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Takiyuddin: Questions on Emergency Ordinances to be answered next Monday

Takiyuddin: Questions on Emergency Ordinances to be answered next Monday

27/7/2021 6:32:00 AM

Takiyuddin: Questions on Emergency Ordinances to be answered next Monday

KUALA LUMPUR: Questions on the revocation of the Emergency Ordinances - including whether it has the King's consent - will be answered next Monday, says Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan.

11:22 AM MYTKUALA LUMPUR: Questions on the revocation of the Emergency Ordinances - including whether it has the King's consent - will be answered next Monday, says Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan (pic).Takiyuddin said based on a ruling by Speaker Datuk Azhar Azizan Harun on Monday (July 26), he is bound to answer such questions next Monday.

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Opposition leaders then engaged in a short shouting match with Deputy Speaker Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said briefly in the morning.The shouting match began right before Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba was scheduled to brief the House about the government's action plan on Covid-19, when Gobind Singh Deo (PH-Puchong) interjected and raised a point of order.

Citing Standing Orders (14)(1)(g), Gobind said the revocation of the Emergency Ordinances must be elaborated by Takiyuddin as the de facto law minister, as he argued that the power to revoke the Emergency Ordinances lies with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

"This is an important issue and it involves an issue of public interest. We want to know what happened on July 21," said Gobind."Did the Yang di-Pertuan Agong consent to the revocation of the Emergency Proclamation and did it follow procedure," he added.

Gobind said that the MPs did not receive lists of revoked ordinances on their desk on Monday and added that there there must be an explanation by the relevant minister.Mohamed Hanipa Maidin (PH-Sepang) then stood up in support of Gobind, pointing out that the courts and prosecutors are in a quandary at present given that the revocation of the Emergency Ordiances would have implications on court cases after July 21.

"This is uncertainty. It is not good for the country and investors. Ordinances must not only be debated, but also laid down in the House. There must be a resolution on the Proclamation.," said Mohamad Hanipa."The Parliament cannot run from its Constitutional duty which is to debate and vote a resolution on the Proclamation," he added.

M. Kulasegaran (PH-Ipoh Barat) then stood up and questioned whether the revocation of the Emergency Proclamation was an afterthought by the government and did not receive the King's consent. Read more: The Star »

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You take your shit already? I'll answer next monday ya FU We have liars openly malpracticing Law n Order..What more dangerous predicament awaits this nation by the current Administration..chedetofficial anwaribrahim guanenglim KhalidSamad MelGohCNA BloombergAsia Reuters PartiAmanah dapmalaysia KEADILAN SyedSaddiq dririshsea

Tak tahu jawab on the spot. Sekarang minta secretary buat homework sediakan jawapan. Ini menteri kita? Joker of the century! Better next year. It’s only emergency ordinances. Nothing urgent. Makan durian first in the weekend. blindguide Why next week Pak Taki Great embarassment to the Honoured House today. Whole Nation was following and expecting you to answer a simple but very important specific question raised by MP Puchong. Why choose to avoid and hide behind the ruling made by Speaker. Let me tell you...A NO CONFIDENCE VOTE A MUST

Yes or no. Easy peasy kan. Tak ready...rakyat kan bodoh.. Awak maha pandai.. Sumpah aku tak undi kamu jadi menteri...

COMMENT | How PN unwittingly admitted to abuse of powerTakiyuddin ‘revoked’ the emergency ordinances in less than 30 seconds. cash is king! takiyuddin61 Change your name to Takutundi Is Takiyuddin are Agong?

in the midst of preparing and syncing the answers. memalukan org Islam PASPusat DPPMalaysia IrKhairilNizam Taki taki song by Dj Snake feat Selena Gomez. Taki snaky way of hiding government failures by his unthinkable words at parliment. Taki should 'bergelek' to Taki Taki song and quit your job please. You are horrible snaky unfiltered disqualified law of the jungle minister!!

Next Monday following year? dah kantoi kelentong parlimen baru nak buat cover eh? dasar pelacur asli semenanjung takiyuddin61 King Taki He will excuse himself again .. ciritbirit Minister of Unprepared scheming again eh.. Tula homework x siap

Govt to cancel all emergency ordinances effective July 21, says Takiyuddin | The Malaysian InsightLaw minister says govt not pursuing extension of decree when it expires on August 1.

obviously not prepared. dont know how to answer. election cepat mcm bullet train. this is malaysia

Citing technicality, Takiyuddin dodges queries on whether King revoked EOsPARLIAMENT | takiyuddin61 has declined to answer questions on the validity of the revocation of the Emergency Ordinances (EO), adding that he will answer next Monday. anwaribrahim claimed that his refusal to answer meant the YDPA had not assented to it. takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Hahaha 🤣 takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim we only want simple answer of yes or no. Apa yang susah sangat? takiyuddin61 anwaribrahim Ey geram aku tgk muka taki ni. Bapak aku cakap korang ni memang betul-betul jahat. Ikut suka ja manipulate and conceal. Tak boleh charge ke dia ni ha

Emergency ordinances cannot be applied from July 21 onwards, says TakiyuddinAll emergency ordinances promulgated this year can no longer be applied from July 21 onwards, said takiyuddin61. guanenglim had sought an explanation from MuhyiddinYassin on whether the YDPA had consented to this and why there was no prior announcement. takiyuddin61 guanenglim MuhyiddinYassin Buat kerja sesuka hati Hahahhahaha booo gov kartoon main suka buat undang then main suka tarik....kau ingat negara ni bapak kau punya ke Taki2? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 takiyuddin61 guanenglim MuhyiddinYassin The Emergency was not gaze tees in the first place. Then how can there be annulment? Do what you suka....

Zahid: Umno ministers will resign if emergency ordinances remain beyond Aug 1Emergency proclamation and ordinances must be repealed during the special Parliament sitting tomorrow, he adds. All talk no action Kesian wak... Ketua xde kuda...

Over 2.2k compounds since July 21, how many are valid?This comes as Putrajaya yesterday claimed emergency ordinances revoked effective July 21. Makan duit haremm la cita dia all invalid under this failed government