The Internet's Hateboner For Chris Pratt As Mario In Nintendo's Movie, Explained

6/10/2022 9:18:00 PM

Guardians of the Galaxy’s oafish hunk keeps rubbing people the wrong way

Chris Pratt, Nintendo

In anticipation of today's Mario movie trailer reveal, let's revisit exactly why so many people hate Chris Pratt :

Guardians of the Galaxy’s oafish hunk keeps rubbing people the wrong way

AdvertisementWhich brings us to the second big mark against Chris Pratt playing Nintendo’s iconic Italian jumper: he’s not Italian. This shouldn’t matter, especially not when it comes to voice acting, but Pratt isn’t exactly instilling confidence right now.

Advertisementan Instagram video posted last nightin the exact same voice I would use if I were pretending to be Chris Pratt pretending to be Mario. “That’s not the voice, you’ll have to wait to hear the voice, but we’ve been working hard at it and I’m really excited to announce that I’m the voice of that video game that I dreamed of playing as a kid.”

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He’s fine but he’s can’t do mario and in his interview on the direct he looked like he didn’t want to be there Most people love Chris Pratt and also like his casting in Mario. Ya’ll just a vocal minority. The only people that actually hated him are those that hate Christians and conservatives. The hate on him is ridiculous and non sense

Pretty sure no one hates em just that his boring af voice and 'skills' r getting him everywhere simply cuz he's name rather than actually talent How about some stories about actual gaming instead of bashing celebrities that you obviously hate. Recylclying that garbage content of yours? Seriously? so petty.

You cant half ass playing an iconic character and not get hate None of us hate chris pratt. Your article is garbage. Go back reviewing candy crush or something nah, let’s not

Mario Movie's First Trailer Reveals Chris Pratt Sounds Like Just A Dude, No Accent Mario movie's first trailer reveals Chris Pratt sounds like just a dude, no accent: Great trailer until Chris Pratt playing himself as a short dude with a mustache turned up. That “kingdom” definitely had an accent There was definitely a accent, just not the thick Italian one we’re used to

Maybe because the voice doesn't fit the character? C'mon Kotaku. Wow you people suck. Games Journalism huh Kotaku is petty as a hell for this. 'let's revisit exactly why so many people hate Chris Pratt' bc kotaku keep posting shit people too lazy to google and research Jesus Christ, negativity much? Well he cheated on Anna Farris so theres that. Also he has NO Talent.

Skype Really? The dude is my man crush. Are you guys actual journalists or a propaganda site? He’s a good actor. The trailer looks awesome. People need to calm down.

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Noone hates chris pratt How many hate him? I enjoy Chris Pratt, its the cast director that needs a kick in the teeth I have no problem with his mario voice There’s enough hate in the world let’s stop spreading it 🤗 Don't know about prattprattpratt but I sure do have a reason to hate Koraku after this type of article out of 'k'nowhere.

cause he was a jerk to his ex for their son being disabled? when is your article about why so many people hate kotaku? I think it’s a pretty small sample of people ironically that are weird liberals.

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Limp wristed effeminate Kotaku writer jealous of handsome rich guy who keeps winning. People don’t hate prattprattpratt they just hate it when he doesn’t make an effort. just shut up, will you Kotaku? Because he right wing and they hating on this liked they did on terminal list because he not a wokey lefty like them ,

Do you hire political commissars these days? What the fuck is this article? Ever consider not being total cuntbaskets? I love Chris Pratt, but just not in this role Why couldn’t they have taken out Kotaku when gawker went down This is a lateral move from your regular hēntai game listicles.

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I don't particularly care for him, but it's hilarious to me you went to the effort to update this article with yesterday's trailer but made no effort to amend the remarks you made about the church that I'm pretty sure he doesn't go to? Wow thank goodness Just reposting the same stupid shit. We hate him because hes a good guy

The fuck kinda article is this Shitty journalism Kotaku being cunts again He's a decent dude Because they just haters. 'Let's revisit why idiots hate Chris Pratt.' There I fixed it for you

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Bad site. He’s over saturated in Hollywood to the point where it comes off cringe and/or pretentious. I originally liked him but now I do a 🙄 when I see his name. He also doesn’t really “act” which others actors do that as well. But thier also not in EVERY major franchise like he is. The fuck kind of stupid article is this? Lol

HE DOESNT EVEN GO TO THAT CHURCH FOR FUCKS SAKE STOP SPREADING BULLSHIT INFO Let's not ... let's just have kids enjoy the mario movie Why ? Because he's more of an American than your weeb asses will ever be. Or in other words. While we wait for the trailer, let's stir some shit because we're bored. Can't wait to read the news that Kotaku is finally bankrupt.

You can't hate Andy Dwyer!

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Some one start an online petition like ugly sonic and let’s make them switch the voice actor for Mario. Christ is cool but he ain’t Mario to the true fans we need justice Well this is one way to start getting blacklisted by Nintendo prattprattpratt oh no the crisp rat defense force logged in lol In anticipation of this article; let me sum up the article so you dont have to read garbage

“Shilling for The Lego Movie 2” it’s almost as if it’s the authors first time watching a late night interview His Mario voice is repulsive. How that ended up happening, I never want to know… Hating someone for being 'boring' or being a 'mediocre' actor is a really dumb reason to hate someone and equally as stupid as hating him because he is Christian. Get over yourselves.

i despise kotaku and everyone who works for them

The most boring man on planet earth voicing Mario 💀 Cuz he's completely boring af Voice just doesn't fit, wizard koopa does, bowser does even toad's voice does, unfortunately mario's doesn't. People do hate Chris Pratt A gaming news site writing a hit piece about an actor is definitely a reasonable thing to do

Trash website with trash takes seething :) How dare he not go to a homophobic church. And fight for equal pay for JLaw and Bryce Dallas Howard and work with more female directors than any of the other Chris’s. Stuff it Kotaku you’re a joke site What a shocker, Kotaku once again complaining about shit that literally doesn't matter

“Fix his legs.” WTF, Kotaku?

Yeah why not bring more hate into the world! wow've sank to a new low with this headline. The world does not need more inflammatory rhetoric. I think Kotaku and IGN exist solely for gamers to hate on them. No one has ever said anything nice about these two sites… Meeea Et rien à propos d'Anna Faris et l'abandon de son fils handicapé?

Because he’s a Christian. There I saved everyone a click. is kotaku on crack rn lol what is this title Typical modern journalism. No wonder people can't trust anything news related these days. ethangach I like Chris Pratt and never realized that everyone else doesn’t. Which leads me to believe it’s just the author.

ethangach Kotaku is actual trash lately. What a shit article

Wow all you people are terrible, “Let’s revisit why we hate him” when a vast majority of people have no problem with the dude oh wow another amazing piece , kudos to the writers and hope you keep up the good work 👏 No one hates him except you weirdos, people are apprehensive because he doesn't really fit Mario.

Every time something like this is posted, James Gunn has to come out and defend Chris Pratt. The man's simply too busy to keep doing that. He'll never finish Guardians 3 at this rate. I like his acting and think hes funny. i loved it in jurrasic park, guardians of the galaxy and infinitiywar+end game. those are the one moveis i think i saw of him tbh

can someone remind us why we hate kotaku Shut up Kotaku There must have been a seriously handsy priest if you still believe at your age. Sorry buddy but Santa and the Easter Bunny are fake too. People hate Chris? That guy is awesome Who knew, apart from me, Everybody really does Hate Chris? 😘

Is this shit website still a thing? Useless game journalism. The weird story about giving away Ana’s senior cat on Craigslist and then giving away their rescue dog that was later found stray and emaciated… just a lot of red flags with this one. Keep doing this and you’ll soon go the way to Fanbyte/G4 F you Kotaku 🖕

Hate? Dude, stand down. In this generation, everybody hates everybody and ppl get offended about anything... WTF?! literally nobody hates Chris Pratt WTF Nobody hate him thank you for being always the one who support hate It’s perfectly fine to have this opinion but why stoke outrage by writing this article. I don’t understand the need to perpetuate hate

There’s enough negativity and hate online kotaku. Why are u adding on to it? Wait, people hate Chris Pratt? I don't see a good reason to 'hate Chris Pratt'. I swear, Kotaku just employs the most miserable, obnoxious, terminally joyless people on the planet. How about get fucked. Could you have made this any more obviously a hit piece

'Let's revisit why idiots hate Chris Pratt.' There I fixed it for you Want to try “why so many people hate Kotaku”? This twit and others is why This is manufactured outrage. Nobody hates him for his beliefs. This is rubbish. Hate is strong word to use, I think he was a little too preachy with the Church chat. He was channeling some major Tom Cruise vibes for a bit.

Hahahahaha suffer. I don’t hate him Surprised they didn’t just cast Martinet. The Sonic sequel cast Colleen O'Shaughnessey for Tails - they should’ve left some original voice actors for the Mario movie It’s impossible for Kotaku to allow people to just enjoy something Hideous more people should follow Jesus Christ as he does. Sets a better example than most actors

The only people who “say” they hate him have no reason. They simply hate him because they’re TOLD to hate him because he has personal beliefs that conflicts with the overlords. yikes, this is a really embarrassing article. Nothing new for Kotaku tho We do not hate him ‼️

to champion the unsung blue collar white guy to a resounding 53% on Rotten Tomatoes.If you need a refresher on the cast of the Mario movie, here’s the list below: Chris Pratt will be voicing Mario Anya Taylor-Joy will voice Princess Peach Charlie Day will voice Luigi Jack Black will be playing Bowser Keegan-Michael Key will voice Toad Seth Rogen will voice Donkey Kong Fred Armisen will voice Cranky Kong Kevin Michael Richardson will voice Kamek Sebastian Maniscalco will voice Spike While the casting of Rogen as Mario’s original antagonist Donkey Kong and Charlie Day as Luigi make a certain kind of sense given their body of work, fans clutched their metaphorical pearls at the idea of the Guardians of the Galaxy actor voicing the pipe-hopping plumber., the publisher Gamuzumi had been in contact with Nintendo over approving Hot Tentacles Shooter for the Switch..

Some might say he’s been over exposed. Now he’s also Mario. The Super Mario movie is being produced by Nintendo in conjunction with Illumination Studios, the American animation studio behind films like The Lorax. Advertisement Which brings us to the second big mark against Chris Pratt playing Nintendo’s iconic Italian jumper: he’s not Italian. Advertisement Unfortunately, Nintendo told them that “obscene content” could “damage the brand” and “infringe its policies. This shouldn’t matter, especially not when it comes to voice acting, but Pratt isn’t exactly instilling confidence right now. Advertisement an Instagram video posted last night in the exact same voice I would use if I were pretending to be Chris Pratt pretending to be Mario.

“That’s not the voice, you’ll have to wait to hear the voice, but we’ve been working hard at it and I’m really excited to announce that I’m the voice of that video game that I dreamed of playing as a kid. Topless nudity has previously been allowed on the Nintendo Switch.” For decades, Mario has been voiced in the games by who is also not Italian but is an theatrically trained and experienced voice actor who specializes in accents and dialects. He will be involved in the new movie in some way, but at this point just as another avenue for Nintendo to troll longtime fans, it seems. Here is Martinet .