Today’s second day of Special Parliament sitting to focus on public health

Today’s second day of Special Parliament sitting to focus on public health

27/7/2021 2:39:00 AM

Today’s second day of Special Parliament sitting to focus on public health

The session will also focus on measures to address the increase in Covid-19 cases, according to the Order Paper.


Covid-19: Malaysia records 341 more deaths, including 102 BID cases

PUTRAJAYA: Another 341 people died due to Covid-19, says the Health Ministry.

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Zahid: Umno ministers will resign if emergency ordinances remain beyond Aug 1Emergency proclamation and ordinances must be repealed during the special Parliament sitting tomorrow, he adds. All talk no action Kesian wak... Ketua xde kuda...

Special five-day Parliament sitting gets underway, two MPs test positive for Covid-19, says SpeakerPETALING JAYA: Dewan Rakyat Speaker Datuk Azhar Azizan Harun has confirmed that two MPs and 12 Parliament staff have tested positive for Covid-19, while another 58 Parliament staff and five or six MPs are under home quarantine. Wah whole year dowan kena covid now just before parliament kena Sure buddy

‘OK for debates, questions’PETALING JAYA: It is a misconception that debates and questions will not be allowed during the Parliament’s special sitting that starts today, says Dewan Rakyat Speaker Datuk Azhar Azizan Harun. 🐓

MPs raise contract doctors issue in Dewan Rakyat | New Straits TimesNSTnation The issue of contract-appointed healthcare workers has drawn the attention of several members of Parliament (MPs) at the special sitting of the DewanRakyat today. contractdoctors healthcareworkers Better give them doctors permanent jobs and pay these doctors than wasting our tax money on monkeys MPs and their pension. Let it be known: these people are being treated as disposable people or Borg drones. Let them walkout. Let them protest. Let them be heard TrustNoOne Evidence that it is political driven. What bout others contract officers in other sectors !!!

Unwise to put too much hope on Parliament special sitting | New Straits TimesThe “special sitting” of our Dewan Rakyat commences tomorrow for the next five days and after that the sitting of the Dewan Negara commences on August 3 for the next three days.

Use Parliament sitting to raise important, relevant issues, urges Pas leader | New Straits TimesKOTA BARU: Allowing all members of parliament to debate and put forward questions in the upcoming special Parliament sitting will help resolve issues, Pas vice-president said