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TM still has a Broadband Lite plan which shouldn't exist in 2021 |

TM still has a Broadband Lite plan which shouldn’t exist in 2021

20/6/2021 9:36:00 AM

TM still has a Broadband Lite plan which shouldn’t exist in 2021

Did TM actually introduced a new 1Mbps Streamyx plan with 1GB quota in 2021? Here's what you need to know.

RM38 for 1Mbps Streamx with 1GB data quotaThe plan is a Streamyx service which uses ADSL technology. Priced at RM38/month, it offers 1Mbps download and 384kbps upload, and it has a monthly data cap of 1GB. Once you’ve hit your data limit, your speed will be throttled to 128kbps.

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The plan comes with a 12-month contract and it comes with a free wireless router. You can make voice calls with the plan at Pay As You Use rates but you’ll need to hook up your own phone.With more Malaysians dependent on the internet for Work From Home and online learning, 1GB for a whole month is not going to cut it. Even prepaid mobile users can redeem 1GB for free on a daily basis.

Plan was first introduced in 2015The reality is that this Broadband Lite plan isn’t entirely new and it wasfirst announcedback in June 2015. TM has reached out to us with a statement to clarify that there’s no new reintroduction and it was an old plan. It added that Streamyx is gradually being phased out as they are continuing to expand its fibre network under JENDELA.

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TM should improve their network capability as lots of the area already facing congested network and their Streamyx plan still far more expensive. Aku tinggu contract period 24 Bulan tamat ja ni, lepastu bye, hello TIME Maybe it's an effort to bringing back the expensive Internet, who knows? true lol

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