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Afp, Covid-19

Scientists fight virus misinformation war | The Malaysian Insight

Scientists fight virus misinformation war

26/5/2020 6:06:00 AM

Scientists fight virus misinformation war

They find conspiracy theories provide seemingly rationalistic and watertight explanations.

Copy URLHealth personnel in Brazil sending a Covid-19 patient to a hospital. Now many scientists are helping to counter misinformation online about the coronavirus. – AFP pic, May 26, 2020.WITH cat photos and sometimes scathing irony, Mathieu Rebeaud, a Swiss-based researcher in biochemistry, has nearly tripled his Twitter following since the coronavirus pandemic began.

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Garnering 14,000 followers, he posts almost daily, giving explanations on the latest scientific research and, in particular, aims to fight misinformation that spreads as fast as the virus itself. Read more: TheMalaysianInsight »

China exporters look inwards as virus hits overseas markets | The Malaysian InsightBeijing welcomes efforts in encouraging more domestic spending. With the over 800 mil middle class look inwards, China has huge domestic market to be self sufficient!

Qatar virus tracing app stirs rare privacy backlash | The Malaysian InsightIf residents don’t use it, they will be slapped with a three-year jail sentence.

New virus cluster at Sepang immigration detention centre | The Malaysian InsightThis follows outbreaks in holding facilities for illegal immigrants in Semenyih and Bukit Jalil.

China ‘open’ to global effort to identify virus source, says foreign minister | The Malaysian InsightChina ‘open’ to global effort to identify virus source, says foreign minister The source of info had died

France reopens places of worship as virus restrictions loosened | The Malaysian InsightLeaders have urged caution, advising against rushing to churches, mosques and synagogues.

Group calls for end to swoops on illegals after virus outbreaks among detainees | The Malaysian InsightMass arrests must cease to stop further spread of Covid-19 , says People’s Health Forum.