Report: Ministers and AG head to PM's house

Report: Ministers and AG head to PM's house

29/7/2021 9:36:00 AM

Report: Ministers and AG head to PM's house

This follows a harsh rebuke from the palace about the supposedly revoked emergency ordinances.

According to government-owned Bernama TV, they began arriving at 1.30pm - an hour before the Dewan Rakyat sitting was scheduled to resume. Read more: »

Unimap becomes first public university to conduct research on hemp cultivation

ARAU (Bernama) - Universiti Malaysia Perlis (Unimap) has become the first public university in the country to conduct research on hemp (a member of the cannabis sativa plant) as an agricultural product with the potential of being economically developed in the future.

Why is the AG there? Isn’t he suppose to be independent Everyday it shows the kerajaan of Msia is there for THEMSELVES! Bcoz of wealth / power / status & lifestyle ..mereka tak akan resign!!! Hidupan rakyat...they never ever give a damn !!! Makan puas puas that’s their motto Kenduri nih... boleh door to door ke? Kenapa tak boleh bincang di parliament?

SOP mana diorang ciduk nih woiiii Pandemic mana boleh visiting....ikut laaa SOP wei .... Why is AA so quiet. Isn't he one of the master mind What time resign The PM and all ministers must resign. Let a new line up take over. Need a fresh line up not the same old goons.. gathering is legal KANTOI

Police report lodged after confusion over vaccine receivedThe report was filed by a reporter as his consent form and vaccine appointment card showed different vaccines.

Berkumpul ramai-ramai utk cari helah pula. House party y'all Aik? I thought parliament was under lock-down? So all these ministers have broken the law by leaving the parliament DGHisham KKMPutrajaya PDRMsia MarkasATM ARREST THEM! anwaribrahim GobindSinghDeo ramkarpal MSabu_Official Penasihat undang²

Swab test. DGHisham Kalau xberpegang pd Rukun Negara letak jawatan lah weyyy...menyusahkan jerr So ni kira ziarah jgk ke caner? Hiks! 🤪 Sikit2 lari ke rumah PM … bincang mcm mana nak jaga pangkat… WTF Hi DGHisham diorang ni lepas keluar dari parlimen. Tangkap, saman dan hantar diorang balik ke parlimen. Ke tak boleh?

DAP member lodges MACC report against four Penang party leaders | New Straits TimesGEORGE TOWN: A DAP lifetime member lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) against four state party leaders for alleged misappropriation, graft and criminal breach of trust (CBT) involving several million ringgit since 2018.

He won't be there. Cirit birit part 2 now kerajaanmuhyiddingagal that’s the fact. Now let the new ruler, carry forward the JOB ASAP, no longer delays DGHisham you allowed these blokes to escape swab tests?! resign ! Woi. P parlimen la 😡 Before & After Istana Statement Pochi ah Dia ingat ni tadika ke taknak hadir macam tu je hahahah lawak nya 😩😂

Checkmate Boleh pulak kumpul beramai2 kat kediaman waktu PKP....🤔

Khairy wants case against Codeblue dropped, says report had good intentionI will discuss with relevant bodies to make sure we just let go of what happened, says the minister. constructive criticism means room for improvement. take it like a man, and you earn our respect.

If the PN boys & girls are busy there, has anyone checked to see who's managing the pandemic? Just asking They r planning a coup What PM doing at home and not attend Parliament? Buat brainstorm mcm mana nk kekal kuasa kot Is MuhyiddinYassin scheming again? Like a conspiracy..Democracy ,Law n Order is compromised...

Checkmate f Going to declare Republic of Malaysia? PM, his cabinet ministers and LapDogs should

Even Umno didn’t know about ‘revoked’ emergency ordinances - ZahidThis is despite nine cabinet ministers, including the deputy PM, coming from the party. Hahahha your comrade is the DPM la? Tak malu ke to give this statement 🤦‍♂️ Hey aren’t you part of PN boss?

Dats why SOP mana SOP mana! Parliament changed address? Londeh Oo duk rumah, parlimen xg sheraton closed ah? These two have 'Derhaka' to the King and Sultan! KESETIAAN KEPADA RAJA DAN NEGARA. KELUHURAN PELEMBAGAAN. AGCPutrajaya dahlah. Tidak perlu bermesyuarat lagi. Mohon undur diri Tuan Peguam Negara. They dont understand risk management. Now better quit la…. Kalau anak jantan la

Lawyer: PM, cabinet must resign for 'committing treason'PM MuhyiddinYassin & his cabinet must resign immediately, lawyer Haniff Khatri said. He added that the current administration also “committed treason against the Federal Constitution and made a fraudulent statement to the Dewan Rakyat.” MuhyiddinYassin 'Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!' (Sir Walter Scott, 1808) MuhyiddinYassin The saying you reap what you sow holds true in the cycle of life. karma will get to you no matter how. MuhyiddinYassin Takiyuddin already dissolved their illegitimate government. This agong must now dissolve this Parliament and declare MAGERAN Government.

To plan a plot!!! Cirittttttt how many toilets does PM has? takkan semua orang cirit birit at the same time? Patutlah parliament dah diam Thats meant what ever speeches appeared in parliament opening were not represented the people's of Msia, terrible greatest events on earth now created by PN regime Why they can gather at PM’s house? It’s against SOP

Another scheme of things on the way kerajaanderhaka MuhyiddinOut TakiDerhaka Work from Home. Best PM 😇 If still nothing happens. I speechless la.. 5 prinsip rukun negara pun x follow.

Vaksinasi sahaja tidak cukup sekat Covid-19 - PM Australia - Utusan DigitalVaksinasi sahaja tidak cukup sekat Covid-19 - PM Australia

Military please standby, could be... what's the plan? MuhyiddinYassin ? takkan nal bagi IsmailSabri60 acting PM plak? 😉✌