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Survey: M'sians don't think media coverage of Covid-19 exaggerated

Survey: M'sians don't think media coverage of Covid-19 exaggerated

9/4/2020 11:12:00 AM

Survey : M'sians don't think media coverage of Covid-19 exaggerated

PETALING JAYA: Malaysians don't think the media's coverage of the Covid-19 outbreak in the country is exaggerated, a survey has found.

The survey noted that those who believed that the media was exaggerating the situation were mostly under 35-years-old, had lower income and lower education levels.It said Italy back in February 28-29 initally had the perception that the media was exaggerating the situation, but this changed significantly from March 12-14.

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The survey also said that 68% of Malaysians were strongly optimistic that things would return to normal by June."The majority (that held this view) are from the lower-income segment and the younger population," it said in a statement on Thursday (April 9).

The survey showed that Malaysians that held this view corresponded with respondents from India, China, Vietnam, Russia and Italy.It also said that more than 90% of Malaysians overwhelmingly agree that the health organisations (94%), the government (91%), as well as local and regional health authorities (91%), were doing a good job in containing the spread of the virus.

However, the survey showed that only 78% of businesses in Malaysia found the current efforts carried out by the government and its officials to be effective.It said 95% of Malaysians were supportive of a total quarantine under the movement control order (MCO), given the risk of the virus.

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