TM: Unifi customers with IP-based CCTV and hosting won't be impacted by Private IP migration - SoyaCincau

TM has issued a statement following concerns about Unifi customers being migrated from public to private IP. If you are running IP-based services, here's TM's response.

17/10/2021 5:26:00 PM

TM has issued a statement following concerns about Unifi customers being migrated from public to private IP. If you are running IP-based services, here's TM's response.

TM has issued a statement following concerns about Unifi customers being migrated from public to private IP. If you are running IP-based services, here's TM's response.

on 100Mbps plan and below, the broadband provider has issued an official statement for clarity. According to TM, the migration of Unifi customers to Private IP is aimed at providing more seamless connectivity and better security.The move has raised concerns among some Unifi users as services that require public IP such as non-cloud-based CCTV, hosting and select online gaming services would be impacted. To address these concerns, TM said customers who are still using IP-based CCTV and known hosting will be excluded from the migration exercise.

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It isn’t clear how TM will identify users that require public IP and if there’s an option for users to request for Public IP without incurring extra charges. At the moment, the migration will only affect Unifi customers with dynamic IP on 30Mbps, 50Mbps and 100Mbps plans. Customers with fixed IP are also not affected.

TM said the migration is still ongoing with minimal downtime of 2-5 minutes for customers. It assured that customers’ internet performance will not be affected and impacted customers will be notified in advance.Source:Unifi Community ForumAccording to the initial FAQ that was spotted on the Unifi Community Forum, the migration is scheduled in stages from mid-September 2021 until January 2022. It was mentioned that applications that will be affected are non-cloud-based CCTVs, server hosting services, online games where content is hosted by customers.

The implementation of Carrier-Grade NAT (CGNAT) is aimed at providing Unifi customers with enhanced security when browsing the internet or utilising any online tools and applications. The move to private IP is also a way for TM to address the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses before it implements IPv6 for its customers.

We’ve reached out to TM for clarity on the public IP request and will update this post once we have a response. Read more: SoyaCincau »

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