Pygmy Elephant, Orangutan Appeal

Pygmy Elephant, Orangutan Appeal

Pygmy elephant killing: NGO hands over RM10k reward for info that led to arrests

Pygmy elephant killing: NGO hands over RM10k reward for info that led to arrests

10/10/2019 10:12:00 AM

Pygmy elephant killing: NGO hands over RM10k reward for info that led to arrests

KOTA KINABALU: UK-based Orangutan Appeal kept its side of the bargain by handing over RM10,000 of the total RM30,000 bounty for information that led to the arrest of suspects in the horrific killing of a bull Borneon pygmy elephant in Tawau recently.

The RM10,000 was part of RM30,000 that was pledged, with the Sabah Wildlife Department offering RM10,000 and an additional RM10,000 coming from an anonymous donor for the capture and prosecution of those behind the killing of the elephant in Sungai Udin, Tawau.

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Six people were arrested, and three weapons including a homemade shotgun were recovered by police and state wildlife rangers on Oct 2.One of the six suspects was charged in the Sessions Court on Tuesday (Oct 8) with an immigration offence for failing to produce valid travel or identity documents.

Osman Ghafar, 48, pleaded not guilty after he was charged under Section 6(1)(c) of the Immigration Act before deputy registrar Amir Shah Hassan of the Tawau High Court, who was sitting as a Sessions Court judge.The five other suspects are being investigated under the Firearms Act, but have been handed over to Sabah Wildlife Department investigators for further questioning over the killing of the creature, a member of a protected species, after their police remand ended on Tuesday.

Police are waiting for further instructions from the Deputy Public Prosecutor. Read more: The Star »

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