Report: PN gov't asked exec who spoke up on 1MDB to leave MPOB

Report: PN gov't asked exec who spoke up on 1MDB to leave MPOB

5/4/2020 7:00:00 PM

Report: PN gov't asked exec who spoke up on 1MDB to leave MPOB

'Exec who spoke up on 1MDB told to leave, exec in SRC controversy brought in.'

-The Perikatan Nasional government has reportedly asked Bakke Mohd Salleh, who is known to be among the few people within 1MDB who spoke up before it devolved into a global scandal, to resign as the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) chairperson.The Straits Times

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reported that Bakke (above

If this is PN... Rakyat will be very certain who to vote in the next election PN need to openly declare their policy in regards GLC appointments. Why are people who spoke up on 1MDB targeted ? Stop spinning MKini about MPOB Chairman. To my knowledge he is the Chairman of MPOB and at the same time also chairman of FELDA. As you can see there is a conflict of interest as MPOB is a regulatory body on oil palm while Felda is in the oil palm plantation business.

This is clear prove that kleptorats are back in power. This is what you get from back door illegitimate government. A government who is NOT elected by people. The game is back again! My buddy said this “My view Bakke should step down from MPOB. He’s conflicted sebab he is also Chairman of Felda. MPOB is a regulatory for plantation and Felda is in the plantation business. This was an oversight from previous govt tapi Bakke could not say no.” I concur!

Consolidation in progress. MukhrizMahathir MuhyiddinYassin what’s happening here? Are we supporting 1MDB scandal and the kleptos criminals back again? Please DO NOT cheat & fool us again. We have had enough. ENOUGH! 😡😡😡 Something is not correct about PN govt. There is a limit to everything. Stop these politics during this pendemic Covid-19. Serve the rakyat first. No rakyat, no government!

MuhyiddinYassin This gov doesn’t care for principles or the people, apparently. Sheraton boys and PM, so you have people's interest at heart? Yang songlap terus songlap. Gr8! Everything getting back in place for the stealing. Keep stealing. Wonder why not enough ventilators or hospitals or why people r poor and dying? Keep voting BN next election.

MuhyiddinYassin do you know what's happening behind your back? Mkini, watch this guy AhmadAh28652787. He is the real islamophobe, racist n terrorist!! He is a confirmed hindu terrorist whose main agenda to demonise ISLAM n muslims. He/Isis/immoral politicians/pundekLTTEhindu terrorist control masses by manipulatng religion to gain benefit

AhmadAh28652787 is a confirmed hindu terrorist funded by LTTE Modi the killer. Wonder what is yr name definitely not Ahmad. Bad politicians are politicians. They hv nothing to do with ISLAM. Do not demonise ISLAM or Malay. U a the real islamophobe, racist n terrorist!! Who is this uhus88 bugger? Racist? Hindu terrorist? Xtian pagan?Bhuddist killer monk? Politicians n elitetists will USE religion, race card to garner support. Malays nvr butchered n killed the minorities unlike in India, China, Myanmar etc. Dont demonise n hate the Malays

Soon UNMO back in business and Najib back to kill the country. Run all before it is too late. Malaysia has not hoped if they still want champions Malay. Apa salahnya dia nak cakap Ou beloved country Malaysia will not move forward progress with this bunch satan 😈 and evils greedy politicians to run the country .

Soon NajibRazak and his wife Rosmah Mansor and all their 1MDB running dogs will be declared innocent by the Malay-Islamofascists and their running dogs who got themselves appointed as PM and Ministers by the Agong. Are you happy anwaribrahim wanazizah and your running dogs? Shame & Sad, chedetofficial , u must take down your 2nd man MuhyiddinYassin , look at what has happened ... u all told me not to believe corrupted UMNO 2 yrs ago & I voted Bersatu for PH ... I was betrayed, Kleptocrat is coming back ...

It’s an international case and does the world know what’s happening in Malaysia Yo. The good guys are all sacked. Kleptocrats are back in business. To those who walk out of PH because of 'Janji Melayu', I hope you know that you are putting Malaysia back in kleptocrats' hand. 🎃 Ok jer ni dia orang kaya raya ., yg ph tak sambung akan pekerja SPad dulu tu., banyak yg kena turun gaji pun ada ., apa cerita .. menangis budak spad ., ada kau kesah.. Mk nampak sangat tolol di sini

Alarm as numerous CIMB customers report missing fundsNSTnation: Many have taken to social media to share screen captures of their bank account transaction history documenting the alleged unsanctioned withdrawals. I think they are charging interest too. Like RM6.90 in the article becomimg Rm6.97. That's insane. Times that by few thousands or even millions?!! Easy money indeed...😑 I hope my CIMB Bank account it's ok.. cause I didn't even check yet..

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Report: Over 200 Rohingya refugees land in LangkawiA villager spotted the wooden boat and alerted the MMEA, according to a report. Malaysia Marine please help to take care our coast and protect our lands, have to stop invaders KKMPutrajaya IsmailSabri60 tolong pastikan mereka ditempatkan di pusat kuarantin! Thank God they are safe