Riza gave up all his assets to start anew, says Najib

Riza gave up all his assets to start anew, says Najib

22/5/2020 10:23:00 AM

Riza gave up all his assets to start anew, says Najib

Ex-premier claims he would have preferred his stepson continue with court process to allow the 'real facts' to surface.

-Ex-premier Najib Abdul Razak would have preferred his stepson Riza Aziz to clear his name in court but understands why the latter settled for a plea bargain deal with the Attorney-General’s Chamber (AGC). Read more: malaysiakini.com »

Now that the dust has almost settled, it's time to plan the next heist. It's so simple to pay back a fraction and get DNAA again. Malaysia Boleh!! Talk cock Riza ni anak aku ke anak najib ngn Ex dia? Shoplifter that return good also have to do time...... owh okay just nice.... wtf Joke of the day 😂 Not go to jail first like other normal convicts ? How about those who stole a can of sardine, or a bottle of milk powder due to poverty?

My my what a stand up person. “His” asset....wow....😂😂😂 Only in Malaysia where elite kléptēs gone scott-free easily. The land of many wonders. Too bad, it’s always the opposite for the marhaen. But, like always those “rakyat” are just okay with this, right? With their Janji Isle bukan DAP mentality.

Only in Malaysia kléptēs gone scott-free easily. The land of many wonders. Too bad, it’s always the opposite for the marhaen. But, like always those “rakyat” are just okay with this, right? With their Janji Isle bukan DAP mentality. His assets Seriously He bloody stole it la!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Aset² dia yg yerkaeit dgn 1MDB mmg dah kene sita kat US pun... So dia nak serah aset mane? Aset yg sama? So M'sia diperbodohkan laa.. Sbb aset yg kene sita tu mmg tunggu masa nak dipulangkan..

Great joke! The will show how Najib's case will be handled. Gone like a wind! What. Are you expecting sympathy? Sembang mcm gajah bole terbang.Bulan posa bahasa ala ala suci walhal haprak😀😀 NajibRazak assets from stolen money are not his assets. Is that going to his plea bargain too Tak kesian pun. And bukan apa rakyat nak. Injustice

What about his personal tax? Did he settle it? You mean all the assets are belong to him? Wow...then why should he give up if its rightfully and legally own by him? Come on man...this must be yet another joke of the century! Guys wake up man...how the hell he own such huge amount of money? And did he ever pay his tax?

KNNBCCBHKCHKKLTNMKCH!!!! ALL? hmmmmm... Ko mmg mcm trump. dan pengikut ko pon mcm pengikut trump wah...manyak beza nasib pencuri vip dgn pencuri marhaen...undang² sama tp x serupa Right. If you say so. He can do so after he received severe punishment for his crime. Just giving up assets is not enough since it's not his in the the first place.

Jib dah mengaku rupanya.....ok la....kerajaan boleh lelong bag bag yang dirampas tu jugak .... I like this phrase 'his assets'...when are they going to declare it as stolen assets? Will you give up all your loot to start anew? Then urs is thru 'donation' Start anew? So easy? Poor people steal milk got jail term, what is this man?! Where justice gone?!

Gave up whats not his at the first place..start from bottom like everyone else curi roti masuk penjara doh All his assets, save it for your groupies Wool sheeeet Yeah? What assets? From what job? Let’s look at the tax return. 🖕🏿 Propa lebih. Being the family's black sheep does have major benefits.Unprecedented.BRAVO..

Yang ni kencing deras ... Since we cut Riza a deal, we might as well believe that everything Najib says is true too! New Dumb & Dumber Episode NajibRazak U mean all the stolen money he returned? I think that is not even half the amt he stole from the Govt. Meaning he really steal? Kalau Tak Salah, apasal give up? Hundred of million. NajibRazak

Assets acquired from stolen money Ooo so xperlu masuk penjara ke lepas mencurik? Oo mcm tu rupanya Don’t worry dude.. Your asset is safe in overseas, just surrender a fraction of your asset here will do. you can be the hero again. Here is the place where u can steal and surrender and then u can live peacefully again. You’re above the law. 😎

Bullshit la Najib Malaysian politics is a big fucking joke. What a joke Those assets were already seized by the US DOJ. So, he has no say whether to return them or not. What about those still in his possession, will he return them, I think he won’t, and by the way, he should be punished for his crimes. 😡😡😡

Bermakna memang wujudnya salah laku guna dana 1MDB oleh Najib dlm membiaya penerbitan filem Wolf of Wall Street oleh anak tiri beliau....woww ! Dlm mksud lain, anak aku bersalah sbb selera ikut bapak Do they really think they have the superpower to make the rakyat dumb enough to believe that. At least he has to sumpah (again) to prove lah...

as simple as that... What assets? He stole it ain’t ur asset if it’s stolen And many people still believe Najib & his blatant lies. Oh Malaysiaku. From now on, all those who committed money laundering offenses should seek the Riza Aziz Deal. Just claim to pay back & start anew. All assets? How do we know? These people have been telling so much lies.

Rakyat bukan bodoh laa Penyelewengan barua chedetofficial selama 22 tahun apa cerita Duit terus hilang Pui Give up “his assets”......wtf 🤢 can we do that as well? Get caught, return and pretend nothing happens. Takkan la bodoh sgt Maybe he has got some 'conscience'.How about you n ur fren Jho Low..Dh kebas duit rakyat berbillion billion..Skrg rakyat tgh tenat tkde keje,duit nk raya pon tk cukup.Awak plak tgk enjoi gn duit curik harta rakyat.chedetofficial anwaribrahim guanenglim raishussin SyedSaddiq

worst thing than najib is his people still believe his shit!!! what a joke 😂 Must pay for the wrong first before starting anew wtffffff!!! and his people would believe his shit!!! im lost of words to describe najib's behavior this day. seriously!! Hoi ...so suda alim la tu ...assets tu dia beli pakai duit bapak kau ke ...?.....waaaa senang nya lepas ....malu la sikit ...kau curi ...kau tak mengaku...pas tu bayar sikit ...aku suda alim. 😁

kenapa nak serahkan aset kalau dia tak bersalah. NajibRazak u think we are stupid? He needs to rot in jail. Kepala butoh lu Tipu lagi !

Najib akui lebih suka Riza terus proses mahkamah rungkai fakta sebenarPada 18 November 2019, peguam Riza menghantar surat representasi memohon semua pertuduhan terhadap beliau dikaji semula. FMTNews NajibRazak AMLA 1MDB 'pepandai laa kamu, abah dah tak larat nak naik court' Dia menerima bukan mencuri...😁 Jika sewaktu roadblock, perasuah bagi RM supaya tak disaman dan anggota berkenaan 'menerima' RM itu , itu bukan rasuah juga tetapi menerima saguhati. Fakta benar ?

Ex-1MDB chief says trusted Jho Low '100%' as he was close to NajibShahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi says Low Taek Jho had access to Najib Razak's home in Taman Duta and gave him the contacts of the former PM's assistants. FMTNews 1MDB NajibRazak I really hate this guy. A mastermind broker. Maybe he's the one curi and other people who associate with him thinks that they are the same. Like farid kamil case. Because of his friend, he is arrested. Hidup Melayu (tapi Cina dibelakang).

Anwar bidas SPRM isu penyelesaian kes Riza AzizAnwar menyertai pimpinan PH lain yang mempersoalkan pelepasan bersyarat untuk Riza Aziz bagi mendapatkan kembali lebih RM400 juta wang yang dikaitkan dengan 1MDB. FMTNews AnwarIbrahim After reading the media statement by the current AG, we understand who made the decision. The chronology of event is there to support.

Dr M says he is surprised by PMO statement on Riza Aziz casePETALING JAYA: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he is surprised with a media statement stating the Prime Minister was not involved in the decision to grant a discharge not amounting to an acquittal to Riza Shahriz Abdul Aziz.

Lawyer files bid to quash DNAA of Riza Aziz in 1MDB-linked money laundering caseSessions Court erred in law when granting Riza's DNAA, says counsel Shaharudin Ali.​ Fabulous 👌 There is a noble learned man still around ! Go all out En Sharuddin . Salute you and God Bless You🙏🙏🙏

Lawyer wants High Court to review Riza Aziz's dischargeShaharudin Ali applies for the High Court to rule whether the Sessions Court judge had exercised his discretion correctly in allowing the prosecution’s application to discharge Riza Aziz. FMTNews GopalSriRam