Should Malaysia declare a climate emergency, and what would that normally entail? | #ExpertOpinion

30/11/2022 9:57:00 AM

While many support the idea of a climate emergency, Dr Zelina believes that it should not be declared on a federal level. Here's her #ExpertOpinion on it.'WA...

Should Malaysia declare a climate emergency? And if so, what would that entail? Watch the full video to find out: ExpertOpinion ClimateEmergency ClimateAction

While many support the idea of a climate emergency, Dr Zelina believes that it should not be declared on a federal level. Here's her #ExpertOpinion on it.'WA...

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Watch our latest episode of ExpertOpinion to find out more about a potential climate emergency declaration in Malaysia:

Malaysia retail sales jumped 96% y-o-y in third quarter 2022, says RGMKUALA LUMPUR (Nov 30): The Malaysia retail industry jumped 96% year-on-year in retail sales in the third quarter of 2022.In the November 2022 Malaysia Retail Industry Report released on Wednesday (Nov 30) by Retail Group Malaysia (RGM), it said the figure was beyond market expectation.It said members of Malaysia Retailers Association (MRA) and Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA) had projected the third quarter growth rate at 61.7% in September 2022.Meanwhile, RGM had estimated the quarterly growth rate at 50.0%.RGM Such behavior maybe for unexplained wealth..

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