S'gor cops confirm SOP breach in a viral dancing video of a Bersatu event

S'gor cops confirm SOP breach in a viral dancing video of a Bersatu event

29/7/2021 4:02:00 AM

S'gor cops confirm SOP breach in a viral dancing video of a Bersatu event

Confirming SOP violations in the video, the Selangor police chief says the event organisers have been questioned.

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When IP (Investigation Paper) reaches Attorney General, no further action. This is PN double standard. Forklift and tow truck standby for pickup hippo. Parade them on handcuffs to the courthouse. No special privileges for the guilty. Rakyat mahukan supaya mereka semua ditangkap, dipakaikan baju lokap, digari, dirantai & berkaki ayam seperti rakyat marhaen yang direman atas kesalahan melanggar SOP. AntaraDuaDarjat DoubleStandard

This is what is happening in Malaysia, SOP not following how to fight this pandemic? Confirming breach? Yes yes yes....we all have eyes to see. Apa lagi keluar kan kompaun seorang RM1000, RM 2000 tak sesuai sbb ahli parti kayangan. Beribu-ribu tu utk org kampung yg tambat lembu saja. Take the necessary action against each n everyone of them for breaching the relevant law.

How did they even had the approval to conduct an event? Why can’t the party president understand the rule is for everybody. Nobody above the law but in Malaysia POLITiCIANS can do any shut any pay RM1500 max Why people cannot stay at home ❓ Nak tengok jugak baju merah tu tukar baju oren...mana tahu lps tukar baju oren dia gelek laju sikit...😅

Selangor cops confirm Covid-19 SOP breach in Bersatu women’s wing viral hotel dance clip | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, July 28 — Selangor police chief Datuk Arjunaidi Mohamed said today a viral video that showed members of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia women’s wing dancing has indicated a breach of Covid-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs). He said the Selangor police has already called up... Right! Now 40 days of investigations and refer to AGC for decision. Ni yang berdangdut tu kan ? when policemen didn't know they'd grow up to have to watch if women dancing had broken sops.

We only see probes being carried out but the.................. (you know what the rest are) Same energy please. Each and everyone of them overweight with rakyat's money. find that fucking red whale!!! Put all the faces and names in the news. Make sure each and everyone of them get the same treatment as how the authorities treat the rakyat who went for praying! FYI one is praying another one is enjoying!

Bodoh betul la …sampai skrng tak tau SOP…BERSATU MEMANG BEBAL HINGGA NAK MAMPUS …. Organising such event during this critical period of fmco emco mco whatever phases we are into now is already wrong. The plp are staying home but the official is having dancing party? Actually how far their stupidity can go Bikin panas

Charge Rina Harun for letting this happen.

MPs not immune from Covid-19 SOP while in Parliament, says SpeakerPETALING JAYA: MPs are not immune from compound notices if they are found flouting the Covid-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs) in Parliament, says Datuk Azhar Azizan Harun. Sini sana sini

Police complete probe into SOP breach during Aidiladha prayer | The Malaysian Insight84 detained released on police bail pending further instructions from the deputy public prosecutor.

Police nab 465 people for various SOP violationsPUTRAJAYA: Police have arrested 465 individuals for various standard operating procedure (SOP) violations. Emergency ordinance revoked

Medical association wants flexible SOP enforcement as clinics get overwhelmedWith the numbers of patients sometimes beyond expectation, consideration from the authorities is needed.

Menari langgar SOP, polis rakam percakapan penganjur - Utusan DigitalUMnasional PDRM sop Terdahulu, tular sebuah video menunjukkan beberapa peserta program berkenaan menari-nari sambil tidak memakai pelitup muka dan menjaga penjarakan fizikal. bulan puasa ... selangor tak boleh gi tarawih ramai2. tapi geng bunga buat pesta menari. Senyap mcm tu jer lah nanti.. You are more transparent now. Keep it up, nnti kami boleh subscribe