Umno MP claims PN govt still 'intact' after meeting DPM

Umno MP claims govt still 'intact' after meeting DPM

3/8/2021 9:28:00 PM

Umno MP claims govt still 'intact' after meeting DPM

Zahidi says there are only two or three 'unconfirmed' resignations among cabinet members.

The Padang Besar MP (above) was speaking to reporters at the Seri Pacific Hotel in Kuala Lumpur after a meeting between Deputy Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob and Umno MPs aligned to PN, which ended close to 2am this morning. Read more: »

Covid-19: Malaysia records 341 more deaths, including 102 BID cases

PUTRAJAYA: Another 341 people died due to Covid-19, says the Health Ministry.

Mmm ... 😁🤦 Denial Syndrome continues...Good for you guys. Hope to see UMNO President has the balls to sack all these betrayals. Aah...the village id* Obviously he's trying to say we're in the process of buying frogs. Someone help him count. This fella silent for 18 months n now suddenly make PCs Can someone teach this guy how to wear face mask properly?

Open the Parliament then!!! Semak aq tgok dia ni dh lh muka mcm kizaru one piece Korang kat Kuala Nerus takde air ni. Takde ke sudi bawa lori air ehh, bangangnya orang tua ni; mmg tak reti pakai mask ker? dah masuk tahun kedua covid kot...

'Support PN but not PM' - deputy minister counters with 'backing Umno but not Zahid'Zahidi Zainul says Umno president's proposal not practical. Yes. Good idea! First & foremost, sack all those penderhaka & pengkhianat immediately.. starting with ZahidiZainuI 👍 ahmadmaslan DrZahidHamidi NajibRazak DrPuadZarkashi nordin_khaled HishammuddinH2O IsmailSabri60 AnnuarMusa drasyrafwajdi ShahrilHamdan tengkurazaleigh Where you got your degree again? Aiyoh...another photo of this $%^^ using the mask the WRONG way. Please get a better photo! kerajaangagal

For once can you pls wear your mask properly? 🤦‍♂️🙄 This monkey still tried his best to keep his abah and his own butt on the seat of power 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Mana mask? Tak serik. Layakkah jadi pemimpin. Fking lunatic!! dumbest Panjat la pokok cari sokongan. Baru tahu mintak nyawa. This guy reminds me of one of the 7 Dwarfs.

Umno withdraws support for PN, demands Muhyiddin's resignationUmno says with this, Muhyiddin Yassin no longer commands majority support. Adam88__ Akhir cerita Panglima Pagoh? 👇

Errr every single one of your MPs have integrity issues. The only place for all of you to reflect on your mistakes and moral failures is in the septic tank. Sheraton move 114 but now 14 walked out, number still intact? Are you drunk at Pacific hotel? It's OK later on try to convince agong with your maths.

Up untill now, he still can't wear his mask properly. 🙄 Urgh pakcik ni 😒 Sweet dreams left

14 Umno MPs retract support for PN so far - party sourcesBesides the 11 earlier, another three have also signed letters to inform Agong they are no longer govt MPs. Bersatu is trying to pay off the current flock. So mic is at PM's house. Where is MCA? wow... Alhamdulillah, rather been labelled as traitor

Ahli Parlimen UMNO perlu tarik sokongan terhadap PN, Muhyiddin - Utusan DigitalPresiden UMNO dan ahli MT telah membuktikan UMNO merupakan sebuah parti yang amat menjunjung tinggi prinsip Rukun Negara dan mendaulatkan institusi Raja-raja Melayu selari dengan Fasal 3.3 Perlembagaan UMNO. Biar beza pendapat dan fahaman politik. Tetapi kuasa Agong dan Perlembagaan jangan diusik atau dibelakangkan. Islam dan lain2. Pucuk pakal senang je, salah Takiyuddin. Yang tak mau tu masuk bersatu lah So Kes Mahkamah DSZH & DSN dah kira selesai ke? Tahniah. Bijak sungguh percaturan UMNO.

Ismail Sabri meets with pro-PN Umno MPs at hotelUPDATED 12.50AM | DPM meets a group of pro-PN Umno MPs following an earlier meeting with Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin. Wow mtg parliament till 5.30pm. Politics punya hal nyawa mau terbang, skrg 1 pagi still meeting lor. Very efficient this bastard government . Analisis Makcik Kiah: Kerajaan DIPUJI kerana bakar HUTAN. Rakyat DIHUKUM kerana nyala MANCIS. I remember (last year) these scums took their own sweet time & a weekend off before announcing lockdown ; now working overtime

PN govt eroding trust, using public health for political purposes, fumes Gopeng MPCovid was reason for emergency in January but new cases have climbed exponentially, says Dr Lee Boon Chye. Trust deficit with current Govt is all time high..Never in history a Parliment shutdown Members of Parliment to address and quickly pass Bills in legitimate manner..AJEnglish BBCNewsAsia CGTNOfficial cnni MelGohCNA Reuters SyedSaddiq fahmi_fadzil dririshsea usembassykl BA jadi x paya kau jadi MP la...? KKM becomes a 'perkakas' for Muhyiddin to misuse so he remains in power as the backdoor PM