RM6m to Yayasan Akalbudi a donation, not a bribe for project - lawyer

This is the answer when the judge queries Zahid's lawyer.

20/9/2021 5:35:00 PM

RM6m to Yayasan Akalbudi a donation, not a bribe for project - lawyer

This is the answer when the judge queries Zahid's lawyer.

Zahid’s (above) counsel, Hamidi Mohd Noh, said this in response to a question by High Court judge, Collin Lawrence Sequerah, on why the RM6 million was channelled to YAB if the money was meant as a political donation.The question was posed to Hamidi when he was... 

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Hahahaha Why didnt I get donation instead ? Oh ya you are Home Minister and DPM then. Means you abuse your position for personal gratifications ? Making the law fit the facts. Can … Our leaders are so broke, they literally rely on donation for living… now it start to make sense why so many of us are staying around poverty line.

The key word is “donation”. Next time just ♻️ it. You say ma……. RM10 to RM100K are bribe...more than RM100K their named DONATION...aiyaaa that mean our bussiness man and polticians are too poor sampai mengemis kat orang luar... It’s a donation if get caught lah.. So, a guy got stopped by traffic police for speeding. He was allowed to go after he gave some donations to the policeman. So what the heck do we have an Anti Bribery And Corruption (ABAC) Policy for? We don't have corruption, we just have lots of generous donations!

Having to explain a 'donation' says something is wrong. Question is will the cell be next to or opposite to Mr Saudi donation. Of cos as Malaysia is this reality show, both could be sipping sparkling grape juice in celebration of dodging the book being thrown at them.

Datasonic’s RM6 million to Zahid’s charity foundation is political donation, says lawyer | The Malaysian InsightAmount not meant as rewards for appointing company for government contracts, court hears. Same excuse with jibbi Semua corruption = donation when made known ! haha In accounting proverbs: there is no such thing as a free lunch

Tangkap sajat lagi penting. Benda takat rasuah ni apa de hal. Kerajaan Isle dah ada dalil baru karang. Hoping someday I can receive some donations also 🙏🙏 Why no one donates money to me? Yep ....never 'heard' that before Butoh.. Here we go 😂😂😂 Puak pakatanharapan Yang hancing kepanasan 👏👏👏🤲 mashaAllah... baru ana tau

Hehehe. That's what Jibby said too, donation from Saudi. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

RM6 juta Datasonic kepada yayasan amal Zahid sumbangan politik, kata pembela | The Malaysian InsightTidak ada tuntutan atau permintaan “atau apa pun bentuk rayuan” yang telah dibuat oleh Ahmad Zahid, kata peguam pembela. yayasan tu wujud ke? 6 juta sumbangan yayasan x akal ni buat apa? Agenda dunia politik kotor.. Kepentingan peribadi lebih utama dari kepentingan negara.. Berlumba lumba merebut kuasa, Menabur janji janji kosong Hina menghina, Sudah menang Janji tinggal janji, Bersenang senang di dunia yg hanya sementara Diakhirat lebih lah akan binasa

Auta It is only don,t Nation, it just a ‘Sum’ bangan so judge summarize all in a real lizardzation that biawak under kepupusan so need a sactuarian. Not a bribe. For sure. Just joking. World will fools you, not a metter. Dh mcm plot drama Law School pulak hahaha nice zahid 👍🏻 If the Yayasan is a charitable foundation, then he must show the proof what charities did the foundation contribute and how much. Who were the recipients? By the way, Did he admit that cheques were mistakenly issued by the Yaysan to pay his credit cards bills?

RM 2.6 billion is a donation RM 6 million is a donation RM 600 is a bribe. Sure, we all believe you.

RM9.5m not for Shafee’s role as DPP in Anwar’s sodomy case - witnessesThe lawyer claimed it was for legal services rendered to Najib, BN. not to be left out from the “cluster crowd” here is najib’s defense lawyer with his very own court case, this must be the ultimate anywhere on earth… hey, that’s malaysia folks….

Chong Wei's donation will benefit people around Bukit Mertajam, says Health DGBUTTERWORTH: The RM234,000 donation to the Bukit Mertajam Hospital for upgrading works by Datuk Lee Chong Wei will be able to benefit people living in the area, says Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah.

Under-fire Australian minister resigns over anonymous donation | Malay MailSYDNEY, Sept 19 — An under-fire Australian minister who accepted an anonymous donation to sue public broadcaster ABC after it published rape allegations against him has resigned, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced today. The accusation that an unnamed senior government minister raped a... In Malaysia we have a plausible senior economic minister post for a convicted criminal Qasim ditunjukkan dalam mimpinya pada tahun 2015, bahawa umat Islam akan sangat terguncang dan akhirnya saling berselisih, jika mereka tidak mempercayai mimpi tersebut. Banyak mimpi Qasim kini berubah menjadi kenyataan. Begitu juga ramai Muslim memanggilnya sebagai Imam Al-Mahdi. Mimpi Muhammad Qasim mengesahkan bahawa masa Imam Al-Mahdi sudah dekat. Malhama (Perang Dunia) yang hebat, Dajjal (Anti-Kristus), Ya’juj Ma’juj, tanda-tanda utama kiamat tidak jauh. Adakah Muhammad Qasim itu Mahdi?

Rep wants transparency in major Cameron Highlands projectsThere are plans for a theme park and a mixed development project. In Penang everthing transparent “transparency” is a word politicians indiscriminately used in order to look and sound good about themselves, and then they go whoring themselves into signing “we’ll-sell-our-mothers-even-if-we’ve too” mou…