Spurs bounce back as Son sinks Brentford | New Straits Times

#NSTsports Antonio #Conte said #Tottenham are starting to understand his philosophy after #SonHeungmin's first Premier League goal since October sealed a 2-0 win against #Brentford.

Conte, Tottenham

3/12/2021 3:41:00 AM

NSTsports Antonio Conte said Tottenham are starting to understand his philosophy after SonHeungmin's first Premier League goal since October sealed a 2-0 win against Brentford .

LONDON: Antonio Conte said Tottenham are starting to understand his philosophy after Son Heung-min’s first Premier League goal since October sealed a 2-0 win against Brentford on Thursday.

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KJ: Mega PPVs to reopen from Jan 15 to increase Covid-19 booster shot administration

PETALING JAYA: Four mega Covid-19 vaccination centres (PPVs) in the Klang Valley will begin to operate on Jan 15 to offer booster shots in a bid to increase the take-up rate for the third dose, says Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

Improve app to add more details on vax | New Straits TimesI acquired my Pfizer vaccination in March this year in Singapore. My vaccination certificate indicates my Singapore identity card (IC) number. It does not indicate my Malaysian passport number. A big comet will disrupt the axis and balance, and the entire world will be in darkness. Then Allah SWT will by His mercy return the earth into its position. This is one of many predictions in Muhammad Qasim’s dreams about the future. More at True dreams at the end time act as part of guidance to ummah. It revealed evil plots against Islam, our wrong doing which detrimental to Islam & also ways to solve it. Pls take heed.Learn more at Predictions about the future shown to Muhammad Qasim in his dreams are more accurate then Nostradamus, Baba Vanga, and previous prophecies of their time. This is truly amazing. Search Muhammad Qasim Dreams for more info.

Importance of corroboration, circumstantial evidence | New Straits TimesHowever, to date, there is no specific statutory recourse for victims of sexual harassment in Malaysia. It was reported that the Sexual Harassment Bill may be tabled in Parliament this year. Singapore and Australia have specific statutes addressing sexual harassment. Muhammad Qasim has seen Prophet Muhammad SAW in grief and despair over the state of Muslims and his religion, Islam. Qasim has seen divine dreams for over 43 years and his dreams have many warnings for the time to come. More at Please note that when we have committed shirk, Allah will not help us. Learn more at

Vital for students to be heard | New Straits TimesCommitted educators all over the world are struggling to prepare attractive lesson plans, encompassing varied learning materials (video, podcast, physical materials, quizzes, poll, etc). Some of them invest money, time and energy to curate resources for their classes. Muhammad Qasim telah melihat mimpi selama lebih dari 30 tahun sekarang, dan pada tahun 2014 dia mula berkongsi untuk pertama kalinya setelah diminta oleh Nabi Muhammad SAW. Mimpi Muhammad Qasim penting untuk Islam & masa depan umat yang akan datang. Lawati Jalan yang lurus menuju Allah SWT adalah jalan yang dilalui oleh Nabi Muhammad SAW. Muhammad Qasim melihat ini dalam mimpinya dan dia telah melihat banyak peristiwa yg lain mengenai masa depan umat Islam. Pelajari mesej mimpi Muhammad Qasim lebih lanjut di Muhammad Qasim saw in a dream in Jan 2021 that Imran Khan addresses to large audiences and talks about the success of his Government, but he admits to his Government’s failures to his close colleagues. So why is Imran Khan pushed to mislead the people of Pakistan?

Soldier gets 15 years' jail, caning for sexual offence against daughter | New Straits TimesKOTA KINABALU: A soldier was jailed for a total of 15 years plus two strokes of the cane by the Sessions Court here for sexually assaulting his teenage daughter in 2020.

Govt to set max wholesale price for chicken, eggs in a few days | New Straits TimesNSTnation The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry will set the maximum wholesaleprice for chicken and eggs in the next few days, its minister Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi said. Are they going to bully the farmers to sell at a loss? We wait and see 🧐 especially the smaller farm, with the increase price in feed this month, other supplies to maintain the farm… hmmm 🤔