S'gor floods: PM blames weakness at state and district levels

Ismail Sabri says he was forced to intervene in unexpected floods.

20/1/2022 7:01:00 AM

'I need to emphasise that the floods in Selangor were unexpected and following weaknesses identified at the state and district levels, I was forced to intervene,' PM IsmailSabri60 told the Dewan Rakyat special sitting today.

Ismail Sabri says he was forced to intervene in unexpected floods.

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IsmailSabri60 Lol melayu (majoriti) masih bodoh IsmailSabri60 Weaknesses should be addressed by making findings from several independent experts, given mandates to do necessary inquiries. TORs to be written this is serious public administration matter, after the findings go through independent consultations.

IsmailSabri60 Regrettably, most of our political leaders are reluctant to accept responsibility n accountability should things go wrong in this country. Forever, pushing the blame on one another isn't a good idea at all. The citizens are the victims. IsmailSabri60 IsmailSabri60 A seasoned politicians only can say these with a straight face.

IsmailSabri60 The best PM ever. 🤩🤩😵 IsmailSabri60 Sabar je lah... tunggu GE15 ... IsmailSabri60 Joker spinning and now confusing all malaysian . IsmailSabri60 Ooo ya , selangor is not in malaysia IsmailSabri60 Sekarang masing2 tunjal dahi masing2.. Pahang dan negeri yang selalu banjir memang lah persediaan setiap tahun. Tapi di Selangor yang amatlah dekat dgn Putrajaya untuk tunjuk kan bertapa lembab nya respon dari kerajaan pusat..

IsmailSabri60 KerajaanGagal KerajaanCacamarba KerajaanTebukAtap KerajaanMelayuElit

PM Ismail Sabri thanks well wishers on his 62nd birthday | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Jan 18 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob has expressed his thanks to all who conveyed their well wishes and prayers in conjunction with his 62nd birthday today. “Thank you to all who sent their well wishes, prayers and greetings. I deeply appreciate it,” he posted... 🤣📩.Dato : Minstry Government. Lagu untuk mu ...? RESIGN

IsmailSabri60 Here's my reply to you Ismail bera IsmailSabri60 Hek eleh si penyu takde telinga ni. Macam babi IsmailSabri60 Tentolou Sabri forced to intervene, when his whole body was relaxing in aircon whilst victims hanyut. Sempat lagi thumbs up IsmailSabri60 We kinda expected our leaders to lead, not forced to intervene. 🤔

IsmailSabri60 I cant help but to call the PM BUTA PERUT! As how we orang Penang say IsmailSabri60 The glood happened because there are over developments and no proper control in the logging industry. IsmailSabri60 mynadma yang tak berfungsi, dia boleh salahkan kerajaan negeri, hahaha menteri2 Malaysia tak pernah lah nak bertanggungjawab atas kegagalan masing2,

IsmailSabri60 bantut program potong kek.. lembab betul kerajaan selangor ni.. betul2 udang.. IsmailSabri60 Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Revisionist ass. Step in konon. IsmailSabri60 PM tepi. Bukan PM malaysia

Take advantage of opportunities presented by RCEP, PM Ismail Sabri tells US businessesKUALA LUMPUR (Jan 19): Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob is hopeful that United States (US) businesses would take advantage of the vast investment opportunities presented by the Regional Economic Comprehensive Partnership (RCEP).In a meeting with the US-ASEAN Business Council (US-ABC) Wednesday, he said the RCEP is one of the enablers to help Malaysia revitalise domestic and international business activity.'The pandemic has made clear the importance of international trade and cooperation as well as the inter-linkages of regional Bab take advantage ni memang IsmailSabri60 pakar… sebab tu dia jadi PM.

IsmailSabri60 Pak lu IsmailSabri60 IsmailSabri60 Omg .. doomed w such mentality IsmailSabri60 Tapi apa yang kami nampak adalah RakyatJagaRakyat .. celah mana engko “intervene” IsmailSabri60 .. IsmailSabri60 Hey PM, 1. Don't say forced to intervene, as Selangor is under PM coverage too. 2. Pahang government didn't handle well. U don't dare comment on it, we know you're a coward. 3. Main weakness is YOU. So please resign.

IsmailSabri60 Seriously, forced? But you are the PM for the whole nation sir, not just the states under the same govt IsmailSabri60 It was NOT UNEXPECTED. Ask the Dept of Meteorology. IsmailSabri60 You were busy cutting cake! IsmailSabri60 Blame here and there! That's all your work as the PM. What about NADMA under PMO, never blame them too? Hmm 🤔 why?

IsmailSabri60 Selangor je ke? Banjir Pahang yg teruk tu apa cerita?!

Kenapa Ismail Sabri berdiam diri kes Azam Baki, tanya Ramasamy | The Malaysian InsightIni isu kepentingan negara, Ismail Sabri perlu pantas selesai kemelut ini, kata ketua menteri II Pulau Pinang. Ismail Sabri pon boleh arah AG untuk buka balek kes rasuah Lim Guan Eng! Kalau dia diam diri xdak dia kluar statement xkn kompromi kalau terbukti bersalah.dia beri ruang pada agensi menyiasat.bkn masa zaman PH. Dakwa pastu xleh buktikan gugur kes. Buang masa n duit kerajaan ja netizensedar The inquiry by Security Commission has been done. Why DAP needs all the questios all the time. He already gave his statement. The Prime Minister does not have to react to all allegedly said, and speculative political moves 😑

IsmailSabri60 IsmailSabri60 Asyik salah org je, tapi diri sendiri selalu space out, kalah Ahmad Mazlan. IsmailSabri60 Intervene immediately? Press conference was a few minutes to midnight AFTER your party meeting and cake cutting session. Med Dept warned about this monsoon months ago and you had some fancy parade too. Unexpected? More like unprepared by you and your government.

IsmailSabri60 IsmailSabri60 Oh wow… this is interesting to hear IsmailSabri60 You are the Weakest Link PM Turtles Eggs. IsmailSabri60 Probably delay by Nadma Selangor dan Selangor Army. So PM has to cancel his parties and celebrations. IsmailSabri60 Negeri Selangor dan Penang takkan buat silap. Depa ni dah tahap maksum

IsmailSabri60 U call special sitting to blame others? IsmailSabri60 You were FORCED? You are SUPPOSED to intervene. Are you not the PM?

Ramasamy persoal Ismail Sabri berdiam diri tentang kes Azam Baki[BERITA PENUH]https://www.themalaysianinsight.com/bahasa/s/362552Perdana Menteri Ismail Sabri Yaakob sepatutnya menyelesaikan kemelut ketua pesuruhjaya SPRM ... Same as RFID - Rhetoric Family In Denial KeluargaMalaysia = KeluargaSPRM Ditafsir sebagai Sekongkol..anwaribrahim KhalidSamad guanenglim GobindSinghDeo fahmi_fadzil _amiraaisya youngsyefura TI_Malaysia C4Center IDEASMalaysia zaidibrahim SyedSaddiq raishussin Ambiga_S MyDSA_official BodohBangang3 ShahrilHamdan IsmailSabri60 So many inputs given, still the public is asking for PM's actions/stands. What's up. Can I come in, kesian! PMOMalaysia RajaPetra jpmgov_ tokmatn9 DrZahidHamidi umnoonline TAK BOLEHLAH benda macam ini pun tak boleh hit!

So those very expensive advisors are only worthy of such low class statement? Not smart never mind. At least wrap yourself up with some smart assistants. So that they can at least help you look smart. Right? IsmailSabri60 Just...stop ohhmymalaysia IsmailSabri60 LoL dah almost sebulan lebih baru nak kasi komen. Ini betul2 PM lembab. Susun text satu2 ke dato?

IsmailSabri60 When moron talk... 'I'm indeed very happy, and review face to face contact' the stupidest words. So shame on you PM IsmailSabri60 Yes government had to intervene up to a point had to cancel ministers leave and call them back after so many had died. That your intervention. F*** kerajaangagal

IsmailSabri60 Kepada buto beliau IsmailSabri60 Giving lame excuses again, where in the world the flood will inform you that I am coming, what a thrash PM. Cannot even activate national disaster team in time IsmailSabri60 you see... I need to emphasize that the exam questions were unexpected. I was forced to take the exam and fail horribly, how can it be my problem?

IsmailSabri60 Giving lame excuses again, where in the world can u expect to sit and air for the flood, of course is unexpected, what a thrash PM IsmailSabri60 Useless PM ever. Just living through blame games. He was given the opportunity to make the country better, but he brings it to the deep sewer.

Everyone must accept SC decision, Ismail Sabri says | The Malaysian InsightPM says people should not ask for investigations, then still not be satisfied when the outcome does not go their way. What matters with you and court This simply shows the PM is so out of touch with the rakyat’s sentiments on the ground. Accept? Which one? Brother's account or that sob?

Not sure how to react to these headlines, Metrology state level? Disaster management state level? Well, sigh 😕 IsmailSabri60 Ya Allah aku x sanggup dahhh…sgt2 teraniaya dah kami ni. Zalim sgguh mereka ni Ya Allah.. IsmailSabri60 Selangor government may not experience because seldom hit by a big flood. But federal government should have experience because, EM every year also got serious flood. Unless they all the while never bother to take care lah

IsmailSabri60 One of the reasons why other countries don’t respect us anymore. 🥲 IsmailSabri60 SHIT!! IsmailSabri60 Who is useless? IsmailSabri60 Ismail is the best PM ever... Hahaha I never seen a PM who blames others so quickly when thinga go wrong.. This is the kind we need. Orang selangor fault.

IsmailSabri60 Pahang banjir+balak tak bertuan tu lagi ok katanya 🤣 IsmailSabri60 Bloody bullshit IsmailSabri60

Kerajaan Ismail Sabri pincang, kata Ramasamy | The Malaysian InsightGesaan perdana menteri supaya semua pihak terima keputusan SC berhubung kes Azam Baki mengejutkan, katanya. Anything is better than The DAP of Kit Sial and Gian Eng , time to Sack them or Lose the Party

IsmailSabri60 gagal. mengaku sahaja. tak perlu menyalahkan yang lain. siap boleh pergi dinner pekida bagai time banjir IsmailSabri60 The audacity. Dah la lambat. IsmailSabri60 Mana nak berlaku salah...rakyat bukan bodoh ! Allah swt maha mengetahui, jangan dilaknat.. IsmailSabri60 What kind of leader is this?

IsmailSabri60 Habis semua orang dia kencing. KerajaanGagal IsmailSabri60 What did he do then? Intervene how? IsmailSabri60 What about Pahang? It was worse than Selangor. IsmailSabri60 What we have is a govt full of incompetent people who are trying to teach us the more educated and capable people on what is right and wrong. I have very very low view of any govt agency cos it is a sinking ship. Never will work for the govt and neither will my children

IsmailSabri60 Same old, blame the others but not me ~ IsmailSabri60 Intervene my $$

IsmailSabri60 Rather than using this Special Parliamentary Sitting to unite, the PM continues to divide and deflect blame. Clearly not fit to lead. IsmailSabri60 Incompetence & unresponsive in handling flood is a failure Not having the guts & accountability to face the failure would be another failure