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Take a leaf from South Korea | New Straits Times

In 1950, Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP) per capita was US$234.94, and South Korea’s was US$150. In 2018, South Korean GDP per capita almost tripled to US$33,422.94, while Malaysia’s was US$11,377.46.

10/5/2021 7:28:00 PM

NSTletter Looking at SouthKorea today with its dominating pop culture and technological products, it is hard to imagine that Malaysia was once on a par with if not better than South Korea , half a century ago.

In 1950, Malaysia ’s gross domestic product (GDP) per capita was US$234.94, and South Korea ’s was US$150. In 2018, South Korea n GDP per capita almost tripled to US$33,422.94, while Malaysia ’s was US$11,377.46.

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Covid-19: Booster shots will not be mandatory, says KJ

KUALA LUMPUR: The government will not make it mandatory for people to obtain Covid-19 vaccine booster shots, says Khairy Jamaluddin.

We are not true to ourselves, prefer hypocrisy and syok sendiri mentality. We are continuously led by ppl who self serve instead of doing what's best for the country. Birds of a feather flock together and so we have them all in a flock running the country to the ground. Nice article. But never mentioned the patriotism of the SKorean. They would only buy local (in 80s their cars is perceived low quality but hard to see imported cars on their roads then). For Malaysian, we just don't trust ours.

Yep, so hard to imagine it. But I loved the old Malaysian pop tho, hits quite hard

South Korea's Moon says looking for North Korea response for peace talksSEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea n President Moon Jae-in on Monday he was looking forward to North Korea 's response to engagement efforts as he seeks to restore peace-building amid stalled talks over Pyongyang's nuclear and missile programmes.

South Korea waiting for response to peace talksIts president Moon Jae-in is seeking to engage North Korea to restart stalled peace-building efforts.

South Korea to enhance crypto currency monitoring | New Straits TimesNSTregion SOUTHKOREA will strengthen its monitoring system against crypto currency related phishing websites amid the recent surge in prices of virtual money.

South Korean internet conglomerate Kakao to buy online novel app Radish for US$440m | Malay MailSEOUL, May 11 ­— Online fiction app Radish is being bought for US$440 million by South Korea n internet conglomerate Kakao, the two firms said today, making a multi-millionaire of its 30-year-old founder only five years after he set it up. The deal is one of two acquisitions Kakao announced today... tiktok과 함께 아르바이트를 찾고 있습니다. 집에서 휴대폰으로아르바이트를하는 데 드는 시간당 비용은 약12,000~100,000원으로 당일 준비가 가능하다. 관심이 있다면 성별 제한이 없습니다.25세 이상의 사람들은 항상 연락을 드릴 것입니다. LINE ID:hua659 KakaoTalk:tiktok1

Explainer - What we know about the Indian variant as Covid-19 sweeps South AsiaCOVID19 | Scientists are studying whether this variant is to blame for the surge in Covid-19 cases.