Timah manufacturer agrees to consider name change, says Domestic Trade Ministry

Timah manufacturer agrees to consider name change, says Domestic Trade Ministry

28/10/2021 9:42:00 AM

Timah manufacturer agrees to consider name change, says Domestic Trade Ministry

PETALING JAYA: The company manufacturing the homegrown whiskey Timah has agreed to consider changing the name and image on the label of their award-winning product, says the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry.

"This is among the joint decisions reached together in a meeting between the company representatives and the government on Wednesday (Oct 27)."The hybrid meeting was conducted within a harmonious environment within the concept of Keluarga Malaysia (Malaysian Family) to reach a consensus for the good of the nation," he said in a statement on Thursday (Oct 28).

Alexander said that the meeting was held as the government took note of the issue surrounding the whiskey's brand name Timah, which has been the subject of discussion on social and electronic media since it was launched in early October.The meeting followed the first discussion held between Winepak and the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) on Monday (Oct 25).

Alexander added that the ministry through MyIPO will improve the procedures, which involves multiple ministries and relevant agencies, so that a similar issue will not recur in the future."I hope that all parties can understand and give the government a chance to find the best solution for all parties involved," he said. headtopics.com

The whiskey Timah has courted the wrath of PAS and other Islamic groups in the nation due to its Bahasa Malaysia name.Critics also argued that the portrait on the label of the Timah whiskey bottle looked like a man wearing a Muslim skullcap.However, the manufacturer explained that the name Timah referred to tin mining in colonial Malaya while the man on its label is Captain Tristam Speedy, an English Officer in Malaya during the British Colonial era.

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they just want to end the controversy ASAP. if they want to i think can bring it to court. btw , by law they are not required to change name correct? see how nice the people from Timah Co. Timah manufacturer should not only consider changing the name. They should change the name unconditionally. Changing it to Rosmah would just brankupt the brand i guess?

Sudin To MahTi ? Malaysia apa lagi tak boleh The stupidity this country holds is amazing Move to Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, or Indonesia. Rina is quite nice. Or maybe a more western name, Nancy? Muniama aje la Niamah is a damm good name

Amah change to Niamah or Nimah ? Fatimah ? called it 'Tim ah?' A whiskey based on a guy name Tim Consider to close Dont! Change it to Fatimah terus. Lagi senang. I’m guessing Emas is out of the question too.. How spineless.