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Tuan Ibrahim: All PAS, Umno MPs signed SD for Muhyiddin to be PM

Tuan Ibrahim: All PAS, Umno MPs signed SD for Muhyiddin to be PM


Tuan Ibrahim: All PAS , Umno MPs signed SD for Muhyiddin to be PM

PETALING JAYA: All PAS and Umno MPs have signed a statutory declaration (SD) in support of Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as the candidate for prime minister , says Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man .

According to the PAS secretary-general, the party, together with Umno, initially signed a statutory declaration in support of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as prime minister.Tuan Ibrahim's comments come following the political crisis which saw the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan coalition due to the exit of 26 Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia MPs and 11 PKR MPs.

The remaining parties in Pakatan – PKR, DAP and Amanah – meanwhile, said on Wednesday that it nominates Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as prime minister candidate after Dr Mahathir failed to turn up for a presidential council meeting on Tuesday (Feb 25).

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This is false statement..TITM didnt mentioned this.please double check ur source. Why not Zahid? Sila cnfomkn dlu kesahihan berita sbelum sebar A new script for new drama directed by stale poliTIKUS. Alhamdulillah ya akhi. Man jadda wa jada.. Pulokkk...ejas lah kot mana pong... Whoa Ini bukan pusing tapi gasing...... nampak sgt ketamakan Mercedes man

Masih nak suhabat dengan perompak penyamun puiii fake Basically nobody sud ever trust what Pas has to say. Their ultimate goal is to benefit themselves never the people. Any one they support likely be in the same boat. Bersatu is now conveniently working with their sworn enemies. TM says he will not work with UMNO. No buddies 🙄

Busloads of PAS, Umno MPs arrive at palace for interview with Agong | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Feb 25 — Several PAS MPs have arrived at the Istana Negara at 2.45pm today in a chartered bus, to be followed by another bus of Umno MPs. The PAS MPs boarded an orange-and-yellow bus at 2.30pm with PAS vice-president Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man , Bachok MP Nik Muhammad Abduh Nik... Bus load of crooks.

Takda orang yg lebih muda kaaaa? 🤔 Hahaha...kini ku kesepian...menantikan hadirmu ku rinduuu oohhhh SD=Seluar Dalam If they can lie to YDPA, to rakyat they can lie every minute...i have enough of these NizuaIddil Oooooo.... rubbish! Fake news good job we didn't vote for any of them then. So even if you chose Jesus, it wouldn't be legitimate

Why must choose the worst among all? Even Khairy or Mohamad Hassan is better than him.

Azmin, Hamzah orchestrated Pakatan break-up | The Malaysian InsightFormer PKR leader, Larut MP sold ‘Malay unity’ idea to Umno , PAS and Bersatu, say sources. Tun m yg kena maki kaw2. Its an OPEN SECRET btw

Nampak gelojoh dan caca-marbanya puak-puak ni. Sekejap sign, sekejap tarik balik. Pak lebai desperate sgt nak jadi menteri gamaknya. Malaysia2020 Statutory Declaration is supremely worth less than a tweet, signed by psychopaths who shamelessly call themselves politicians representing the people. Obsessed with luxury cars. How to tell a doctor is good? Look at their car, if luxury then you got conned. Ditto politicians.

Tsmy pun lembik, senanglah cover kes lebai² kan... Great teruskan Sheraton. Warisan and GPS to join. Give them TPM post. They deserve it after their loyalty all these years since 1963. This is fake news. There is no official statement regarding this matter from UMNO or PAS. Also UMNO Secretary says the news is untrue.

weyy forget own president? Can you retract this news? So confused by this thread ahahah

BN, PAS MPs gather near Umno HQ ahead of interview by Agong | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Feb 25 ― Several Barisan Nasional (BN) and PAS MPs were seen gathering near the Umno headquarters at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) before a scheduled interview by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong this afternoon. Among Umno leaders seen were secretary-general Tan Sri Annuar Musa,... Hah diskus diskus. Pastikan jawapan sama tau...

apa nak kecoh yg sebelum ni dalam pakatan pun tak sokong tun Berita tak benar, dah dinafikan 👆Jahat diorg ni chedetofficial 😜😜😜 Kenapa bukan Hj Hadi dinamakan sebagai PM?Bukan kah beliau telah memenangi undian PM Online najib pon sign pilih muhyidin jgak ke?🤣🤣🤣 Muhyiddin jadi PM? Hahaha 🤭😂😂😂 Semua nk jadi PM ni...perjuangan tembolok diri


Harapan meltdown – What did Mahathir know and when did he know it?COMMENT | Interim PM Dr Mahathir now has to also deal with the fact that Umno and PAS have withdrawn their support. Snap elections? Only when Mahathir says snap election. Until then, everyone got to deal with whatever it is. Padan muka hangpa! From 6 months into pakatanharapan_ term as Federal Government Mahathir chedetofficial has been warning all PH nincompoops like anwaribrahim and all his running dogs not to sabotage PH. But did they heed Mahathir's warnings? No. It's 100% Anwar Ibrahim's fault PH is dead. Since 60 from BN/PAS wants fresh elections. If PH calls for fresh elections it will happen 95 + 60. If Dr. M wants to play with fire PH should just say screw it and apply the gasoline. Let the people decide.

The_Mamu So where haji hadi.poll in social media shown that haji hadi act pm Hadi must be frustrated now. Fake News Funny, what they will sign tommorow.... Every day they change their mind. Who is next they want to give mandate.. Muhyiddin? 🤣🤣 Fitnoh la nate page ni.. SKMM_MCMC sila ambil tindakan sewajarnya

While no side has clear majority, will Mahathir form minority gov't?This is possible if the interim PM gains enough support from majority MPs. Dont you admire him...still got mood for Instagram posting ! Next Prime Minister's job is to form a Cabinet that will manage Malaysia until GE15. The best in this situation is..he is the only person to have sent in his resignation but it end up everybody else loses their jobs but he is the only person who got his job back..how ironic 😝

Fake news Dah terlambat... U turn.... 🐕💩 Azmin n the gang confused.... Astaghfirallahalazim .. igt Allah byk2 yeeee Astaghfirallahalazim .. igt Allah byk2 yeee Wow what game is this 😂 Nobody support ARSEMIN? SUCKER. Lol

BN, PAS tarik balik SD sokong PMKualaLumpur Setiausaha Agung UMNO , Tan Sri Annuar Musa berkata, pendirian itu terpaksa dibuat berikutan wujud cadangan membentuk kerajaan perpaduan daripada Perdana Menteri. Marakkepundenparangskeperr ko ni 😂 Tak nak unity gov langsung 🤦🏻‍♂️ Gi mampos UMNO DAN PAS.

Why not Hadi AnnuarMusa Betul ke? Tapi.... Fake news pas umno lied that they ask for dissolution of parliament. now they revealed tht they choose muhyiddin? shows tht the lebai from pas cannot be trusted. everything come out from pas umno mouth is a lie. Crazy

Pas Umno always flip flop. Pity to their members, be wala' only. Umno nominate Muhyiddin yang najib sacked for questioning 1mdb? Awkward? alamak! kenapa bodoh sangat PAS dan UMNO. Muhyiddin tak ada ketokohan jadi PM. Silap-silap hampir serupa dengan Pak Lah corak pentadbirannya... Hadhari , hadhari... Thestar dok merapu lagi ka? Demam '131 MPs, from unnamed sources' tak hilang lagi?

Still not enough. RimauXI Lembap tapir If that's the case might as well just make Tun as PM8 😂 raishussin cer komen sikit...pening dah saya tengok diorang ni Next episod be real

ustaz2 pun bersubahat Sokong Pusing sana pusing sini bohong Sana bohong sini FadzilahMamat Hahahaahhaha.... Aik bukan cakap nak Tun ke? So Tun syok sendiri ke cakap semua wants him ? FadzilahMamat Harap2 Pakatan Harapan jangan terima Bersatu balik dalam PH jika mereka merayu nk u turn..memang tk boleh di percayai puak2 dna umno ni..biar PH jdi pembangkang kembali tk mngapa tapi jgn di terima pengkianat2 PH ni😠😠😠

This confirms stupidity. Granted that PAS and UMNO did not support anyone for PM when meeting YDPA. But to now support a Bersatu rep when Bersatu itself wants Dr M as PM. Or is Bersatu to join in the fray now and tell YDPA 'We change our minds, too.'? Geng2 PASUMNO sokong muhyiddin pm8. Tapi muhyiddin plak sokong madey pm8. Ape gila ni?

Lebuy tak berputus asa untuk menjadi menteri Kekeke.. Not qualify la

Lol Mr. Hugo Boss Your choice for PM!? You all deserve each other. Loool. Ular yang tiada pegangan dan kesetiaam. Pls do a re-election OMG. Plot twist... Sudah terlambat kot Tipu .. Bung Mokhtar tak calonkan Muhyidin pun .. No eye see if he bcome PM 😓 One thing for sure anwar is way better than muhyiddin 🤦‍♂️

Hah RimauXI Wow, this is getting interesting! No wonder Tun got so angry & resign from Bersatu chairman. 😏

Getting bore with the news. PM Muhyiddin... They even dare to lie to YDPA . How citizen can trust them So absurd! Now Muhyiddin in the running for PM jadi mcm mana kuli ada dlm list? sape buh Aspected . If this drama kept going on, Malaysian will not know who to vote anymore. Every second political people change mind

Ha ha... pilih orang daripada PH jugak (walaupun dah melompat)... Snap election might happen due to this social media reporting, even IOC bodies can't unit so call Msian!!!! Ethnicity

Desperate and obviously they can't & don't have anyone among them they can choose. But bersatu support Dr M. Feningggg Allaahumma inni a’uudzubika min ‘adzaabil qabri wa min ‘adzaabinnaari jahannama wa min fitnatil mahyaa wal mamaati wa min fitnatil masiihid dajjaal. Recite this doa before you read his statement. You're welcome.

Getting interesting now the saga... Just make freah poll kn lagi senang Betulla apa OrenjiRenOren kata semalam. Hahaha Muhyddin is like a snake that keeps popping up. Now its become more difficult. If Bersatu also make a u-turn on their declaration of support for their president, we gonna have BN back as minority government? PH on its own only have 92 seats.. Wth you thinking changing whos going to be PM overnight..

Lagi Nooooo What else can you expect from TRASH! 🤣

Haiyaaa... Bikin pening...kasi panasss Ok enough internet for today...😳 sudah pusing berapa kali, peninglah. I think by now people know that SD’s are useless. Very good news indeed The should make a movie out of this What a JOKE! They kicked out this man when he spoke up about 1MDB and now, he’s going back into that shit hole? Definitely proves these trash like humans have no integrity!

Plk doh wow, more and more excitement.

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