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Scientists tag female leopard cat with satellite collar to track movements

Scientists tag female leopard cat with satellite collar to track movements


Scientists tag female leopard cat with satellite collar to track movements

KOTA KINABALU: Scientists have tagged a wild female leopard cat with a satellite collar during a night survey in Kinabatangan in hopes of better understanding the species.

Dr Miriam Kunde, project leader and carnivore conservation officer at DGFC, said the tagging would allow them to monitor the movement of the cat which they had named Ratu (queen).

The Carnivore Programme is in tandem with DGFC's Health at the Edge Project (H@EP), led by Dr Sergio Guerrero-Sanchez and Dr Liesbeth Frias, who are both research associates at DGFC.

He said leopard cats can be found inhabiting a broad range of habitat types, including oil palm plantations and by using them as a model species, they aim to assess cross-species transmission at the wildlife-human interface.

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