SRC appeal verdict tomorrow, court dismisses Najib's bid to adduce new evidence

Bench finds the additional evidence not necessary for the appeal.

7/12/2021 11:14:00 AM

SRC appeal verdict tomorrow, court dismisses Najib's bid to adduce new evidence

Bench finds the additional evidence not necessary for the appeal.

19The Court of Appeal is set to deliver its verdict tomorrow on Najib Abdul Razak’s appeal to quash his conviction and sentencing in the RM42 million SRC International case.In a unanimous decision today, the three-person bench chaired by judge Abdul Karim Abdul Jalil dismissed the former prime minister’s application to adduce fresh evidence in the appeal...

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Macam mana bole reject bukti … apa gila sistem perundangan kita ni Sorry NajibRazak The PM is currently busy with national issues Syabas..mahkamah rayuan just don’t get all riled up if the verdict tomorrow is a “discharge not amounting to an acquittal” 🤣 Taktik najib nak tangguh2 kan perbicaraan bukan biashe biasheee 😆

Yes ! syahredzan NajibRazak Jib, sebelum apa-apa terjadi kpd kamu esok, ada cdgan utk kerajaan naikkan pampasan utk penduduk kampung bharu tak? Tak dengar pun sound dari kamu utk desak kerajaan naikkan pampasan...mcm dulu kamu buat masa PH. Lagi satu KLSE jatuh byk lps budget, tak komen pun... Pls go straight to JAIL

🙏🙏🙏 Justice is done and seen to be done. NajibRazak You are going to Jail tomorrow. Your new home for the next few years. You had brought so much suffering and shame to Malaysian during your time as a PM.

SRC hearing to go online at 12.30pm or Najib will be arrested | The Malaysian InsightAppeals court rules that decision on ex-PM's appeal against conviction will also go on tomorrow. 👏🏼👏🏼 Well done judges👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Wah airing out Zeti's husband's involvement not enough ah? Got more evidence ah? did someone capture his face?

Prosiding SRC International 'online' bermula | The Malaysian InsightKetua peguam bela Muhammad Shafee Abdullah meminta penangguhan sehingga selepas tempoh kuarantin 10 hari. Shafee sld be sent to Sg Buloh first before Najib! after that we be quarantined at SBP Ya nak tangguh, lepas sembuh nanti kena Covid lagi dan tangguh lagi dan seterusnya....

Court dismisses Najib’s bid to enter new evidence in SRC case | The Malaysian InsightVerdict on ex-PM’s appeal against conviction to be delivered tomorrow. No surprise there but somehow most Malaysians believe otherwise before the bid was dismissed. That tells the Judiciary has yet to gain the people’s trust. Tomorrow’s judgment on Najib’s appeal will be significant for the Judiciary’s reputation in hearts & minds of the ppl.

Najib’s defence counsel requests delay to SRC International hearing | The Malaysian InsightShafee asks for 48-hour adjournment after one of legal team tests positive for Covid-19.

Lawyers seek postponement of Najib’s SRC conviction appeal verdictThe reason: He has come in contact with Covid-19 positive persons. The Rule of Law only applied immediately to ordinary citizens. Those high profile have been manipulating the law and order as tom and jerry cartoon. Our justice system becoming Disney land shows. Lets open the door of justice in malaysia closed the toilets door for clean .. .

Relevant evidence already tendered in Najib’s RM42m SRC trial - DPPThe prosecution contends in opposing ex-PM's bid to adduce new evidence. NajibRazak To me it is clear more people involved in a very elaborate scheme to siphone money. It is just that this MO1 got caught!!! SRC issue is CBT not 1MDB CIA wonder if the CIA or FBi has more dirt Time for Singapore to return the money of the Malaysian people! No point discussing, IsmailSabri60 will make sure NajibRazak scoot free. Because if not, who gonna advice Mael on Malaysia economy?