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Sarawak, Sabah

Sarawak lawmakers want comprehensive constitutional amendments after Putrajaya meet | The Malaysian Insight

Sarawak lawmakers want comprehensive constitutional amendments after Putrajaya meet


Sarawak lawmakers want comprehensive constitutional amendments after Putrajaya meet

It was the first meeting of the Cabinet Special Committee on Malaysia Agreement after a botched constitutional amendment attempt in April.

Sarawak lawmakers are again calling for comprehensive constitutional amendments to restore the position of the Bornean states after a meeting with federal government officials in Putrajaya. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, May 17, 2019.

The meeting in Putrajaya was chaired by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and was attended by Sarawak Chief Minister Abang Johari Openg.

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Sarawak minister wants teachers trained to detect student depression | The Malaysian InsightEarly intervention in students’ mental health could avert tragedies such as suicide by 16-year-old girl recently, says Fatimah Abdullah.

Hubungan Kelantan dengan Putrajaya baik, kata MB | The Malaysian InsightAhmad Yakob gembira dengan aspek keterbukaan media yang ditonjolkan PH selain hubungan kepegawaian yang bertambah baik. baik di depan cucuk di belakang. tipu boleh asalkan Pas. ha!

Umno will rise again and recapture Putrajaya, says Najib | The Malaysian InsightParty’s struggle to defend Malay race and Islam will still go on, says former prime minister. Recapture pasar malam putrajaya.. anytime UMNO can do.. 💪💪💪 Umno will extinct with u They have missed their AGM in April. Should be shut down for not following rules. trueornot

Lawyers’ group condemns Putrajaya over Thai activist’s deportation | The Malaysian InsightIt's a violation of Malaysia’s obligations under international law, says Lawyers for Liberty.

Putrajaya to appoint a youth senator, says PM | The Malaysian InsightDr Mahathir says the appointment will be done as soon as possible.

Make May 13 gravesite a national heritage, Putrajaya told | The Malaysian InsightThis is so the younger generation can learn from history, says the 513 committee spokesperson.

Form police complaints panel now, Bar urges Putrajaya | The Malaysian InsightIPCMC will, without doubt, boost police's standing, is 'indisputably constitutional', says lawyers' group.

Putrajaya susun pelan jangka panjang selesai isu PTPTN, kata Syed Saddiq | The Malaysian InsightMenteri Belia dan Sukan berkata, usaha itu melibatkan beberapa kementerian dan tidak termasuk cadangan menyenarai hitam peminjam culas.

Sarawak Vet Dept to check claims of fresh milk imports amid disease fears | The Malaysian InsightChong Chieng Jen yesterday said the state still imports fresh milk from peninsula, which is not free from foot-and-mouth disease.

Why is Sarawak still importing milk from FMD-infected peninsula, Chong asks | The Malaysian InsightPractice could destroy the state's livestock industry, says deputy minister.

Instagram vows to review policies after Sarawak teen’s suicide | The Malaysian InsightUK MPs question social media app's bosses over 'immersive and addictive' technologies.

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