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Covid-19 Watch, Khairy Jamaluddin

Tighten checks on MySejahtera status at all premises, says Khairy

Tighten checks on MySejahtera status at all premises, says Khairy

19/9/2021 3:12:00 PM

Tighten checks on MySejahtera status at all premises, says Khairy

ALOR SETAR (Bernama): There is a need to tighten checks on the MySejahtera application status of individuals at all premises, especially supermarkets, to ensure those placed under the Home Supervision Order ( HSO ) do not gain entry.

"In Kedah, in just one week, there were 523 MySejahtera check-ins (to premises) who were Covid-19 positive or high-risk individuals placed under home quarantine."A total of 18% of the (523) check-ins occurred in supermarkets, so we ask that supervision at entrances be tightened because they (quarantined individuals) managed to check in, which means the security guards are not checking their MySejahtera properly... they are just letting them in,” he told a media conference in conjunction with his working visit to Kedah at Wisma Darul Aman here on Sunday (Sept 19).

Tired of waiting for Umno, Muhyiddin signals go ahead for 3-cornered fights Covid-19: Sinovac recipients will get Comirnaty for booster shot, says Khairy Kes Covid-19 meningkat di KL, Putrajaya dan Selangor selepas rentas negeri - Utusan Digital

Meanwhile, on the Covid-19 vaccination status in Kedah, Khairy said his ministry had asked for efforts to be intensified to ensure about 17% more of adults in the state received their vaccine jabs.Khairy said attention should be given to residents in several districts which still recorded low vaccination rates, such as in Pendang and Baling.

"We need the cooperation of community leaders to ensure those who still refuse to be vaccinated to come forward and we seek the enforcement of the standard operating procedure (SOP) for vaccination to be tightened... (for example) the mosque committee must check thoroughly (before allowing the congregants to enter),” he said.

He said his ministry had also asked all employers to tighten procedures at workplaces by allowing only fully vaccinated individuals to return to work.Khairy added that, for now, the supply of vaccines at every vaccination centre in Kedah was sufficient, in fact, excessive.

"In a lot of areas, we have reached a stage where there are more vaccine doses than recipients, so, we have to really outreach, go check on the hardcore (anti-vaccine) group... focus on this group,” he said.Meanwhile, he said that more than 180,000 teenagers in Kedah would begin receiving their vaccine shots from Monday (Sept 20) at the vaccination centres or schools and his ministry expects the process to be completed within a month. - Bernama

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DGHisham It's been 18 months bro, haven't u learn that humans can't be trusted? Mana ada kena periksa.Tiada yang periksa terutama di premis kedai yang kecil.Scan dan periksa suhu masuk. Kesian d security guards gven addt'nl task 2 check. Premises, particularly large shopping malls ought 2 cnsider engaging part-time local 'MySjh' ambassadors 2 do d checking 2 negate communication pblms that may arise.

Banyak business tak berani nak enforce sebab takut customer tak nak masuk. DGHisham What about state lines? Bukit Fraser last weekend saw visitors from KL, Selangor and Penang. Suppose we cannot travel or cross the state borders. Then how can this be? No point enforce SOP at premises if the state borders are not closed and following the same SOP.

Khairykj DGHisham scheekeong mbsp_pg PDRMsia hw bout the road site stalls? yg didirikan secara haram atau dgn lesen..sbb i tgk tak pernah pun orh scan kt gerai tepi jalan 🤷 Stop imposing booster shots if vaccines are not working. Khairykj I think the my_sejahtera apps shd be programmed to make a loud sound if those Covid_19 positive or under quarantine scan to enter, thus alerting security MKNJPM

Punish the premises who lax on entry for those under HSO and not fully vaccinated. You have the check in data, CCTV footage can be retrieved to do timestamp matching. Enough evidences to charge both the premises and the individuals. Khairykj Pasar raya dia sibukkan.. org nk cari keperluan mkanan . Org nk msak .org nk mkan... Kwsan lain kau x sibukkan

Khairy: MySejahtera team resolved over 500,000 digital certificate issues within a weekALOR SETAR (Bernama): The MySejahtera team has resolved over 500,000 complaints of digital vaccination certificates not being displayed on the MySejahtera application within a week, says Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin . Khairykj Good job YB. Keep it up. Is the issue fully resolved? My vaccine info not yet updated. And many others too if u check Twitter Khairykj YB, please allow Mysejahtera to receive uploads of digital vaccination certs from overseas. It will make it easier for Malaysian overseas to return.

Saya tgk tadi cosy house di GE Mall tak ikut SOP....ramai bersesak2 dan tiada penjarakan fizikal. Kedudukan kerusi sama seperti sebelum covid. Cuma ada mysejahtera saja. KKMPutrajaya DBKL2u What steps are being taken by MKNJPM, KKMPutrajaya to ensure HSOs are not breached, Khairykj ? Are those under HSO even being monitored? Is the govt just leaving it to the businesses to monitor them?

Mysejahtera can program algorithms to detect & to flag movement of home quarrantine person. Steady la KJ no need manual check to add to police load of work View| stern action on errant citizen who doesn't display right status of Vaccination. Malaysia kan This is what I call using data effectively .. bravo KKM and KJ .

DGHisham PLEASE DO DGHisham polisdiraja

MySejahtera selesai lebih 500,000 masalah sijil vaksin digital dalam seminggu, kata Khairy | The Malaysian InsightMySejahtera selesai lebih 500,000 masalah sijil vaksin digital dalam seminggu, kata Khairy So, it was supposedly to be done before it was called out! Harap sangat ada maklum balas daripada my_sejahtera, termasuk hari ini dah 3 kali hubungi helpdesk diaorang. Macam mana lah boleh letak nama 'pemes' dalam sijil ni woi! p/s: Aku bukan penggodam & kalau tak selesai, tak nak undi KJ PRU nanti 🤭😂

34 cases of Covid-19 self-test kits sold above ceiling price detected | The Malaysian InsightChecks carried out at more than 1,800 premises nationwide since September 5, says Rosol Wahid.

MySejahtera team fixes more than 500,000 digital vaccine cert issues in a week | The Malaysian InsightHealth Minister Khairy Jamaluddin says ministry identified several causes to problem after investigating.

500,000 masalah sijil vaksin digital selesai dalam seminggu - Utusan DigitalMenteri Kesihatan, Khairy Jamaluddin berkata, pada masa sama, MySejahtera juga akan terus mengemas kini maklumat menerima vaksinasi dos pertama atau dos kedua sebelum ini. LEMBAB sampai kena isi di Helpdesk aplikasi MySejahtera berkali kali👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Khairy conducts ‘spot check’ at Kajang Hospital, in jeans and hoodieThe surprise visit wins praises from netizens. Yes that’s the way. All of ministers must practice the same. Tak perlu bazir duit acara bodoh sambut menteri bagai. What did you find sir?