Tajuddin: What's so great about Tok Pa?

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VIDEO by kinitv | Tajuddin: What's so great about Tok Pa?


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kinitv What's so great about you?

kinitv I ask Tajuddin the same question..what is so special abt you?

kinitv Tok pa is honest, hardworking and simple. Tajuddin, u are no way compare to tok pa and the best thing we hope u can do for us is to shut your dirty mouth.

kinitv N what actually have u done? If u left tomorrow there is ZERO loss to Malaysia. Only we don’t c your ugly face which is the only positive u can give Malaysia.

kinitv He's among them giving the thumbs up...

kinitv He is greater than you, to be frank.

kinitv What’s so great about Tok Pa? Many. What’s so great about Tajuddin? NOTHING!

kinitv Nothing great, so please tell your UMNO friend don;'t jump ship to Bersatu. Soon Bersatu becoming the new UMNO.

kinitv He is respectful. You are a pariah

kinitv And what's so great about Tajuddin? Nothing, nothing at all!

kinitv Greater than you lah

kinitv What so great about you actually. Tok pa is better than u 1 million times

kinitv I never voted for PH hoping these ex-BN MPs would join us later. So was everyone who made sure PH's victory. Hope they respect our views too.

kinitv Tok Pa was the minister of International Trade & Industries and was responsible for attracting the FDIs which benefitted our country's economy...what about you Tajuddin , other than being a foul mouthed and despicable hooligan , you're basically zero to what Tok Pa is !

kinitv He is great because win adun kok lanas and MP jeli seat in two term.

kinitv He wear songkok nicely that yours airhead

kinitv Tok Pa's statements normally there are some facts yours with auta and full of hatred.

kinitv Nobody is deifying him, but he's hardworking and honest, and one of the few who was so from that bunch. Plus, he's not a racist, sexist, muddleheaded cakap kosong bigot, unlike someone here...

kinitv What’s so great about you too pasirsalak 🙊🙉🙈

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Malaysia Latest News, Malaysia Headlines

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