Education Ministry, Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam, #Makeschoolasaferplace, Dr Maszlee Malik, Dr Mohd Radzi Md Jidin

Education Ministry, Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam

Speak up over Ain Husniza issue or resign, Maszlee tells Radzi

Speak up over Ain Husniza issue or resign, Maszlee tells Radzi

9/5/2021 6:02:00 PM

Speak up over Ain Husniza issue or resign, Maszlee tells Radzi

PETALING JAYA: If Education Minister Datuk Dr Mohd Radzi Md Jidin and his deputies aren't able to speak up on the Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam issue, then they should all resign, says his predecessor Dr Maszlee Malik .

(pic).Dr Maszlee urged Mohd Radzi and his deputies not to ignore the issue, given that it has gained a lot of traction on social media among Malaysians.“I urge the minister and his deputies to show their leadership and not ignore this issue. It’s not an isolated one. It happened for a long time and it has to end. Please speak up!

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“With the current attitude shown by the minister and his deputies towards this case, distrust between parents and schools will widen. They need to be more proactive or just resign," he said in a tweet on Sunday (May 9).Dr Maszlee, in his tweet, also attached a memorandum he wrote during his tenure as education minister in December 2019, which detailed his intention to beef up laws to better protect children.

The memo also stated that teachers who are being investigated cannot be allowed to meet any student, and the transfer of such teachers must be halted immediately.In his tweet, Dr Maszlee also urged the Education Ministry to implement the contents of his memo.

“The ministry must push the policy I was trying to bring to the Cabinet to put an end to all the sexual misconduct at school.”In a Mother’s Day forum organised by Khadijah Learning Centre on Sunday (May 9), Ain, who was accompanied by her mother, had said that it is disappointing that the Education Ministry hasn’t reached out to her since the incident took place.

Earlier on Sunday, Ain had said she received her first warning notice of expulsion from school, for being absent for three days.The warning letter came about despite her father Saiful Nizam Abdul Wahab having met with the school authorities to explain that his daughter did not feel safe in school.

Ain Husniza made headlines after she uploaded a TikTok video detailing a male PE teacher as making distasteful jokes about rape in class, with the hashtag #MakeSchoolASaferPlace trending on social media.I had been asked by many about the latest issue involving Ain and her school.

I would like to urge: Read more: The Star »

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Educational Minister will definitely won't resgn, easy job, good salary, high profile, great power, VVIP status and many more. No way to resign. I will vote Maszlee in for sure as he is always on students side. If rape can be a joke in school then academic is a joke. Radzi Tak tahu main Twitter kot so kena revert to you. Sorry ya KerajaanGagal

Keras hati dan sombong betul ya YB Menteri RadziJidin. Mcm ni nk memimpin negara ke arah yg lebih baik dan maju? Dr Maszlee paling layak minta orang letak jawatan sebab dia sendiri pernah letak jawatan sebab prinsip. maszlee lupa kata pujangganya sendiri. Kes polis la bodo maszlee . Ngan mamak kutty sampai letak jawatan punya la penakut, dah tak de jawatan sibuk nak itu ini.

Who is Ain Husniza Well honestly he should've resign ever since cluster sekolah starts popping up. Incompetent. Bazir duit negara bayar gaji kt org x guna Don't be so fierce lah maszlee .Issues of students(&teachers 2) being bullied in schools, have been there 4 decades. It's only coming to light now, thanks to malaysiakini Twitter ,etc. I think is will suffice if teacher&student issue an apology&get counselling. RadziJidin

I'm pretty sure that he's dead...

Gaduh..gaduh..gaduh, henti manipulasi kenyataan saya, fokus isu utama, kata Ain HusnizaRemaja itu meminta semua pihak khususnya golongan dewasa tidak menggunakan kenyataannya untuk kepentingan sendiri. FMTNews AinHusniza StayStrongAin Syabas! Ain sedar isu Ain yg telus telah dipolitikkan. Ain seharusnya lebih lantang dan tenggelamkan suara mereka yg manipulasi atau politikkan isu ini. Ketidaksedaran terhadap isu rogol tidak boleh dibiarkan. Tidak kira dari sudut agama, undang2 atau akhlak, rogol tetap salah! IamwithAin💪

Tell this maszlee to shut up?When he was Min Educ he did not do his job. Instead his PA was d one telling BPLTV to close KV Programs! He failed to attend a KV Convocation to give away the Minister’s Prize to d best graduate😡😡😡! RadziJidin has resigned. To his fate as a failure. Whatever he does from now on is only movie-like death rattles.

IniAlannn Atau minta dipecatkan Menteri tidak berkuasa. Rakyat tidak beri mandat kuasa. Ini lah jadilah. but you bukan kerajaan, so better shut up Ineffectual No word at all from him! It’s embarrassing Kids are getting harassed and abused in multiple ways for many generations and Putrajaya is just zzzzzzzz

RadziJidin busy jamuan buka puasa kementerian bersama menteri He already speak about this. Tak tgk berita kat tv lah tu

Pandalela stands up for Ain Husniza, warns teen to be alert against 'saboteurs'PETALING JAYA: Pandelela Rinong has called on Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam - the teenager behind the MakeSchoolASaferPlace movement - to be alert against saboteurs out to derail her efforts. Good one Pandalela. You are truly a role model. Something that other celebrities like siti and neelofa should learn of spending some time to voice out their support. Let alone become a role model in adhering to sop. bumilangit Thank you pandela Go Lela!

The perk of becoming opposition Probably busy preparing his PPT presentation lol AGREED! So slow to act, it's unbelievable! Govt style, they need to set a committee to investigate dulu maszlee knp nak suruh org letak jawatan pulak ? u sendiri la pecat dia . syahredzan RadziJidin !!! syahredzan Klau dulu dia Menteri, agaknya dia akan speak up ke? Semua yang tunggang agama senyap je.

垃圾鸡丁 高薪职位 人在哪里? syahredzan How will he speak up? He has someone's balls stuck up his windpipe. You bukan kerajaan just diam lol... Senang2 nak suruh orang resign.. klu kau dulu perform, boleh lah org nak dengar..

Ain Husniza says girls should not be judged by appearance, clothesPETALING JAYA: Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam - the teenager behind the MakeSchoolASaferPlace movement - says girls should not be judged by their appearance or the clothes they wear. Extending it. Actually, every person should not be judged by appearance, clothes. We all inhabit earth temporarily and will one return to dust. What’s there to judge? Judging should be left to the Almighty. The Story here: Ain schools Siti Kassim. Boring berita ni Budak mentah ni attention seeker je Berita lain pls!

yeap, ph’s erstwhile education minister non other than mr maszlee “black shoe” malek has spoken, pretty much a sorry remnant of a kakistocracy which fortunately lasted for 22 months.... He is having his period .. unable to speak up

Speak up for Ain or resign, Maszlee tells ministerIn a reminder to Radzi Jidin and his deputies, former education minister Maszlee Malik tells of his memo stating that errant teachers should be sacked. FMTNews AinHusniza MakeSchoolASaferPlace RadziJidin KemPendidikan failed the rakyat That's right. Civil servants, teachers included are paid a salary. The moment they do not perform, remove them. KemPendidikan Why do I have a right to demand? Coz I pay their damn salary Just shut up .. we have better things to worry about !!!

Pertahankan Ain atau letak jawatan, kata Maszlee kepada menteriBeliau menggesa penggantinya, Radzi Jidin serta timbalannya supaya menunjukkan sikap kepemimpinan dan bukannya ‘mematikan’ isu itu. FMTNews Dia nak letak jawatan? Lepastu nak kerja apa bayar 50 ribu sebulan? KemPendidikan kutip sampah pun tak sure lagi Ada telur tak menteri ni ? Kalau ada telur sahut cabaran maszlee JIDIN Perlu Tunjukkan Itegriti Dan tegakkan keadilan