TIME Internet's 2Gbps plan costs RM379 per month, to officially launch tomorrow | TechNave

6/10/2022 1:03:00 PM

All will be unveiled tomorrow 👀 #TIMEInternet2Gbps #TechNave

All will be unveiled tomorrow 👀 TIMEInternet2Gbps TechNave

Previously, we reported on how TIME Malaysia’s upcoming 2Gbps advertisement videos were spotted in KL city before its potential unveiling tomorrow (7 Octo

Previously, we reported on how TIME Malaysia’s upcoming 2Gbps advertisement videos were spotted in KL city before its potential unveiling tomorrow (7 October 2022).For the past few days, TIME Malaysia has been teasing something coming on 7 October 2022.which seems to hint that the Internet service provider is about to launch new plans that are much faster than its current offerings.the company launched back in 2018.

Now, the company itself has announced that the 2Gbps package plan is indeed coming, with the official packages and their respective prices already circulating on social media.As you can see from the image below, the 2Gbps plan is priced at RM379 per month.We usually stay away from rumours unless the evidence is strong but it seems that the plan is real.If you order it online via TIME’s official website, a customer can be rewarded with RM200 Touch 'n Go eWallet credits.Ramlee crossroads in the KLCC area has revealed TIME Internet’s new 2Gbps plan.Compared to the existing 1Gbps plan, there isn't much difference in terms of features, though notably, the 2Gbps package offers a 2Gbps WiFi 6 router and twice the WiFi 6 mesh nodes.As seen in the image below, the company was testing out three different advertising videos on a giant screen panel.Of course, the most notable upgrade has got to be the speed which is literally double that of the 1Gbps plan.] As part of the launch, TIME Internet will also provide RM200 worth of Touch ‘n Go eWallet credits to customers that signed up for the plan through.

However, do note that the uploading speed remains at 500Mbps despite the increase in download speeds.Of course, no price announcements have been made yet and we will get all the information tomorrow.However, all the teasers that have been published by the ISP so far have noted that the big launch will take place on 7 October.Besides that, TIME has also shared with the media that it will be able to perform same-day installation if customers sign up for the new plan before 10 am, depending on their locations.As of the time of writing, TIME has yet to publish the details of the new 2Gbps plan on its website as it is not been officially launched yet.The lowest package is 100Mbps with RM99 per month.Hence, we’ll know the full details when it is unveiled tomorrow.Please refresh for the latest update.So, what do you guys think of TIME’s 2Gbps plan? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and stay tuned to TechNave for more tech news from Malaysia and beyond!.com.[Image: Amanz.

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