Sheikh Omar slams those calling non-Muslims in mosques 'dogs'

Sheikh Omar slams those calling non-Muslims in mosques 'dogs'


Sheikh Omar slams those calling non-Muslims in mosques 'dogs'

DAP man says such harsh words create confusion about Islam, and may put people off the religion. 

"I don't agree with and condemn the act of calling non-Muslims who enter mosques dogs, as it is very shallow," he told

Sheikh Omar, who sits on the Islamic Dakwah Foundation (Yadim) board of trustees, was commenting on a social media post questioning Labis MP Pang Hok Liong's presence inside the Tenang Station mosque on May 10.

Speech at mosque: Johor sultan fumes, MP defends himself

"Now, the non-Muslim will be hesitant about following me, thinking he will be called a 'dog' and things like that," he said.

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Bergantung kpd niat la...kalo apek dapig tu mmg sah la dog.. iskandarfareez Any non-Muslims can enter a mosque. We should not restrict them. Muslims do not want any form of speeches. syahredzan korang tak nampak ke ptptn dihapuskan, tol hapuskan,minyak 1.50sen,semua penyokong ph dah menikmati manifasto itu,bhs 2k, rakyat buta kot 😂😂😂

Org org yg cakap mcm tu! Pergi belajar islam betul2! syahredzan Ini lumrah bagi orang yang perasan diri mereka suci dan kebih baik daripada orang lain. Well done Sheik sir. We need the voices of moderation to speak up like you have done. Labeling Christians, Jews, Chinese, Indians and Animists as apes, dogs and pigs is the doctrine of the ISIS terrorists. How come there are ISIS terrorists in Johor? Who is the leader of the ISIS terrorists of Johor?

The irony of this fiasco? Noticed how all the loudest barkings did not come from non-Muslims. artiskartel muka mcm kau do This is real dog

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NonVitalTooth 'Another RM2 billion will be used to ease debts owed to Felda by settlers'. What, another con job by FeldaLKTP anak_twit to walk away from debts at Taxpayers expense?, like PTPTN? AzminAli pls issue legal letters to collect all debts. No free lunch please! NonVitalTooth NajibRazak tokmatn9 AnnuarMusa Ismail_Sabri60 HishammuddinH2O zahidhamidi_my Here is absolute proof of how UMNO Malays & Muslims allowed Felda Malays & Muslims to become poor thru incompetence, very bad management, cronyism, corruption, fraud etc-RM10.2B loss 2013-2017!!! PASPusat This is a well-deserved rally for you to organize

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Muslim refugees now feel safer in non-Muslim countries, says Dr MThe prime minister says this is not because of Islam as a religion but because some Muslims push aside the teachings of Islam. Very2 true...very2 true.. The high exodus of Muslims migrating to western countries, the high rate of Muslims going as refugees to western countries are testament to Tun's statement. Most Muslims prefer 'kafir' countries, as how some call it in Msia. The Intelligence on Sri Lankan church bombings has revealed how the network of hate preachers, returning ISIS terrorists from Syria and illegal funds from Middle East, India & Malaysia was responsible. Please YB Tun Mahathir, get our PDRM to monitor activities in M’sia 🙏.

Johor Ruler slams Pakatan MP over political speech in Labis mosqueHe probably got nothing else to do. The MP already said, no political element. Just distribute aid. Give us a break lah. Then just give aid. Speech not required. Shooting yourself in the foot. Is tomorrow GE... If not.. Move on.. No need semua ni. We have more important things to do. Hati hati.. Orang sudah tidak suka kamu.. Apa apa pun kamu salah. Hati hati.

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