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Wee Ka Siong, Mother's Day

Thank you for your selfless love, Dr Wee wishes all mothers a Happy Mothers’ Day

Thank you for your selfless love, Dr Wee wishes all mothers a Happy Mothers' Day

9/5/2021 4:32:00 PM

Thank you for your selfless love, Dr Wee wishes all mothers a Happy Mothers' Day

PETALING JAYA: In conjunction with Mothers’ Day, Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong has paid tribute to every mother out there for their selfless love and sacrifice.

Noting that gatherings can’t take place now due to restrictions to stem Covid-19, Dr Wee said many Malaysians may not be able to celebrate Mother’s Day in person, but said the public must remember to abide by Health Ministry SOPs at all times.“Many of us may not be able to give that one big hug to the most important woman in our lives, but let us stay safe and follow the SOP whenever we go out.

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“Self-protection is the least we can do to repay the love of our mothers. Here’s wishing all mums a very happy Mothers’ Day!“Especially to my mother and wife,” he said. Read more: The Star »

Lockdown to be relaxed once daily cases drop below 4,000, says PM

PETALING JAYA: The lockdown during the first phase of the movement control order (MCO) enforced since June 1 will be lifted once cases fall below 4,000 a day, says Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

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Dr Wee, volunteers distribute aid packages in Ayer HitamPETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong and a group of volunteers distributed food and basic necessities at his constituency in Ayer Hitam, Johor on Friday (May 7). Why not just skip this report for others essential/important report instead? Cabotage yo. Anjing Cina

Dr Wee: Just one Covid-19 case detected among thousands of Singapore-Malaysia lorry drivers since first MCOPETALING JAYA: There has been only one case of Covid-19 detected out of the thousands of lorry drivers travelling to and from Singapore since March last year, says Transport Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong .

Will it be twice bitten, thrice shy with Dr M?While the former prime minister hints about reluctantly standing in the next polls, we need to recall Sangeet Kaur Deo's previous warning. FMTNews Election GE15 DrM Mereka adalah parasit, akan lari berpindah ke negara lain Dudok rumah sahaja lah...relak, enjoy your twilights. Enough is enough la... Please do no more damage to the already damaged country.

Dr M dakwa ada pemimpin Bersatu setuju 'lompat' jika Pejuang boleh tawar RM70,000 sebulanPengerusi Pejuang itu berkata, pemimpin Bersatu berkenaan masih bersama parti itu kerana mementingkan wang, walaupun menyedari Muhyiddin Yassin hanya mampu bertahan sebagai perdana menteri sehingga PRU15. FMTNews Pejuang Kita tunggu nanti dia lompat balik masuk bersatu kut...percaya la. Kita sabar menunggu pengkhianatan sekali lagi dr org yg tak boleh diharap n dipercayai. Pencen aje la. Pejuang pun bakal melingkop Sama lah yg 'rollover' masuk Bersatu dari UMNO sblm ni sebab nak selamatkan diri dari dakwaan berkait 1MDB. UMNO ke Bersatu ke Pejuang ke korang semua spesis sama, asal boleh capai matlamat peribadi. Gendang 'perjuangan ummah' sekadar perbodoh segelintir Melayu yg sedia bodoh

Elak ziarah Aidilfitri untuk bendung Covid-19, Dr MArahan untuk tidak berkumpul pada Hari Raya nanti amat penting dan perlulah dipatuhi oleh rakyat. FMTNews DrM Covid19 chedetofficial Orang tua gila