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Sampel positif Covid-19 di Parlimen dikesan varian Delta | Harian Metro

Muhaamad Hafis Nawawi

1/8/2021 5:53:00 PM

kualalumpur Empat sampel positif Covid-19 hasil saringan yang dijalankan di Parlimen menunjukkan mutasi pada ‘spike protein’ yang dikenal pasti wujud pada varian Delta atau Kappa.

Muhaamad Hafis Nawawi

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Covid-19: Malaysia records 341 more deaths, including 102 BID cases

PUTRAJAYA: Another 341 people died due to Covid-19, says the Health Ministry.

punya nk tutup parlimen smpai tahap tu,tmpat lain alfa,beta,carlie,delta semua ada ampa buka mcmtu ja,celaka punya manusia... Aku doakan kena kat MP2 PN..amin.. MKNJPM KKMPutrajaya kena buat emco kat semua rumah ahli parlimen dan pembantu mereka. Dia orang tak boleh keluar rumah selama 14 hari Bagi semua ahli parliment makan ivermectin tu biar mampuh cepakk

Jadi Aunty Zoo jalankan tugas anda sanitize seluruh bangunan. Rajin sangat kan cuci bangunan Mcm ni kena total lockdown ni.. takkan parlimen je Xleh ke kece mcm biasa? Suntik teruslah kat ahli Parlimen. Buktikan keberkesanan vaksin. cehhh kappa teruss bak hangg..😂😂 Mungkinkah ada orang sengaja sebarkan virus Covid-19 di Parlimen supaya Parlimen ditutup?

Susah nak percaya Parlimen tangguh sebab Covid-19, kata Najib | The Malaysian InsightAlasan itu sukar untuk dipercayai kerana sebelum ini PPV Shah Alam pun hanya ditutup sehari. Memang susah untuk percaya..sebab itu dari kerajaan PN yg dianggotai oleh BN NajibRazak ..nak tanya sikit siapa penasiht BN ye? I admire DS Najib... He can really speak his mind without fear.

Kalau betul ada, MP ni semua tak kena kuarantin ke? Tooooodiaaa…tu baru kat parlimen…kat tempat lain camna

Delta variant rampant in Asia; Tokyo, Thailand, Malaysia post record Covid-19 infectionsThe Olympics host city Tokyo, as well as Thailand and Malaysia , announced record Covid-19 infections on Saturday, mostly driven by the highly transmissible Delta variant of the disease. In a vision in Qasim’s Dream, he saw that yajuj and majuj are trapped in a cave, opening to which was covered with molten Iron by Zulqarnain AS. When they are released, they will avenge their past and annihilate mankind. More at

Covid-19: ‘War has changed’, CDC says, calling for new response to Delta variant | Malay MailWASHINGTON, July 31 — The war against Covid-19 has changed because of the highly contagious Delta variant, the US Centres for Disease Control said, proposing a clearer message, mandatory vaccines for health workers and a return to universal masking. An internal CDC document said the variant,...

Vietnam taps private hospitals as Delta-driven Covid-19 infections rise | Malay MailHANOI, July 30 — Vietnam’s health ministry issued an urgent appeal today for private hospitals to treat Covid-19 patients as the Southeast Asian country battles a surge in infections driven by the highly contagious Delta variant. After successfully containing the virus for much of the pandemic,...

Israel’s president gets third Covid-19 shot, urges boosters for over-60s | Malay MailJERUSALEM, July 29 — Israeli President Isaac Herzog received a third shot of coronavirus vaccine today, kicking off a campaign to give booster doses to people aged over 60 as part of efforts to slow the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant. Herzog, 60, received a booster dose of the...

Now you can fill up the COVID-19 vaccination consent form in MySejahtera | SoyaCincau.comIndividuals who have yet to get their first COVID-19 vaccination dose can now read and sign the consent form digitally. This would help speed up the vaccination process as recipients don’t have to spend time manually filling up consent forms. This also reduces a contact point since you don’t need to handle papers or share […] Can you please give us some info. in your next video about those who cancelled their appointment and are waiting for the next one? How long does it take until MySejahtera give them another appointment? Thank you. Signed the consent form on mysejahtera and also signed the printed ones 😂 Oh dear. Those anti-consent forms ppl will be balking at this.