General Motors, Strike

General Motors, Strike

Union strike against GM enters 2nd week | The Malaysian Insight

Union strike against GM enters 2nd week


Union strike against GM enters 2nd week

50,000 workers walked off last week after talks on new contract deadlocked.

Union members picketing outside General Motors' headquarters in Detroit on September 16. – EPA pic, September 23, 2019.

Nearly 50,000 GM workers walked off the job last week, beginning the largest industrial action to hit the carmaker in more than a decade, after talks on a new four-year contract between GM and the UAW hit an impasse.

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Utusan union appeals to PM for helpThe union says salaries are still not being paid, while the severance payments in installments has stalled. Kena Tipu Again by Your Actual Bosses in UMNO? The Big Boss in Utusan , Aziz, said its settled the matter. How come now this letter to seek help from Gov't? Utusan staffs should be writing to UMNO ,Najib & Zahid. Not the PM. This is a Private Company! Gov't do not 'Bail Out'. Nurture us into diamonds? Are u a business or a charity Have some self respect. Pathetic. Obviously u r so useless u can’t get a job anywhere else. Where was the union when the dumb paper in losses since 2012 Obviously it can’t continue losing money. Utusan can go to hell!!!

Najib insists Umno-PAS union won’t sideline minorities | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Sept 22 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak today gave his own assurance that the wellbeing of other non-Malay ethnicities would be well cared for, after Umno and former rival PAS inked a joint political charter on September 15. During the “Ulasan Apek Cina Bersama Bossku” video on... Najib insists he didn’t steal any money either 🤔 ..but the practice of umno differs totally of what Bijan said when not in power. His sincerity is highly questionable. Look at the govt service, Polis, Armed Forces, GLCs etc etc, other races are not considered. At best they make up less than 0.5%. Whilst DAP is defending this criminal

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