'Unlike Hussein Onn and Abdullah Badawi, Muhyiddin yet to prove majority support'

'Unlike Hussein Onn and Abdullah Badawi, Muhyiddin yet to prove majority support'

22/5/2020 6:25:00 AM

'Unlike Hussein Onn and Abdullah Badawi, Muhyiddin yet to prove majority support'

PKR MP Fahmi Fadzil points out it has been 82 days since Muhyiddin's appointment to the country's top post.

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Aiman Tino kesal disaman ingkar PKPB Tanda awal kewafatan Nabi Warga emas lesu berteman sampah

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He will show to you once his mission completed to get those spineless like prawn crossing over,those without moral but all bcos of money n power. Bodoh la dia ni. Time ni pun dok sibuk nak berpolitik. Org tak mau dah pkr-dapig. Pegi mampus la bangang... Don't worry. More will join MuhyiddinYassin Nak kata YDPA tipu la tu ye. Susah orang tak boleh terima kenyataan.

Yang dipertuan Agong dah buktikan anwaribrahim Is this guy Bodoh or Banggang? He is Questioning YDP Agong Rightful and Legitimate appointment as PM8 AFTER Agong is Satisfied with MAJORITY Support shown by Individual MPs presented to DYMM. Delusional. Btw PRU14; BN+PAS votes PH votes. Dia lupa PH dan PKR semakin kehilangan wakil rakyatnya

Mlm ni last tarawih ... kot2 ini tarawih terakhir ... masih lg nak berebut kuasa ke? Hadoiii ... mmg covid19 akan ada je la kalau gini ... Allah swt pun marah ... dah diturunkan pandemik pun masih berebut kuasa lg ... patutnya masa ni utk semua bekerjasama sygnya org melayu majority x pakai twitter, tup2 bila mengundi, BN yg menang. kesimpulannya, melayu dh buka mata. Sekian Terima kasih.

I hope Maludin resign to save our nation. Diam2 ubi berisi that guy. anwaribrahim This fellow speaks. Hey can you go fix your PKR problems first! Baru saya faham kenapa sejak akhir-akhir ini asyik hujan saja. Teringat lagu 'Katak oh katak, mengapa panggil hujan? Bagaimana aku tak panggil, ular nak makan aku'

He has 2 yrs to do it... Its just over 60 days. Give tsmy some time to prove himself. Deliver your responsibility as MP. Continue serving the Rakyat. Rakyat is watching. Just wait for GE15 anwaribrahim Serius...sape mamat nie. so what? I was just thinking of Pak Lah this morning AND how nice a person he is. When someone as nice as him becomes a short term PM, something is definitely wrong about Malaysian politics. I can’t even compare MY to this admirable man.

fahmi_fadzil kalau PH boleh prove majority, it will not a big one pun. Dah dah la anwaribrahim YDP Agong dah tunjuk kuasa sebenarnya baru hampa rasa panaih juboq! anwaribrahim Sy fkir gini lah YB. Yg Tuanku dh perkenan tu, biarlah. Skrng PH cma perlu tnjuk ada majoriti bgi kdudukan semasa. Lepas raya, tukar balik susunan krusi d parlimen

Only support Brutus got is from the back hole Need time to recruit it will come soon be patient. Sembang Tengah kumpul majority dari sampah sarap 🐖 Ada ke? IF HIS HAVE THE MOJARITY? THAT YOU GUYS CAN STOP DO THIS PLEASE DON'T BE TOO SELFISH... That can wait..

Mahathir promises 'very big trouble' for ruling coalitionDr M: Whatever chance we have to prove that it is not legitimate for Muhyiddin to be PM, we will do that. Whistle-blower Is 'very big trouble' what rakyat and Agong really want right now?

3 division chiefs dispute Selangor Bersatu’s statement backing Muhyiddin | The Malaysian InsightState division chiefs didn't just agree to back Muhyiddin as PM but also to support Dr Mahathir as party chairman, says the three. Huhu.. Bersatu jadi berdua,bertiga,berempat,berlima, berenam,bertujuh hahahahahaha

COMMENT | M'sia can lead the way in ending Uyghurs' plightUyghur Human Rights Policy Act has passed the US senate and M'sia as a Muslim-majority nation can help galvanise world support for Uyghurs. This Perikatan Nasional government appointed by the Agong consists of people who sent back Uighurs to the Communist Party of China. He is asking the wrong people. There's no chance Uighurs will get any compassion from this illegitimate government. Read: Malaysia nak beri pendapat ke China tentang Uyghurs? This portal funded by western agencies

Dr Mahathir’s challenge to wrest control of Bersatu | The Malaysian InsightAnalysts say the odds are in party president Muhyiddin Yassin's favour.

Ex-1MDB CEO brushes off lawyer's suggestion he was incompetentShahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi disagrees with Muhammad Shafee Abdullah he blamed everyone else except himself. FMTNews 1MDB

20 ahli keluarga wanita hamil disahkan negatif Covid-19, kata KP Kesihatan | The Malaysian Insight20 ahli keluarga wanita hamil disahkan negatif Covid-19, kata KP Kesihatan