TV channel Astro Warna apologises over rape joke

TV channel Astro Warna apologises over rape joke

21/10/2021 12:45:00 PM

TV channel Astro Warna apologises over rape joke

After the video clip went viral and received widespread criticism.

Astro Warnahas apologised following the controversy of a video clip from one of its programmes that received great criticism after narrating a rape scene in a movie."Recently, a video clip from one ofAstro Warna's programmes, 'Rumah No 107 ' was spread on social media...

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astroonline as a media channel has failed miserably. Disgusting. Later they will allow it again, just see! They take the “Sorry” as cheap nowadays. They’re not serious. This type of rape jokes will not happen in Afghanistan. How come JAKIM-Pas-Umno-Bersatu men force their women to act out rape scenes to earn money for them? Is this what JAKIM-Pas-Umno-Bersatu men's God told them to do to their women? Shame on you all JAKIM-Pas-Umno-Bersatu men.

astrowarna an apology is the least you can do. Now stop hiring talentless clowns like nawawi and ensure your contents are respectable of all gender and race. He can be a classic erotic storyteller by the way the TV channel let him explain it nearly as wild as he can ...Explicit Indeed Mana geng suka counselling tu. 😂😂

That is not enough… astro warna should (must to be precise) ban the show for a period of time… Public pressure baru mintak maaf! Barua! Rape is not a joke.

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Actor slammed for allegedly making jokes about rapeMohd Fauzi Mohd Nawawi later issued 'head to toe' public apology. His friends & family should sit him down and show him the thousands of condemnations fr citizens on his reckless behavior on national tv Everyone saw the video so we can do away with the 'allegedly'. Him, his co-stars and everyone involved with the production of that program needs to DO BETTER!! Bagus.. bantai dia kaw kaw.. bongok..

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