Thousands of Malaysians still stranded in India? What is our gov't doing?

Thousands of Malaysians still stranded in India? What is our gov't doing?


Thousands of Malaysians still stranded in India? What is our gov't doing?

ADUN SPEAKS | Even the High Commission in New Delhi appears silent - it is time to revamp the mission!

- ADUN SPEAKS | For the past few days, there have been news reports about Malaysians in foreign countries being repatriated. Malaysians from Iran and Italy safely landed in Malaysia, last week. And then, there were reports about Malaysians who were stranded in India, namely in Chennai and Trichy, who are seeking to return home. Surprisingly, maybe for the first time in history, we heard a political party was claiming that was footing the bill for the air service. Those who were stranded in India, were all Malaysians, and by right, the Malaysian government should have secured their return on it’s own resources. Has the Foreign Ministry shirked its responsibility or does MIC want to make a political point in this time of a disaster. These are the questions playing in the minds of many. I reserved my comments on the matter earlier, as I would be accused of ‘finding fault’ in MIC’s “noble cause” of securing those Malaysians‘ return. However, the question remains. If the Malaysian government can afoot the bill for the return of Malaysians from Italy and Iran, why not from India? Why did the Foreign Ministry “outsource” its responsibility to the MIC? Yesterday, almost a week after “MIC secured the return of Malaysians stranded in India”, I was added into a WhatsApp group of Malaysians who were stranded in Trichy, India. I was shocked to learn that there are hundreds, if not thousands of Malaysians still stranded in India, especially in the southern states of Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. When I queried about MIC’s repatriation mission to some of the stranded Malaysians, they said the party prioritised to repatriate their own members and families from India. The remaining small number of seats were offered to the passengers who are politically connected, both in India and Malaysia. Why are they left in a lurch? Now, it makes clear sense to me as to why MIC was keen to pay for the flights. However, knowing MIC for past seven decades, those stranded Malaysians also have no complaints. What they wanted to know is, why it seems that the foreign minister is not showing any interest to repatriate them. Will Foreign Minister Hishammuddin Hussein ( photo, below ) answer? And this story from the stranded Malaysians made me really wonder: what is the Malaysian High Commission in New Delhi is doing? Why are these Malaysians left in a lurch? Obviously, the Malaysian Consulate in Chennai is overwhelmed by the large numbers of Malaysians who are stranded in different parts of India. It is understandable that it is not easy to coordinate the evacuation or repatriation of those Malaysians. But, things would be easier if the High Commission in New Delhi corresponds directly with the Foreign Ministry of India. These Malaysians who are stranded in India are not having a good time. Many of them have run out of their cash, and are clueless as to what they’re going to do further. With the Indian government’s announcement to ‘lockdown’ the country for 21 days due to the coronavirus, the situation will become more difficult for Malaysians who are stranded there. They won’t be able to move freely, and will have to face difficulties even in getting essential services. Are we going to let our Malaysians to be stranded there, in India, until the lockdown is over? Why is the Malaysian government hesitating in repatriating the Malaysians stranded in India? If repatriating them will cost more with commercial airlines, why don’t consider using military aircraft? There was no request from Malaysia to India to do so, in the first place. A few weeks ago, India sent it’s largest military aircraft to repatriate Indians stranded in China. And I’m sure, based on the humanitarian grounds, India will understand and would have agreed to allow our military aircraft to repatriate Malaysians from the country. But, was it considered at all? Now, I share the same question with those stranded Malaysians. What is the Malaysian foreign minister doing? What’s stopping him from reaching out to his Indian counterpart to secure the repatriation of our fellow Malaysians the soonest possible? Didn’t the Malaysian high commissioner in New Delhi suggest this to our foreign minister? If there were no such efforts made by the Malaysian High Commission in New Delhi, the first task on Hishammuddin’s hand is to revamp Malaysia’s mission in India. These people from Perikatan Nasional showed an extraordinary level of impatience to topple the democratically elected Pakatan Harapan government by staging day-to-night marathon meetings, touted as the ‘Sheraton Move’. Why don’t they show the same courage and caution in dealing with Malaysians lives abroad? SATEES MUNIANDY is the State Assemblyperson for Bagan Dalam and international secretary of DAP Socialist Youth (Dapsy). The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini. Read more:

Ask Mahathir to send his jet. He heavily criticized India in the UN. So don’t expect any favors from them. Thanks to Mahathir’s ego Ada kerajaan tp x diiftirafkan so tiada hubungan diplomatik. malaysiakini is filled with vile guts. They're here for destruction of peace and diversity. Someone need to shut them down.

Let them remain there for a while. . There are other priorities to be addressed in country by the govt at the moment. Bla..bla..bla..nk bwk balik LTTE la tu staronline hmetromy Look at how their subscribers/members were condemning the PN gov even during this critical moment ,they still condemn them with BACKDOOR calling etc..until JP Morgan praise the gov for good response to the crisis, otherwise their dogs will go on & on

TO KNOW SOMEONE IS DURING MAJOR CRISIS. The true color will appear. MALAYSIA KINI is the good example of insincerity and hypocrisy . Absolutely NO COMPASSION. Again.. mkini_bm did it.. Someone should report this PH tabloid to MCMC.. Kurang bijak wartawan ni berbicara. Cuma pandai memainkan api kebencian.

Dont let them come to malaysia. We dont want another covid19 wave. Xyah balik la... Duk sana je🤣🤣🤣

558 Malaysians stranded in India arrive home, more from Cambodia set to land tonight | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, March 25 — Five hundred and fifty-eight Malaysians who were stranded in India after the republic shut its airspace and borders to contain the Covid-19 outbreak have safely arrived home today, deputy foreign minister Datuk Kamarudin Jaffar said. In a statement issued today, he said...

Duduk dan jangan balik Aiyoh, now only you wake up from coma? I thought he is in the glass box Lu kecohlah malaysia kini, ko igt senang ke nk bwk keluar citizen time mcm ni, drpd ko melalak sini pergi jd volunteer Ban Malaysiakini useless hatred media social Mmg lock down. Rebutan kekuasaan dong SKMM_MCMC saifuddinabd please take consider of news publish by this so called 'Current Malaysia'. The incocktrination is too much.

macam mana media macam ni boleh wujud? Pelik Bertabahlah.. stayAtIndia

Covid-19: More than 1,600 M'sians still stranded in India, efforts underway to bring them homePETALING JAYA: More than 1,600 Malaysians remain stranded in India with ongoing efforts being made to bring them home, says Deputy Foreign Minister Datuk Kamarudin Jaafar.

Don't bring them back !! Why they want to enter Malaysia now? Stay in India lah. Mereka ni bukan boleh membantu mengurangkan covid19 pun. Is this our government problem? Please lah all of you went there on your effort Bila dah gini nk salahkn kjaan , g sana ramai2 watpe ziarah sedaramara, duduklah umah sedaramara lu org hingga wabak reda

what is govt doing? apparently more job than you, who kept spreading a hate. we all need each other to fight this outbreak and here you are wasting your followers by spreading a hate with articles. pretty much disappointed with you Nate beruk duk diye Sembang ni Stupid media Yg didlm malaysia pun ada pkp,yg diluar seharusnya sama.sabar...ingat kerajaan m'sia ni ada superman blh terbang pie blk ambik?stupid!!sikit2 nk slhkn kerajaan,jadilah seorg wartawan yg bermaruah!!!

Malaysiakini can lend ur hand. Bring them home, will you?

Malaysians stranded in India, Cambodia return homeKUALA LUMPUR: A total of 558 Malaysians stranded in Chennai and Tiruchirappalli (Trichy) in India due to the Covid-19 pandemic arrived home today. self quarantine ka kuarantin bwh pantauan kkm?

This malaysia kini is stupid af should be block Malaysians or Indians? If Indians stay there la politik lagi ke wahai malaysiakini. Sudah2 la. Berita tak sihat ni buat orang jadi lagi menyampah. Jagalah pahala dosa yg tukang tweet ni. Mcm dh banyak sangat pahala je. Government is racist what you expect them to do?! Minorities always loose out

Backdoor government. Actually jangan salahkn gov. India gov tak allow kapal keluar or masuk negara dia untuk restiction Covid-19 . So sekarang ni pun mungkin India pun tak dapat balik negara dia juga. Kenapa KDNPUTRAJAYA masih belum mengambil apa2 tindakan ke atas Malaysiakini ni amatlah membimbangkan....

Malaysiakini is an arsehole!!! you dont have any better news to report? u think go and bring them back just like deploy a mini bus? if you think you are clever enough... you go la... buat pening kepala la kau! hawau!

558 stranded in India brought home on flights sponsored by MICThere are 1,679 Malaysians still stranded in India and the government is stepping up efforts to bring them home. FMTNews India Strander AirAsia MIC

You? Just stay put there until the situation gets better. Paham ker tidak? Stay put where you are... stay ata home or place where your live now. Sibuk laaa Benda ni kat mana2 pun sama je... Yg penting kena kuarantin kan diri di mana kita berada. By the way bukan kita ada kedutaan ke kat sana? Tak kan kedutaan tak bagi apa2 guidelines.

MIC promised to bring them back. Showing letter to the whole world. Now, what happened? Either MK is playing blind and deaf or MIC wanted to play hero? Duk la india,kata india best nk blik knpa..xthn kewhahaha Lama2 aku tgk Malaysia Kini dah jadi bodoh tahap gaban la... yeke malaysian ? ke india mumbai ori

jedimaster909 Bukan warga Palestine kan so malaysia okay lagi .😂😂

Covid-19: Govt to charter flight to bring back Malaysians stranded in Bangladesh tomorrow | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, March 24 — A special flight will depart for Dhaka, Bangladesh tomorrow to bring back 270 of 367 Malaysians in the country, following the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak. Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said the Bangladesh government had agreed to grant special...

Malaysiakini & malaymail satu geng ka. I thought they brought back some of them? N there’ll be more flights to get them...under mic n airasia... Useless Malaysia government kalau hidup mencari salah semua benda nampak salah..paham tak bahasa melayu..sia2 je aku komen ni nt hahahaha when u go to India u tak bagitau gov't,now u stranded over there u ask what is our gov't doing,childish statement.

What nie HishammuddinH2O. Asyik telefon arab n sana sini. Hampeh.milosuam malaymail AbdMalekHussin Jangan balik... stay where you are cam bodoh statement mlysakini ni..korg tak layak letak nama MALAYSIA dalam nama akhbar korg akhbar semua jijik aku nak bace, statemnt cam RACUN ..ak klau jmp org akhbar ni ak baling je telor

malaysiakini mmg media sampah la, macam anjing

M’sians in Mumbai waiting for flight clearance, 560 more evacuated from south IndiaM’sians in Mumbai waiting for flight clearance, 560 more evacuated from south India thesundaily Covid19 coronavirus India Indialockdown MAS AirAsia Malaysia

hahaha.....lawak la ni... What is wrong with you? Find the better headline la. Damn. Dia India skrg wabak convid19, H1N1 n Cholera.. Nt sebar wabak lain pula kat malaysia. Ramai ja pelajar2 perubatan kita di kuarantin di sana tak boleh balik. Darurat 21 hari kedai tak buka. Tak bising pun. It's what do you expect

Apalah. Kalau yang kaya nak tolong biar diaorang tolong. Its time for org kaya kaya Malaysia help the country. There are also many others in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & other countries. They should isolate themselves first to ensure that they are virus-free. Pls do something bout this Malaysia kini....better than just reporting.

Satees Muniandy adalah wartawan yang paling bodoh diantara sebahagian kecil wartawan bodoh. Majoriti wartawan lain sudah mula bergerak kearah membantu rakyat Malaysia menenangkan keadaan ketika keadaan sukar sekarang. Elok la duk sna diam2 As I said this is a set of relentless hateful instilled journalism. Using “facts” to create a fucking conflicts and hate. This is you

Talk is cheap. Even those who 'balik kg' here in Malaysia were suggest to stay put in kg until 14th April. Beside aren't H20 bring em' all back already? Stranded ke balik tempat leluhur Ensuring the people in Malaysia safe and stopping the entry of peoples from outside with virus into the country! What have u been doing?

Have to back gov this time. Government yet to settle the crisis inside Malaysia, you think they still have time to focus on the other out there? Celaka punya satees muniandy dan Mkini. Racist. Lu ingat di India saja rakyat Malaysia terkandas. Byk negara lgi woi. Nasib la sape suruh pegi sana masa wabak ni.

Inilah Hikmahnya kerajaan PH tumbang. Terlalu politik lebih, kerja kurang. Skg MuhyiddinYassin jd PM. Banyak yg telah dibuat utk bantu rakyat. Ini akan menjadi sejarah buat Malaysia SKMM_MCMC please take action against this news portal. Instigate hatred always. Don’t blind yourself. Hundreds of them the government has secured their return. Now the question is back to you, what ADUNs and MPs of DAP are doing? MIC has done their part.

Just stay there...

elok la duduk sana diam2 .. PENCETUS RACISM Report malaysia kini ni. Dah macam apa dah. Racist sangat dengan govnt. Elok kau yang kene covid ni. Puaka betul. mmg xde keje..punca nk mencetuskan huru hara dan suruh org india benci/marah kerajaan.. Eloklah dok india nung. Kan tu tempat bagus dan hebat. Kat sana semua terbela. Tak malaysialah sebab kat sinibrasa tertindas bagai.

Done unfollow. just doing his job as instructed by somebody behind them..biarlah..lama2 nanti politaik belakang dia sedar la tu..soon bradar daulattuanku Malaysiakini stop this reporting. Use your media in a better place way. They will find their way back. Student studying in Australia & NZ can’t go back too. There s nothing anyone can do.

Dear Gov't, please don't do anything. Save money. Please focus on domestic problems. waktu2 kritikal mcm ni pun nk sembang politik lg..sudah2 la.. rakyat malaysia mmg masih ramai terkandas bukan shj di India malah di beberapa negara lg..sedangkan di malaysia nk balik kmpg or nk pi ke mn2 pun tk tlg stay disana.. stay put where ever you are..

Pandai pergi.. Pandai la balik... Malaysiakini dah kenapa? Talk is cheap.. Kan da ckp perintah berkurung. Depa kt sana tu pasai apa? La kata kat malaysia kena tindas, paksa tukar agama, kena bunuh, so duk la sana. Takut balik sini kena layan teruk pulak. Yelah melayu kan jahat. Tak bertolak ansur. Kerajaan malaysia kan jahat kata bekas menteri malaysia sendiri.

yg dlm negara also byk benda nak pikir... mcm la government now goyang kaki jah Are they trully malaysians? Penghasut sahaja....yg penting rakyat dkt sini..yg dekat sana biarlah dkt sana...dh diorg nk ddk sana lantak pi lah...babi betul malaysia kini Stay at hotel . Let them stay there until the pandemic is over. What are you doing there guys in this critical time? If u r working/expat, then just live ur life normally. Stay safe at all times HishammuddinH2O

So comeback and risk another wave of covid19 in our country? Better stay & self quarantine please. What is Malaysiakini doing....? Why they go there? Question like that is easy to ask. Why don't we ask question like this: Dear MOH, What assistance can we render to help you (MOH) in our locality ? We can't help or do without your permission

stay there pls Do we want to bring them back and put more burden on our hospitals if they are infected? Earlier humanitarian missions was done because we did not have so many infection back then Why were they in India at this time? With their Indian family? Let them stay in India then

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