Two-thirds of severe Covid-19 survivors have long-term complications

Two-thirds of severe Covid-19 survivors have long-term complications

11/6/2021 4:47:00 PM

Two-thirds of severe Covid-19 survivors have long-term complications

Health DG reminds people to register for vaccination, as vaccines would reduce the risk of severe symptoms.

As such, he reminded people to register for vaccination, as the vaccines would reduce the risk of severe symptoms caused by the disease. Read more: »

Chickens, cows, apartments offered up in Asia's vaccination lucky draws

BANGKOK (Reuters): Chickens, cows, paid leave, even a million-dollar apartment, these are the prizes on offer from Thailand to Indonesia to Hong Kong for those who get vaccinated against Covid-19 as nations across Asia combat vaccine hesitancy.

GEanalyst Hence... How about those politicians? They always complicate the national developments.

Covid-19 (June 10): 5,671 new Covid-19 casesCOVID19 | The Health Ministry today reported 5,671 new Covid-19 cases. More details are expected to be released by the ministry at about 5.30pm today. Qasim was shown in his dream in 2015, that Muslims will be shaken heavily and will end up fighting one another, if they do not believe in the dreams. Many of Qasim’s dreams are now turning into reality for Pakistan & Middle East. Learn more at

Almost 70% of critical Covid-19 cases suffer Long Covid, says D-G | The Malaysian InsightFatigue, breathing difficulties, insomnia, cough, anxiety stay with patients long after discharge.

Malaysians cautioned on Long Covid or Post-Covid-19 Syndrome | New Straits TimesNSTnation The five symptoms often experienced by former Covid-19 patients were fatigue, difficulty breathing when doing activities (exertional dyspnea), difficulty sleeping at night (insomnia), cough and anxiety. Covid19 Patients Health

Health Ministry reports 84 Covid-19 deaths today, ICU cases up to 912 | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, June 11 — The Ministry of Health said today 84 more people have died from Covid-19 today, bringing the total deaths to date to 3,768. One more patient with severe Covid-19 symptoms was added into the intensive care unit (ICU). The total number of ICU patients is now 912, of who 458... We also want to know the figures of death from: 1.Cancer 2.Heart diseases 3.Diabetes 4.Kidney failures 5.Accidents etc., etc....

Covid-19: Sarawak Health Dept finds three new workplace clusters, says SDMC | Malay MailKUCHING, June 11 — Three workplace clusters were among four new Covid-19 clusters declared by the Sarawak State Health Department, said the Sarawak State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC). The committee announced in a statement today that the three workplace clusters were in the Tatau...

Health Ministry detects another 23 Covid-19 VOCs | New Straits TimesNSTnation The Health Ministry has detected another 23 Covid19 variants of concern (VOC) in Malaysia. coronavirus variants SARSCoV2 Beta Delta B1351 B16172 DGHisham VOI