Sacked - Dr M, Mukhriz and three others axed from Bersatu

Sacked - Dr M, Mukhriz and three others axed from Bersatu

28/5/2020 2:04:00 PM

Sacked - Dr M, Mukhriz and three others axed from Bersatu

BREAKING | The decision was conveyed to them by the organising secretary via a letter dated today.

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Malaysia terus sokong perjuangan rakyat Palestin - PM Diskaun bil elektrik dilanjutkan 'Doakan saya istiqamah'

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diorang semua ni takda kerja lain ke nak buat, kacau bilau je aku tengok hahahaha😂 When he got sacked, he went pitifully to Tun. It was Tun that led the way & fought for him a leadership position, a strategy, a plan, victory, ministership & dignity. Now, he can turn his backside & kick Tun out. Who do u think I mean? Biting the hand that feeds u.

Game on now getting heater ingatkn muhyidin ckp jgn berpolitik time covid ni 🙄 Pm prefers to sleep and swim with the sharks that first sacked him. Sad. The political scene is going to change tremendously. 🙂 Dari BERSATU ke BERLIMA 🖐️ 😊 Welcome to dapmalaysia 😂😂😂 nelynaili 😂 Jadi parti apa diaorang sekarang

Is this means government is missleading the country sacked the founder? CNN so sad... 😢😢😢 The saga continues.. Let me get this straight, Bersatu sacked Dr M who refused to leave PH to form a back door gov with Umno. Who's the culprit here? “Bite the hand that feeds you.” (Bersatu, 2020) Well, it's just matter of time...🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏽‍♀️

Ok. Join PKR or Amanah chedetofficial MukhrizMahathir SyedSaddiq maszlee Malik. Will he pull a coup to deregistered bersatu like he did to UMNO? That would be fun.. Berhantu Bruh moment. Join DAP!!! That would be a game changer. I'm not joking. Wow mazlee and syed saddiq Better than Bollywood movie hannahyeoh Bersatu hanya pada nama

💪💪💪 Apa maksud tahun 2020 kepada Malaysia? Rakyat diabaikan, Kuasa didahulukan, pencuri diampunkan Who gives a shit, next round bersatu will be dead anyway or join Umno....they are all Umno BdBs! Apa agaknya percaturan 94 lps ni.? Its gonna be a blockbuster this few days. Berani depa no Sokong bersatu skrg ibarat menyokong buat rebah haha gila gila pecat 5 sekali

Makan popcorn tengok politician war satu sama lain. Political system is a joke. So called 'perjuangan' is all bullshit. Tak kira la mana2 parti. Asal politician je pembelit pembohong penipu. abah mmg efisyen.. Wakaka Sleep no more Muhiyuddin. Wow sampahnya perangai Bersatu. At least buat la meeting MPT, baru pecat. Ni perangai pengecut ni.

Season 3 Episode 9 drama politikus season coming soon. Apa tunggu lagi. Masuk DAP lah.... Eh, ARMADA apa cerita loh gi la..nok wat rano..😅😅 That means Mahathir has secured enough MP count to seriously challenge Muhyiddin. He is enough threat to have to be sacked immediately. WOI YIDIN BODOH SETAN TAK GUNA SUKA HATI KAU JE PECAT ORANG YEA KAU LUPA KE SIAPA KUTIP KAU BODOH BETUL DISEBABKAN DERANG 6 ORANG KENA PECAT AKU TAK NAK SOKONG PPBM LAGI.KAU NAK SANGAT BERCIUM DENGAN UMNOPAS PERGI LAH PAKCIK JARGON SUKA LAH TU DAPAT JADI KETUA YEA SETAN BETUL

'semua ini salah Najib' Sekadar terfikir, bukankah ini penderhakaan? Dilucutkan keahlian pengasas parti oleh orang yang dipilih sendiri pengasas. Tidak apa asal dapat kuasa. hannahyeoh Took them long enough! Tun boleh masuk PKR. Lawan Anwar untuk jawatan president. dapmalaysia Tolong ambik 5 org ni jd ahli

Desperate moved by pengkhianat n kitul gang..seriously shitty.. Penakut betul. Baru mula perang saraf. Itu pun sudah goyang. 🤣🤣🤣 he was sacked fr Umno in 1969, 2008, and 2016. Each time, he brought down the PM who sacked him. Muhyiddin next. Kan elok geng MP 129 tu kumpul dalam satu dewan. Biar semua nampak, bukan atas SD yang boleh sepak ke hulu hilir.

Is this a joke or what? Illegitimate supreme council of Bersatu sacking legitimate chairman of Bersatu. Well..MuhyiddinYassin need to get this done by next parlimen seating..dia mmg tersepit skrg..silap2 bersatu dibubarkan..korg ingt dia saja2 kuarantin ke? Kahkah padan muka chedetofficial yg kau bela yg cantas ko..

FadzilahMamat Kena tubuh parti baru BERLIMA PANGLIMA pun okeh juga! Disband jerlah party nih 😂 🤭 What a shameful act! Sacked the founder?! OMG mmg berhati suci murni betul abah kau. hahaha 😂. air yg tenang jgn disangka tiada buaya. 🐊 This is because they are among the united members who do not agree with the current governmental changes led by the prime minister. Hopefully their political agenda will not affect the country. Malaysian Malaysian Politik

Sambil2 kuarantin je abah kau buat kerja..

Dr Mahathir, Mukhriz and three other MPs sacked from Bersatu | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, May 28 — Bersatu today sacked Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and four other MPs for not supporting the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government led by its chairman Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in May 18 Parliament sitting. According to a letter signed by Bersatu’s Executive Secretary Muhammad... What's ROS stand on this oh I'd HM holding ROS by d balls

Dr M, Mukhriz, Syed Saddiq sacked from PPBMLetters from the party say the MPs sat with the opposition bloc during the one-day Dewan Rakyat proceedings on May 18. FMTNews MahathirMohamad MukhrizMahathir SyedSaddiq PPBM Now Chair sitting is reason to be sacked seriously this is madness. Marzuki said Tun M chedetofficial sat in middle as an independent MP. Independent MP can be friendly to PN or PH that's their prerogative. Adan muke ?

PPBM pecat Dr M, Mukhriz dan Syed SaddiqDalam surat pemecatan yang dilihat FMT, Amiruddin Hamzah dan Maszlee Malik turut dipecat parti itu. FMTNews PPBM DrM Mukhriz SyedSaddiq Good riddance! Enough of these power crazy people! We have better things to sort out like Covid, Economy, ILLEGAL Immigrants. At least PN is doing better than PH and I voted for PH before. Join DAP pleaseeeee Malaysia is Islamic base country means that his good behavior must be always at the top like they show it. Some case of corruption make bad your reputation, and some Muslims countries start to have these problems

Ridiculous - Akhramsyah dismisses claim Bersatu to axe Dr M this weekHow can Muhyiddin request for a meeting now when he himself is under quarantine, the supreme council member asks. How does one find find in their heart to sack a founder member? Bak kata pepatah melayu, bagai melepas anjing tersepit....... Greedy for power!

Dr Mahathir bukan ahli Bersatu lagi, kata parti | The Malaysian InsightEmpat Ahli Parlimen Bersatu yang menyokong pembangkang juga digugurkan keahlian serta merta berkuat kuasa hari ini. dunno bout others, but mcm buang yg berguna diganti dgn yg rosak. Pengasas parti dipecat? Ini kah cara mereka2 ini hormat orang yang lebih tua dari mereka! Betapa rendahnya akhlak makhluk2 ini. Dia yang tubuhkan parti, lepas tu dia kena tendang dari parti! Macam mana ye

Bersatu sacks Dr Mahathir, 4 other MPs | The Malaysian InsightGroup sat with opposition during May 18 Parliament session. Orang semua expect lain.. lain pulak yg jadi. 😂 129 la sangat.