Resolve Sabah quarantine centre issues, don't play blame game - Najib tells DAP MP

Resolve Sabah quarantine centre issues, don't play blame game - Najib tells DAP MP

25/5/2020 10:17:00 AM

Resolve Sabah quarantine centre issues, don't play blame game - Najib tells DAP MP

CORONAVIRUS | He says the Kota Kinabalu MP should have taken action over the last two months to fix the issue.

-CORONAVIRUS | Kota Kinabalu MP Chan Foong Hin should have used the time since the terrible conditions at the Covid-19 quarantine centres in Sabah came to light almost two months ago to resolve the issue instead of finding excuses to blame the federal government, said former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak.

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Siapa yang prepare tempat dia lah yang jawab Like how you played the blame game throwing it on jho low when basically you and him are the mastermind behind this 1MDB scandal. You not 5 year old kid NajibRazak . Don’t act so holy and innocent. NajibRazak limkitsiang guanenglim MuhyiddinYassin HishammuddinH2O Khairykj Now COVID19, can U troublemaker politicians just SHUT UP ON NONSENSICAL POLITICS & WORK TOGETHER (!!!) 2get our economy moving? Sack useless Ministers & employ BRAIN Ministers, Rakyat needs help NOW!

NajibRazak, you can be a good Opposition Leader. 👌 Why don't you donate yr ill-gotten billions to improve the centers. Talk is cheap Resolve kes2 kat mahkamah segera. Jangan bagi macam2 alasan nak tangguh. Ada api Diam !! Bila salah diorang, don't play blame game. Blaming games and blame DAP?such a childish act,please settle your case first NR as you are in the kandang tertuduh and pleaselah dont interfere PM8 work

Why don’t you concentrate on your case instead of giving your opinions where it’s not needed! Hey.. Go back and think deep of 1mdb. In the absence of MuhyiddinYassin NajibRazak steps in as relief prime minister. What's next? Will Najib Razak go to see his friend the Agong to get himself appointed as PM9?

Y trying to be so busy body?🤔🙂 Wtf is this crook even talking abt politics? Lol Don’t play the blame game. Don’t blame others. Don’t blame saying too busy. Don’t blame and accept responsibilities. It spoilers to you too Najib. 😏 A talking, walking piece of Najis. This is how low Malaysian politic has fallen - down to the sewage.

Tebrau MP says he spurned Perikatan’s offer of minister’s post | The Malaysian InsightPKR's Steven Chong dismisses rumours of his defection as attempts to discredit him.

PKR’s Johor MP denies quitting party, claims rejected ministerial post from Perikatan Nasional | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, May 24 — Tebrau MP Steven Choong has denied that the new EcoSocial Movement was meant to pave the way for his exit from PKR, pointing out that he had even turned down a ministerial post from the Perikatan Nasional (PN) coalition. Choong went on to explain that the new movement is a... Slalunye mreka yg bole kekal dn tidak khianat kpd parti ni kluster ahli bawahan yg kental sbb tkda kepentingan

MP SPEAKS | M'sia should learn from Germany's interfaith toleranceImam Mohamad Taha Sabry says crises bring people together. Malaysia has been better off with it's eastern values. No point in looking up to kwai lohs. There's no chance that's going to happen in Malaysia because extremists and terrorists like NajibRazak DrZahidHamidi and abdulhadiawang are now part of Malaysia's Perikatan Nasional government that was appointed by the Agong. Not even in 100 years time. Now the two hyenas are in packs expect the worse.

Tebrau MP denies leaving PKR, claims he turned down minister postRumours were circulating that he formed an NGO for use as an 'exit tool' from PKR, and plans to join Gerakan. A politician must possess Integrity n never an opportunist. Serve the rakyat diligently who put you in office. Without them you are nobody. Ok well done.

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Wong Chen tells PPBM MP to retract remarks on GST refundWillie Mongin had claimed Wong Chen told him to 'toe the line' when he said the RM19 billion was not missing. FMTNews GST Only muppets believed dapmalaysia & guanenglim when they said the funds were stolen. 😂😂😂