Tired of waiting for Umno, Muhyiddin signals go ahead for 3-cornered fights

'We must make such a decision to strategise for election.'

21/10/2021 2:25:00 PM

Tired of waiting for Umno, Muhyiddin signals go ahead for 3-cornered fights

'We must make such a decision to strategise for election.'

Oct 21, 2021 11:22 AM⋅:11:24 AMPerikatan Nasional (PN) chief Muhyididn Yassin appears to have made a decision to go ahead with three-cornered fights in the upcoming Malacca state election.He said his coalition can no longer wait for Umno to make a decision on cooperation.

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After election form a pack. Same sh*t different day. It’s a 19 corner fight now actually BLUP... BLUP.. HELP, I'M DROWNING The voters are the kingmakers to select who should be their representatives in the forthcoming new State government. Rude jamban All katak can unite and form Parti Katak, which can work together with PN. All same principle. Also need to ensure manifesto include lying to Parliament, lying to YDPA and lying to rakyat.

a good move Boleh menang ke? Just curious 🤔 the last GE14 also were 3 corner fight, Then , BN - PH - PAS Now, BN - PN - PH Mahiaddin, Bersatu offers nothing. Same corrupt old men from Umno. You deserted the reform agenda. At least Umno has grassroot support, Bersatu nil. Get ready to be wiped out Mahidin you are going to have another bad CIRIT BIRIT soon.

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What 3 cornered? Does election expert Mahiaddin know there's a possibility it could become 10 cornered in some constituencies? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Malacca will wake you up from the “ Dream”. And no more durian season Muhyiddin should realised that all umno grassroots don't want to be with PN anymore!! Aiyaaaa fight sampai jadi habuklah! We can do without all of you!!!

That’s the way .. u don’t need sympathisers Yesssssssssssssss Rip What's the strength of this party? Sorry no more “durian season” but it’s raining season now perhaps katak is available?🤔

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Congratulations for making a Harakiri move. that right Tan Seri...UMNO think they're unbeaten party 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I hope rakyat Melaka will send him the message Wakakaka

DUN Bemban: UMNO Jasin tidak main-main - Utusan DigitalUMNO Jasin tetap dengan pendirian ingin bertanding di Bemban sebab kita nak tebus kekalahan calon MCA pada Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-14 (PRU-14). Kerusi majoriti melayu jangan dibiarkan orang lain ambil...kalau MCA nk bertanding suruh mereka lawan DAP..kerusi majoriti penduduk cina baru adil.kalau mereka tak blh mendapat sokongan dari kaum mereka baik bubar je parti mereka.DrZahidHamidi NajibRazak Memang sudah gaya umnoonline dari dulu hingga sekarang, itulah faktor menyebabkan kami muak.

Malacca polls: Umno, BN to decide on political cooperation - ZahidIt will be decided after three levels of meetings scheduled next week. Is it my imagination or do I detect a u turn in stance coming up. 😂 politics I guess. X pegi German ke..? Cooperate to con Melaka voters? How many constituencies can Zahid Hamidi win in Melaka? How many can Najib Razak win Melaka? How many can Khairy Jamaluddin in Melaka? Doesn't look good at all does it Zahid Hamidi? No wonder now you are singing a different song than last week.

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Saya cuma cadang Umno kerjasama dengan PN, kata Shahidan | The Malaysian InsightKetua Umno Arau itu berkata keputusan akhir mengenai kerjasama politik itu terserah kepada Umno dan BN untuk menentukan.