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Advertorial, Indah Water Konsortium

The act of dumping illegal waste is akin to any criminal’s conduct

The act of dumping illegal waste is akin to any criminal's conduct


The act of dumping illegal waste is akin to any criminal's conduct

IN THE past few months, there have been media reports muddled with stories on irresponsible actions by perpetrators on our environment.

The substance flowed into Indah Water Konsortium’s (IWK) sewage treatment plant (STP) in Bandar Mahkota, and IWK took immediate action by momentarily halting the operations to prevent the flow of substance into the river, attributed to the available capacity within the plant.

Let us imagine, for a minute, in this hypothetical, but almost materialised situation – if the substance enters the river, it will pollute the water. Polluted water from the river that are collected at reservoirs that are channelled to the water treatment plant, before being distributed to consumers. As a consumer, you may be unaware that the water you are consuming is heavily polluted, due to the irresponsible actions of the perpetrators. How would you feel? This situation could be beyond salvageable.

At the same time, SPAN chairman Charles Santiago voiced out that tougher penalties and enforcement efforts must be in place to preserve the quality and cleanliness of the water supply.

The Ministry has taken a considerable stance in curbing this issue and likewise, IWK is viewing these irresponsible acts seriously. The heinous crimes of these perpetrators can jeopardise public health and the environment if they go unnoticed and unpunished.

Likewise, IWK beseeches the Government to have stringent enforcement and punitive measures so that the environment can be better preserved, sustaining a healthy standard of living for all Malaysians.

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Title is confusing. 'The act of illegal dumping of waste is akin to a criminal act.'

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