Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz, Covid-19

Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz, Covid-19

Time for Malaysians to set differences aside and nurture country back to health — Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz | Malay Mail

Time for Malaysians to set differences aside and nurture country back to health — Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz

4/8/2021 12:18:00 AM

Time for Malaysians to set differences aside and nurture country back to health — Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 4 — Oft-times, in the face of adversity and crisis, the most Malaysian thing to do is put our differences aside and work together to overcome them. This is most apparent during natural disasters, or monsoon floods. Other examples include past financial crises, as well as the...

channel for the latest updates.KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 4 — Oft-times, in the face of adversity and crisis, the most Malaysian thing to do is put our differences aside and work together to overcome them. This is most apparent during natural disasters, or monsoon floods. Other examples include past financial crises, as well as the SARS and Japanese Encephalitis health crises, to name a few.

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Our beloved country is still in a health and economic crisis. Many countries, including Malaysia, who had successfully contained the virus before are currently seeing a spike in cases due to the Delta and Lambda variants, which are more lethal and infectious than earlier versions. Yes, there may be much reason for many of us to be angry and play the blame game. But, the omnipresent threat of the virus ill affords us such luxury.

It is exactly this threat that underscores the urgency of the National Recovery Plan (NRP) which is based on six core principles, including reopening our economy; being guided by science and data; taking a whole-of-nation approach; and ensuring the plan is dynamic and adaptable. headtopics.com

At the heart of this core, however, is a sincere and serious effort cutting across party and ideological lines to embrace a diverse set of opinions — from opposition parties, non-governmental organisations, the businesses community as well as economic, health and social welfare experts — towards a common goal.

Ultimately, however, it is all about theRakyat’slives, which must be protected by ensuring our healthcare system —particularly its capacity to respond — can cope, and by ramping up our National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme.It is important for everyone to remain united and focused on the task at hand by looking at the bigger picture. It is like we are on a flight, and the plane suffers some technical problems that need to be fixed in mid-air to avoid a crash. Instead of focusing on ensuring everyone’s safe landing, the crew bicker about changing the pilot instead. Imagine us the

Rakyatas passengers on that flight — how do we feel?Lives are at stake in our country, and theRakyatneeds to know that we have got our act together to try and help this country exit safely from the pandemic. So, why waste a valuable opportunity to pool our viewpoints, knowledge, ideas and resources systematically via the NRP? I believe the NRP is our best hope yet — and currently our most viable multi-voice solution – in exiting this pandemic.

This is why we have also invited members of opposing political parties like Pakatan Harapan, Warisan and of course, Pejuang, who has unfortunately officially refused the invitation. In gathering viewpoints from as many quarters as possible, a good idea is a good idea, it should not matter who proposes it. In fact, this is exactly what the MoF did during Budget 2021, when we incorporated various proposals – even from the Opposition parties — in the budget. headtopics.com

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Pejuang’s rejection aside, this will not stop us from continuing to reach out and engage all sides to consider everyone’s views in implementing the NRP. As I have repeatedly said, the plan needs to be dynamic because the virus mutates aggressively, and we need to be agile in adapting the plan to current situations.

Closing ranks does not mean we have to agree with all the policies presented by the government of the day. In fact, many within the council have been the government’s fiercest and harshest critics. But when lives are clearly at stake and our healthcare is tottering, we must rise above our differences and work together so we can truly bring the country out of the doldrums of this wretched pandemic.

The NRP is meant to ‘cover’ us until December 2021, and until Covid-19 can be managed as endemic. Beyond December, 2021, the nation’s recovery will be supported by Budget 2022, to address short-term economic revitalization efforts, and the Twelfth Malaysia Plan, representing medium-term strategies to structurally reform the economy.

Domestic political cooperation on managing Covid-19 is not something new. In Canada, policies on economic relief and health safety measures were developed with broad consensus from both sides of the aisle. New Zealand which has been exemplary in the fight against Covid-19 established a bipartisan committee to oversee the nation’s pandemic response. Most recently in South Korea, both the government and opposition came together in a rare bipartisan agreement on additional budgetary allocations. headtopics.com

Our people deserve the same, if not better. Why can’t we show the same political will and cooperation to save ourrakyat? Our esteemed Parliamentarians did this for the Covid-19 Bill in August 2020, for which I am sure the people are deeply thankful as it enabled aid and assistance to be channelled to the

Rakyat.I am confident we will be able to do it again through the NRP. I trust that all stakeholders are rich in their desire to see our beloved country free from the clutches of a devastating global pandemic. We must seize this opportunity to work together, cooperate and ensure that Malaysia gets back on its growth trajectory.

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I pray for sense over political satire; and for peace over posturing. Do not let our differences douse the Malaysian spirit to nurse our nation back on its feet again. Let us, for once, put those differences aside, and draw upon that sense of solidarity from deep within each of us, to unite and ensure victory in our war against Covid-19, so we can one day declare that we have

menang bersama!* Datuk Seri Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz is the finance minister of Malaysia. Read more: Malay Mail »

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Yes, am with u, cos it’s d right thing to do at tis critical time Pls resign..ass Concur with Tengku Zafrul. But Cabinet need to step down first to start afresh. Time for you to resign. tzafrul_aziz working together now when your govt shuts down the parliment? Plus ur analogy abt the plane is misplaced. The plane has crashed (17k cases daily, thousands lives lost, economy wrecked) with PM Mahiaddin as pilot & u part of the deck crew. High time for a new crew!

Is time for to rest Kau ada 16 bulan to do that. Apa yang kau buat selama ni? Negara makin tenat ada lah. Time for you to go tzafrul_aziz ! He's right. But greedy politicians won't listen. They don't mind rakyat's dying, hospital beds are full -- as long as they can destabilize the government and be the PM.

To set differences aside when it suited PN most, especially when in trouble. At all times the Rakyat is taken for granted by the ruling gomen Only the political monkeys could not set aside differences. They’re the so-called elite group. In actual fact, these are the most dishonorable people who are regressing this country forward.

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First step is to admit that the government has failed. 2nd to vote in Parliament to see who has the majority. tzafrul_aziz Everyone knows that except those in position now. It can only happen when the competent ones are in office now. FU Derhaka is life Who are you to give advices? Nothing but a proven failed minister from the backdoor. Our country finances in a mess thank tp you. We never voted for you. Get out

Its not about differences...differ of opinion is norm..rakyat want things to put in the right and legitimate way ..however desperate one need a bank loan...the stringent requirements need 2 adhered..like that...here Time for incompetent ministers and MPs' to step down instead of eating GajiHaram. tzafrul_aziz might want to ask Abah to fire them based on non-performance since becoming Ministers.

Mr minister…you hv been in a bubble… belting out packages after packages… loosing context over content…cut off from reality A good idea is a good idea tzafrul_aziz Ha3 someone who has underperformed all this while giving the big talk. Tanam anggur la

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says the banker who protects the banks making a gazillion of profit during the worst of times! never forget BilliBear3 Haahah. Stupid fella. No FO. Yes starting with you out of the govt Heartless and Totally Incompetent. Shameful!!!! We are suffering and you people have absolutely no direction. Go and take a bicycle ride.

After RM800 billions were spent without any good results?! bankerjagabanker We United at GE14. Sheraton gang cancer made the country sicker. You’re a part of that disease. Remove the cancer and we’ll have a fighting chance. says the no balls banker. whos paying for my compounded interest? sayang nak lepas jawatan dia tu...

I guess u had a sleepless night!! All is lost!

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When most of the time, including last night, were spent on how to fish for more MPs; how much time you people spent to nurture our country back? tzafrul_aziz should know that if the MCO is working, if the NRP is working, if the Cabinet is doing its job, if ministers, deputies, dll., lead by example etc, the people will not be suffering. Should the current Cabinet continue to prolong the suffering of the people?

Get out tzafrul_aziz Tell that to your political masters…they are the ones who can’t set aside their differences. The Rakyat never had an issue with differences. We helped each other through difficulties despite our lack. You elites couldn’t get your act together. Out! Post at 5 in the morning huh. Its time for a banker and bank protecting Tengku Zafrul to step aside to allow that healing. Thank you for your service and get lost.

We want you out!

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