Rosmah free to travel after court allows temporary release of passport

Rosmah free to travel after court allows temporary release of passport

15/10/2021 5:51:00 AM

Rosmah free to travel after court allows temporary release of passport

KUALA LUMPUR: Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor has been allowed a temporary release of her passport for her to travel to Singapore to visit her pregnant daughter who is expected to deliver soon.

(pic)has been allowed a temporary release of her passport for her to travel to Singapore to visit her pregnant daughter who is expected to deliver soon.The High Court here on Friday (Oct 15) allowed the application by Rosmah, who is currently on trial for graft, for the temporary release of her travel document after it was informed that the prosecution was not objecting to it.

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Justice Mohammed Zaini Mazlan made the order for Rosmah’s passport to be returned to her on Friday (Oct 15) and that it must be returned to the court before or by Dec 6. Read more: The Star »

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lanciao la🖕🏻typical Malaysia law Give the passport to her. Why be evil? Have a heart. Give it to her. Antara kenapa pesalah dihukum dan ditarik hak mereka adalah untuk menimbulkan kesedaran dan rasa bersalah kepada pesalah. Insaf. Tapi kalau pesalah masih diberi keistimewaan camni, tak kira dah sabit atau belum, sampai mati pun orang camni tak akan insaf. Good job....

Someone should carry a banner at the Singapore immigration : HAIL THE CONVICTS is she going to Indonesia again to meet .....😏 Dah mula dah guys, hilang lah sorang2 setan nih ok la..mean we rakyat also can do the same! Wow - pregnant pun boleh visit - msian struggle in spore to balik pun tak boleh … msia bole. Buat jer apa nak buat.

Tindakan yang jelas mencerminkan apa yang akan berlaku bila kuasa politik dapat menjangkau segala batasan At least she’s smiling now Go shopping overseas yay!

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Poor exercise of discretion by Yang Arif Mohammed Zaini. The appearance of justice is as important as justice itself. Next she'll get a month off to travel for a lipo in Australia. Rakyat biasa vs Elit Rakyat biasa - tidak boleh keluar negeri, anak, mak/ayah, suami/isteri Elit - Shopping boleh, lawat anak boleh, semua boleh Double Standard

Have a good trip to S.pore. Amin. No surprise there- WHY BOTHER WITH COURTS N JUDGES UNDER THIS KERAJAAN GAGAL- WASTE OF TAXPAYERS MONEY ONLY !! double standard ohhhh double standard Alhamdulillah Next headline .. Rosmah Free! fucking bullshite

Court allows release of passport so Rosmah could fly to SingaporeShe will be in the republic to attend to her daughter's birth. I thought I read this story already, but I remembered that it's about another UMNO fella. Wonder what will be released next. 👏👏👏👏 Boleh la..terbang2

Rosmah dibenar ambil semula pasport untuk ke Singapura | The Malaysian InsightHakim berkata beliau perlu menyerahkannya kembali sebelum 6 Disember.

Rosmah gets passport back but only for travel to Singapore | The Malaysian InsightNajib Razak's wife is allowed to leave country for no more than a month. Wow.... The question is can everyone equally do this in court? So this treatment can also be received by all Malaysian citizen?

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Court grants Rosmah passport for Singapore trip to be with daughter who’s giving birth to second child | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Oct 15 — The High Court today allowed Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor to temporarily take back her passport so she can go to Singapore to be with her pregnant daughter when the latter gives birth. Judge Mohamed Zaini Mazlan granted the order after hearing the application from Rosmah’s... Can kirim murtabak ZamZam or not? Pung pang psl bangsa agama jgn jd cam singapore last2 anak bersalin kat singapore..what a joke!! Memang bangsat!!Terima kasih for the malaysia law and the law maker ! Now we know were the poor and normal people like us stand. The law is only for the people like us..for the politicians and families are all above the law..