Report: PM Muhyiddin informs Bersatu MPs of decision to resign tomorrow | Malay Mail

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Report: PM Muhyiddin informs Bersatu MPs of decision to resign tomorrow

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 15 — Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is expected to tender his resignation to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong tomorrow.reported that Muhyiddin informed of his decision during a high-level meeting with Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia leaders this morning

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Md Yusof told the online news portal that Muhyiddin informed the MPs that he had exhausted all avenues to sustain his administration and resigning was the last resort. “We just finished the meeting. Tomorrow, there will be a special Cabinet meeting. After that, he will head to Istana Negara to submit his resignation,” Redzuan said.


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Here comes Azmin

LimSiChing Ego, emotion n greed wins over common sense as LGE rejects without even considering! I am not surprised at all as to me, LGE never has brain and is always egotis n emotional. The brains in dap are always Ong Kian Ming n Tony Pua, and LGE is always know foe ego n emotion only

Good riddance......!

xavierjayakumar you are a hopeless disappointment...

Hope the next PM will resign, too.. i.e. upon pressure from opposition.. and the cycle goes on.. and on.. and on.. hahaha..!!!

He’s installing one of his own if that’s true. But a vote of confidence will be needed. If moo has only 100, I doubt his chosen successor has more.

Welcome back najib and umno

Don't be to happy yet or the car can't fly.

OMG I'm crying... Why 😂😂😂😂

Without mandate, and will never test it.

Duit vaksin dh msuk smlm?

Good Riddance!


Bagus...but can get the 2 robbers in jail first ka

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Malaysia Latest News, Malaysia Headlines

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Framing PM's offer as bribery, opposition to lodge police and MACC reports'Instead of resigning, Muhyiddin made offers and inducements to MPs.' Mahiaddin offered positions to UMNO to create internal factions and conflict within UMNO and make them weaker, while he thrives on UMNO’s disunity. Now, he is using the same dirty tactics to PH and other opposition parties to create internal cracks. It is a clear bribe, things that should have been done is being just confused if PM means Prime Minister or Penipu Masyarakat.. Kabinet PN ini telah melakukan jenayah-jenayah berikut: 1. Jenayah derhaka keatas YDPA 2. Jenayah perlembagaan 3. Jenayah ekonomi 4. Jenayah sosial 5. Jenayah kesihatan 6. Jenayah keselamatan 7. Jenayah politik Jenayah, adalah jenayah. Nobody is above the law.
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PKR Youth urges MACC to investigate Muhyiddin for bribery | The Malaysian InsightPM making offers to MPs instead of resigning after losing majority support, say complainants. LOL. MACC still relevant? Anyway, our Abah was merely making a 'pitch sale', not bribe lah. Mata tu bukak besaq-besaq lah.
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Muhyiddin to quit tomorrow, Bersatu leader confirms | The Malaysian Insight\nPrime minister to adddress nation after meeting with the king on Monday. New coalition PH = 88 Warisan= 8 Pejuang= 4 Bebas= 2 Gps = 18 Upko= 1 PSB = 2 PBS = 1 PBRS = 1 Total = 125 MPs ( Tidak termasuk MP dari UMNO) *Sumber Tidak sahih Hopefully no more magic during this final hours. so siapa akan jd pm?
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