tak boleh derma bulanan sikit sikit sorang utk selamatkan & stabilkan Utusan? Cakap maruah bangsa....tapi sanggup tengok Utusan tengelam Kita org cina pun derma camni juga utk tokong2 & sekolah2 cina. Yg mampu derma lebih, yg kurang mampu, derma sikit If u have to dig through savings for several years to pay up the workers, the business was already dying waiting to be unplug.

Don't disturb That’s like complaining he cannot infect his wives and other women with venereal diseases because PH rubber-banded his teeny penis. Too bad it wasn’t chopped off.

Umno tak dapat bantu Utusan selepas akaun dibeku kerajaan zalim, kata ZahidAhmad Zahid Hamidi berkata, hanya Umno yang mampu dan sering membantu Utusan Melayu dari segi kewangan menggunakan wang dalam akaun parti itu. FMTNews For reporting lies Tunggu punya tunggu punya tunggu...habok pon xdak!!! Don't talk cock n bulls. The 2 are different entities and you should not mix them. No wonder you use society monies to paid your credit cards.

Union chief rails against Umno, bosses as guillotine finally falls on Utusan | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Oct 9 — Utusan Malaysia’s journalist union chairman reminded Umno today that the newspaper had tried to resist its interference since 1962, blaming the political party for the demise of the country’s oldest Malay vernacular paper today. Speaking at the press conference, Mohd... As u should. u served them and they failed u. barisanasional Jaga Maruah Melayu? 'Taufek said, labeling the management a spineless lot for not being brave enough to meet the employees face-to-face and explain.'

PH menang jika UMNO bertanding - PMputrajaya “Tolonglah, UMNO letaklah calon di Tanjung Piai supaya kita boleh menang,” kata Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. chedetofficial Mari kita tengok siapa yang kena. Kihkihkihkih 🤣🤣🤣. Best ni. Made in Tanjung Piai. Mungkin da xda semangat org nk undi, mungkin calon yg lepas yg terbaik. Undi sekarang mungkin pada calon yg terbaik bukan khusus utk parti. Mungkin kriteria penggundi setempat lebih bijak drp suara2 ego🤔🇲🇾👍 Tunggu dan lihat saja la nnt siapa yg kena

Utusan lepas 70% ekuiti Dilof kepada pemegang saham utama Media PrimaUtusan Melayu (M) Berhad berkata pelepasan pegangan dalam Dilof itu adalah untuk memastikan kesinambungan penerbitan Utusan Malaysia dan Kosmo!. FMTNews

Utusan disposes 70pct stake in Dilof to Aurora MuliaKUALA LUMPUR: Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) Bhd will dispose of 70 per cent of its equity interest in its wholly-owned subsidiary, Dilof Sdn Bhd to Aurora Mulia Sdn Bhd.

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