Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, Meat Cartel Scandal

Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, Meat Cartel Scandal

Tajuddin: ‘Meat cartels’ exist, controlled by non-Bumiputeras | Malay Mail

Tajuddin: ‘Meat cartels’ exist, controlled by non-Bumiputeras

24/1/2021 5:31:00 PM

Tajuddin: ‘Meat cartels’ exist, controlled by non-Bumiputeras

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 24 — Former deputy agriculture minister Datuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman said ‘meat cartels’ do exist and they are mainly controlled by non-Bumiputeras. In an interview with Free Malaysia Today (FMT), Tajuddin who was the deputy minister from 2013-2018, said the cartels had...

Sunday, 24 Jan 2021 10:23 PM MYTBY G. PRAKASHDatuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman claimed he had taken measures to attempt to break the meat cartel monopoly. ― Picture by Yusof Mat IsaKUALA LUMPUR, Jan 24 — Former deputy agriculture minister Datuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman said ‘meat cartels’ do exist and they are mainly controlled by non-Bumiputeras.

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In an interview with(FMT), Tajuddin who was the deputy minister from 2013-2018, said the cartels had been operating for decades and had refused to share the billion-ringgit business with Bumiputera companies.He said he had during his time suggested to the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) and the Veterinary Department to hire more officers to monitor closely the halal requirements in the country and in the source countries.

The Pasir Salak MP told FMT that he had taken several measures in the past in an attempt to break the monopoly so that a few overseas cartels did not supply only two to three local non-Bumiputera companies.“Meat cartels exist. These companies control the export market from India and Australia, and if there are new players they will undercut the price or do all sorts of things to keep the monopoly,” he said adding that he had worked with new companies from India who had agreed to supply meat to Bumiputera companies. headtopics.com

Tajuddin said if effective monitoring processes had been in place, questions on halal certification would not have arisen.“It has to be monitored on a regular basis and not after long intervals. Anything can happen (if left unchecked). The halal status may be compromised,” he was quoted saying.

Tajuddin said local and foreign cartels worked together to ensure new players are unable to enter the lucrative market.He added that he had also tried to impose a new halal certified slaughterhouse to cater for the supply.Allegations of a giant network selling imported meat passed off as halal with the help of corrupt government officials from multiple agencies triggered widespread alarm in the country in November, last year.

The cartel used proxy companies to prevent any direct link from being made to its leaders. Read more: Malay Mail »

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YOU LIED. PEMBOHONG. Pengkhianat. What nonsense is this. Wow jakim allow non muslim to control muslim food. Semakin creative tajuddinrahman MPPasirSalak Mana buktinya 'meat cartel' monopoli org bukan Bumi? Takkan ia OSA, dedahkan je senarai pemegang2 lesen impot daging. Takut apa klu kamu tak salah? HAHAHAHAHAHA

Be that as it may even he can’t link these alleged cartels to the meat scandal. All he can accuse them of is monopoly. Yang dua orang kena tangkap baru2 ni tu bangsa apa? He mentioned non bumiputeras because this involves halal, non halal meat. Kan senang. Cakap je SALAH bukan bumiputra senang je nak alih kan kelemahan sendiri. Selama ini duduk kerajaan buat apa. Tidur makan gaji buta ke ? Siapa nak tangung dosa ini?

He must be dissapointed they werent controlled by bumis. Sikit sikit non-bumi fuck you x mengaku salah rasis agi Where's the evidence? Jangan pandai buli orang saja. Even IF it's true, some individuals must have benefited from it. Yes, I'm talking about bribery. Here we go again!!! Blaming the usual suspects but themselves!!!

Oh now JAKIM Is controlled by non bumis, is that what you're implying or JAKIM in cartel's pocket. Either way i don't see it as HALAL This is so whataboutism Cannot be DAP the Communist Control the Meat Cartel Must be the MCA the UMNO pals control the Meat Cartel Tahu ke? Jadi knp x buat apa2? Goes to prove your malay majority government are weak and corrupt all this while MPPasirSalak Haram halal semua nak sapu, last2 tunding jari ke arah non bumi? 😅

Instead of investigating the corruption that is plaguing Jakim and other Government agencies. Some conveniently will mitigate the issue by playing the race card. As expected,Whenever, something goes wrong it's often someone else's fault. Where is our PM, this is also consider as hate speech (racism). Even for MB Kedah's statement also our PM never advice the MB.

No sign of intelligence Dah ada orang melayu Isleh Sentiasa ready nak terima dedak. Senang la benda benda cam ni berlaku. Buat malu je put the blame on non bumi. You have failed to uphold the utmost values of Islam that is to consume halal meat and indirectly you have derhaka pada raja and negara! So? Non-bumiputera ke yang majoriti dalam kerajaan? Ministry mana yang sahkan logo dan certification halal tu? Non-bumiputera? Biar betul dinosaur ni. What kind of a leader points fingers when they themselves are the root of the problem? I'll tell you; an incompetent one.

Ini budak racist ni If so the non-Malays control the cartel, don’t tell me Malays stood by the side & watched the unknown source of meat goes thru for decades?! Who are the ministers who allowed such acts? You are spitting on to your own face. Don’t try to make it a racial issue! Aren't you not ashamed? For 62 years! Just follow the approval/permit trails?

This orang tua fella is seriously a mistake in Malaysian history to be having a leadership position in a company and in the Parliament. Hello dinosaur, trying to bring back to nation to Jurassic times, just get the perpetrators to justice! Ok tengah makan popcorn ni...nak tgk apa lagi salah non bumi. When everything goes against you guys, racial rhetoric masuk👏👏. Cepat2 sambung cepat

Songkok senget otak pun ikut senget. Jap, tak dak otak pun bawah songkok. Hmmm! Ini semua salah DAP Pukimak kurang ajar buat sentimen perkauman lagi. Siapa kerajaan yang control AP, import, kastam, pelabuhan semua. Ya Allah hancurkanlah politaik jahanam macam dia ni, musnahkan nyawanya, keluarga dan keturunan dia semua. Amin.

'.. exists, controlled by criminals' - there fixed the headline for you .. Semua salah DAP. Yang kerja JAKIM mengaut rasuah semua DAP sebenarnya. Tajudin sendiri jadi timbalan menteri tak pernah ambil tahu tentang cartel rasuah semua. Sumpah And YOU let that happen. Does that make you non? Or worse? Typical. Shove the blame to others and take no responsibility.

JAKIM pun non-Bumi ke? Asking for a friend There shouldn’t be a racial narrative when a wrong is committed and the syndicate involved bumi and non. This politicking is so 70s,80s & 90s etc when Tun Mahathir started the political racial narratives and Anwar took it further with a religious narrative. This is wrong!

So JAKIM just gave halal stamps without checking? wow....really...tapi yg tukang subahat org mana pula? Race is what they said when they can’t backup. We know what are you doing using “bumiputera” in Prasarana When there’s no one else you can put the blame on, don’t worry there’s always the _______. 😉 RACIST.

This is a damn racist statement. Will others please call him out or make a police report against him? Would his bumi company share it's business with others whether bumi or non bumi? Always blaming others. IndiaArmada Don wanna blame jakim for corruption..this motherguckers blame the nons...how convenient!!

Bukan Melayu? So who is the enabler? DAP lagi ker? Hebat betul DAP kalau Menteri Melayu berkuasa masa tu....ish ish ish.... Cakap banyak tak guna. Kasi nama lah.. Kau yg bumi ni jadi balaci ke? Dah tua pun bodoh. A statement from a racist politician... Trying to deflect responsibility by playing the racial card. Shame on him, incompetent, should step down?

From the statement, Tajuddin was trying to break the monopoly. Probably for his own interest. The real problem is corruption in Jakim that leads to the abuse of the halal logo. This is the problem with the leaders, they are looking after their own interest only. Racist again So what it’s controlled by non-bumi? Who was running the authority and the gov that could not even control the cartel? people care more about what you had done with the cartel while you had power in the gov, than whether it is bumi or non-bumi.

We don't care. It can be foreigners or anyone. The rakyat wants action. Simple, just blame DAP lah. So racist kartel ni berkaitan duit, siapa bertuhankan duit maka wujudlah kartel tak kira daging haram ke, dadah ke, pelacuran ke, perjudian ke, rokok arak seludup ke, semua karterl duit. Apa kaitan kegiatan jenayah dgn bumi & non-bumi? Siapa pihak berkuasa? Siapa yg bertanggungjawab utk menguatkuasakan undang-undang? Kalau tak pandai tadbir, suka turun gelanggang.

“Non bumiputeras” don’t care 🤷‍♀️ what meats they eat!!! Is all you idiots Cares !!! So what !!! Dont blame non muslims or non bumiputera in this issue. MaqisMalaysia majlisagama KastamMalaysia SPRMMalaysia pejabathaiwan dll ajensi Kjaan yg patut bertanggungjawab. Siapa yg khianat dlm amanah ini berdosa besar. Ini soal agama yg tak boleh perlekehkan atau khianat

Wonder what JAKIM did with its 1b annual budget yang kerja jakim ni semua bukan bumiputera kan? Isn't he in quarantine? The Malays, Chinese and Indians get along quite well on the ground. Of course there differences. But it is the politicians who always paly the race card to instigate one race to view another race with suspicion.

Thank God the non Bumis are in control. Leaving it to the Bumis there's all kinds of fraudulent meats in the market. BTW how about your company in the business. this cb blames the whole world except himself and the ruling government. Start lah dia pusing cerita...Agensi/Badan Kerajaan yg terlibat makan rasuah tu x salah bg dia lah ye?

Damn umno .. you guys never take care of melayu welfare If Bumiputeras then won't exits meat cartels is it? Sebab dulu dia makan suap kot ? Sebab tu dia tahu semua benda ni. Dulu tak mau reveal kenapa ye Yg ke mahkamah hari tu siapa? Why forever there is bumi and non bumi in every single discussion. I’m sick. Kalau salah, mengaku, ambil ikhtibar, selesaikan masalah dengan minda bukan hati. Undang undang kan ada. I’m seriously sick.

DAP lah tu Yeayy. Seperti biasa ayuh kita gugurkan bom perkauman. Ayuh kita salahkan cina dan dap seperti biasa. Ayuh orang melayu angkat keris dan turun ke padang merbuk. Ayuh kita laungkan slogan 13 mei. Ayuh kita laungkan hanya bangsa kita yang paling mulia di muka bumi ini. Bukan dia Kena quarantine covid ke ? Free nampak

Does race really matter in a cartel? If it is bumi, then it becomes halal cartel? Started this racist rubbish. Whose fault is it? Tajuddin kalau tak main sentimen perkauman memang tak sah. Spesis macam ni la punca perpecahan rakyat Malaysia. Dia taktau ke pegawai maqis yang kena tangkap tu semua melayu? Tak subahat ke tu? Buat jahat/baik ni tak kenal bangsa & agama. 😌☝️

Orang Hindu dari Klang tu Why Never expose, when you in government Clearly hipokrit la Bukan jakim yang control bab daging halal ke? Pasal non bumi control plak...so apa menteri menyalak ni cuba bagitau ialah.Jakim got no power ka? What’s the point of JAKIM and the halal certification then? Controlled by non bumi?

Start dah... Salahkan non-Bumis. I'm sick and tired with these type of people lah. So ..must be DAP's fault lah. Ini skg boleh cakap shj, tapi the fact tidak buat dgn sesunggoh sunggoh, mana tahu sudah beli utk tutup mulut, skg buat macam champion highlight the same issue utk dapat popularity, ini orang good for that boleh twist dan corner 360 Degree is seconds. Delete him pr15 poison he

Hahaha sembang kari!!