SC: No proxy trading found as Azam controls own trading account

SC: No proxy trading found as Azam controls own trading account

19/1/2022 1:23:00 PM

SC: No proxy trading found as Azam controls own trading account

This seems to contradict Azam's statement he allowed brother to use his account.


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Deja vu. Reminds me of Najib Bukan adik ? Ooo then the press released abiut the brothers? 🤣🤣 makin tinggi pangkat..makan bodoh menipu as far as sc concerned is the account status is belongs to az and az personally have to prove it the account is traded by his brother Now for the IRB to go in n c where his income is then?

integrity down the drain Azam takde Baki wang (all shares only) lied through his teeth. From beginning he said his brother uses his account without his knowledge, right? He was not in control. He was used 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.and the sun rises in the West .SecComMY PGeorge9601 Ambiga_S Both agencies is corrupted to the core. Shameless. It's time for a revolutionary movement.

Fishy, isn't it

DAP: SC must clarify if there was proxy trading in Azam caseParty notes that Azam had admitted his brother used his account. How about 10%,

So Azam Baki is lying about the “brother”? You scratch my back l will scratch yours too , so you both closed one or both eyes , so that either party was not threatened of now exposure ? Eat Shit This party is happy being fed lies upon lies. Isn't sc latest clarification differs from azam earlier statement where he said his brother using his account to buy the shares!

Of course, see who is investigating him Shameless.. puiiii Is this an example of kantoi? SC refuted AB’s claim it was not his money! So who do we believe? How can any right minded person believe that claim anyway? Makcik kat kampung perhaps lah. Kalau claim dia betul, salah kalau claim dia tipu dia pun salah.


Is SC covering up for Azam Baki, asks Guan Eng | The Malaysian InsightRegulatory body risks loss of investor confidence with 'dishonest and irresponsible statement' about MACC chief, says DAP leader. SC is not covering up Azam Baki But Tommy Thomas is covering up for YOU! No la...SC just caved in to Macc as they said they would look into complaints against SC directors etc LGE should keep quiet as he's considered as court cluster

If azam is the beneficial owner of that account then he broke govt circular on govt servants owning more than RM 100 k of shares but more importantly where did the money to buy all those millions of shares come from? Malaysia is really world N°1 in corruption Melayu mudah lupa? 2 weeks ago, said bother bought the shares to save himself from not owning that many shares. this week, on a separate investigation, the account belongs to you?

So he breached the code of conduct of having more than RM100K worth of shares and not declaring it then? Still broke law. How? Yuck Fu No proxy.. 🤐 Controlling the account means Azam lied and he has conflict of interest as chief of MACC, and broke MACC Code and laws. Tangkap SC! Very contradict statement from previous. Something goes wrong.

Hi SPRMMalaysia ,sekarang tipu menipu sdh jadi amalan di SPRM ker? Minta timbalan-timbalan hari tu yg keluar statement sokong ketua, bg satu statement lagi sokong amalan tipu menipu ni...

SC tak dapat muktamadkan siasatan AzamSC tak dapat muktamadkan siasatan Azam

so who is the ultimate beneficiary of the securities? So it’s 100% his own shares which he did not declare to the government? so its his? make up your mind. heaven has eyes In other words…… Someone lied ... Azam or SC? So he lied to public? Go back to the roots...what actually triggers thi whole drama? AZ need to answer to PSC...did he declared that he owns such shares in the first place. SC said can't established any findings that AZ account was used by his brother. So why is it so complicated? Get AZ to answer


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SC gagal bukti pelanggaran akta dalam isu saham Azam Baki | Harian MetroKuala Lumpur: Suruhanjaya Sekuriti Malaysia (SC) tidak dapat membuktikan wujud pelanggaran pemilikan saham menerusi akaun dagangan Ketua Pesuruhjaya Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) Tan Sri Azam Baki. Aku dah agak dah kayangan mesti terlepas

Cleared by SC, Azam says he will continue his duties as MACC chiefPUTRAJAYA: Tan Sri Azam Baki is thankful for the decision by the Securities Commission which found that he did commit any offence over the shares trading account issue.